Part 3, Conclusion

Kakashi's kiss was hungry, but also affectionate in a way Iruka hadn't quite expected. He responded eagerly, all of the stress over Kakashi he'd felt in the past few months leaving him. This was what they had been moving towards, all this time, and he just hadn't known it. This kiss, this moment, this meeting of mouth to mouth and body to body, everything had been leading up to this.

And then Kakashi pulled away, breathing heavily, and grinned at Iruka, pushing him backwards. He didn't let go, and Iruka found himself pinned between Kakashi and the wall. Kakashi reached up with one hand and pulled out Iruka's ponytail, watching his dark hair fall around his face. He ran his hands through his hair, and then tugged Iruka's head forward with it, pulling him into another kiss. This kiss was rougher, harder, and more purely lustful.

Iruka wasn't used to feeling this carried away. Sex with his friends was passionate, but also comforting always, and familiar. This was nothing like that: Kakashi felt dangerous, wanton, completely unknown, and it was only a kiss! Iruka was terrified and exhilarated. He let Kakashi claim his mouth, responding but not trying to control anything, letting Kakashi just kiss him breathless while holding him pinned to the wall. When Kakashi's hands started to wander up his shirt, making lazy lines across his chest, stimulating his nipples, then reaching around to stroke his back, Iruka simply put his arms around Kakashi and held on, letting the other man play.

Kakashi growled and moved Iruka's arms so he could finally divest him of his shirt entirely, and then starting kissing his neck, running his mouth worshipfully down the tan skin there, devouring. Now that he could actually see Iruka's chest, he gloried in the muscles there, running his hands over them. His mouth followed, captured a dark nipple, and teased it until Iruka was writhing. Kakashi laughed softly, and said "I always knew you were the sensitive type."

Iruka knew there was only one response to this, and so he pushed, with all his strength, and turned… and suddenly it was Kakashi against the wall, and Iruka kissing him dominantly, shoving his tongue down his throat and holding onto his hips almost tight enough to bruise. He could feel Kakashi's erection against him now, could feel how his sudden dominant behavior had turned the other man on, and he grinned. "Sensitive, am I?"

Kakashi simply freed himself, pushing Iruka back and standing there in the middle of the hallway, and then pulled off his own shirt, and with it his mask and hitae-ate. His Sharingan eye whirled, and Iruka stared into it for a brief moment, and then Kakashi closed it. "Sensitive, yes, and you know exactly how to play me," he growled.

Iruka shook his head. "Let's go to the bedroom and do this. I don't want to have sex in my hallway against the wall, and I don't want to play you," he said softly, grabbing Kakashi's hand and all but dragging him down the hall to the small bedroom. Once there, he pulled Kakashi after him into the bed, and kissed him tenderly. When the kiss ended, Kakashi smiled softly at him and said, "Yes, Sensei," teasingly.

Iruka laughed, and traced a finger across one of many scars on Kakashi's chest, then replaced the finger with his mouth, running his tongue across the scar tissue there. He kissed his way up to Kakashi's neck, finding it highly erotic simply because it was always covered, finding he couldn't resist covering Kakashi's neck in kisses and licks and then moving along his jaw line. Hardly anyone got to see this, and he was not only seeing it but touching it, kissing it, and it was a thrill like nothing else.

While Iruka was distracted exploring, Kakashi starting doing some exploring of his own, once more running his hands over Iruka's scarred back, but then quickly traveling down to slip into his pants and cup his ass. He pulled Iruka against him, tightly, and could feel the other man's erection through his pants. Smiling, Kakashi decided it was time to get better acquainted with that part of his new lover, and so he gently pushed Iruka back onto the bed, forcing him to break off kissing his jaw. Iruka started to protest, but Kakashi gave him a quick kiss as an apology, and then made his way down to start divesting Iruka of his pants.

What he revealed there was glorious: the large golden-skinned member nestled in dark curls, the smooth gleaming thighs, the strong calves, the feet, one of which was marred by an old scar, which Kakashi kissed gently as he eased Iruka's pants over it. Kakashi laid a hand on Iruka's thigh, and opened his left eye for just a moment, examining the contrast between his large white hand and Iruka's strong tan thigh, entranced. Shaking his head, he closed his eye again, and leaned down to kiss the same spot where his hand had just been. He bit lightly, and then kissed again, feeling Iruka's eyes on him, and gave the other thigh the same treatment before turning to run his tongue over Iruka's balls and up his shaft. Iruka shivered, and Kakashi grinned, repeating the action, to be rewarded with another shiver.

Kakashi then slowly took the head of Iruka's cock into his mouth, running his tongue around it just as lightly, teasingly. Then he abruptly moved down to take the whole entire shaft into his mouth, and Iruka moaned. Kakashi again pulled back and began teasing, and then swallowed Iruka again, and then again, and once more. Iruka was moaning almost incoherently by now, and Kakashi picked out his name, and something that sounded like "hate you" and maybe a "please".

He pulled back completely finally, wiped spit from the corner of his mouth, and slinked his way up the bed, settling over Iruka bonelessly so as to almost meld against his skin. "Please what, Iruka?"

Iruka managed to get a hand between them and slid it into Kakashi's pants, feeling his erection there. He fumbled with the fastenings, and managed to undo them after a moment, giving him more room to touch Kakashi. "Finish me, or fuck me, I don't care. Anything. Just don't tease me anymore, please," said Iruka, his voice gruffer than usual. "And take those damned pants off!" he added grumpily.

Kakashi laughed heartily, and then lifted himself off Iruka and complied with the order to remove his pants. He stood for a moment, naked, on display, letting Iruka just look at him in a way not many people got a chance to. Iruka must have liked what he saw, because he smiled and his eyes studied Kakashi's body as if trying to memorize it.

Kakashi finally lowed himself back onto the bed, and Iruka was happy just to be touching him, pressing his bare skin against Kakashi's, feeling the warm skin on skin contact between them. Their erections rubbed together, and a shock went up Iruka's body, and the lust that had been burning in him a moment ago was back. "Kakashi!" he said, and the word was a demand.

Kakashi nodded, reaching for the lube he had removed from his pants before discarding them, and carefully lubing his fingers while going back to working on Iruka with his mouth. He prepared Iruka carefully, gently, but once again his teasing mouth was both agonizing and pleasurable, and Iruka found himself thinking he'd never had a blowjob like it, intense but not allowing him to climax, too much but not enough. He wanted more, he wanted Kakashi inside him, and so he repeated that one-word command, just "Kakashi!" the only word he needed in that moment.

A moment later and Kakashi was pushing inside him, just carefully enough without being too slow. It took a moment for him to seat himself fully, and he rested there for just a moment, reaching down to stroke Iruka's parted thighs in a very tender gesture. Iruka smiled at him, his mind a haze of pleasure, an idea of completion of something that had been building, and just a little bit of pain. Kakashi took that smile as a signal, and ever so slowly back out, and then thrust in again.

He made love just like he gave head, Iruka discovered, teasingly, with a changing pace that was almost impossible to match and beyond pleasurable. Iruka tried to match his pace anyway, and then gave up and just thrust back against him thoughtlessly, saying nothing but "please" over and over. Finally Kakashi settled into a steady rhythm, smiling as if to say he know how infuriating he was, how impossible and annoying and damn good he could be when he chose. Iruka picked his head up and bit Kakashi's neck as a response, and Kakashi laughed, reaching down between them to stroke Iruka's cock in time to his movements.

It seemed like it had been an eternity since they walked through Iruka's door, he thought, an eternity of this tan flesh before him, beneath him, an eternity of tasting Iruka and touching Iruka. It wasn't enough, he knew that now, this moment wouldn't be enough for him. Still, Kakashi told himself to stay in the present, to experience, and when he hit Iruka's prostate just right and Iruka shouted his name and came all over them both he was definitely in the moment, feeling the warm liquid, the tight heat surrounding his cock, the heavy breath of the man beneath him, the bruising force of the hands that clung to him, and that voice, that breathy raspy commanding voice, saying "Come for me, Kakashi"… it was enough after all, this moment, he decided as his orgasm washed over him.

He collapsed over Iruka, resting his head on Iruka's shoulder, and Iruka's hand came up to stroke Kakashi's hair gently. "Thank you," the younger man whispered, and Kakashi's mind was still so hazed with orgasm he couldn't imagine what he was being thanked for. When he realized what it was, he laughed, and said "It's not any man who would wait half a year for someone to realize what they wanted."

Iruka laughed in return, and slapped Kakashi's ass lightly. "How was I to know you were so clever in bed, when you act so lazy and useless everywhere else?"

Another shared laugh, and then they found themselves in Iruka's bathroom, sharing a shower, silently but with the occasional light touch and a few kisses. Afterwards, Iruka asked, "Would you like to stay the night?"

Kakashi shook his head, moving into the bedroom to retrieve his clothes, Iruka following him. Kakashi kept up easy conversation as he dressed, the same type they would normally have at the bar, and Iruka found himself drawn into it. Soon Kakashi was in the hallway, putting on his shoes, and Iruka was standing there wearing a pair of old pajama pants and just watching him.

Kakashi smiled, and there was that usual pause, and then he leaned in to kiss Iruka tenderly. "Later, Sensei", he said, softer than usual, and then, with his usual wave, took his leave.

Iruka stood there in the hallway, staring at the door, for a long moment. Then he found himself smiling slowly, because nothing had changed, and yet everything had changed, and whatever it was that was happening between him and Kakashi, it was going to be absolutely fine.