Translators Note

Is this to be the fate of a failed FanFic writer? Why did this have to happen? There must be hundreds of better people in the world to handle this. Really, there must. Yet here I am sitting down to do what I never thought I would do again. Translate. Some of you may have read my past "FanFic" Shinobu's Diary. To those who haven't don't worry, as far as I can tell, this will have nothing to do with it.

But the circumstances... That is what really gets me. See, Shinobu's Diary wasn't my own work. A year ago I had met a 17 year old girl (at least that is how she looked) in a sci-fi convention. She was obviously foreign. What struck me as strange though was the fact that she looked remarkably like Su. When I commented on this she seemed confused until I showed her Love Hina. She chuckled a bit as she watched it and made a few remarks that I found odd, commenting that they had made mistakes, or gotten things right.

We exchanged email addresses, but when I tried to write her all of my mail came back to me. Several weeks past and I forgot about the incident. Then one day in my email I started to receive scans of an old worn diary. It was all in Japanese. Along with the scans was a note saying that I might find the contents interesting. Well I started to translate, and even though I have no training managed to get the basics down. It seemed to be the diary of a young girl named Shinobu. I chuckled and uploaded the first bit as a joke. As I kept translating however I was drawn into this word. Much of it felt so real. I could almost hear the young girls voice as she worried over her Sempai.

I wondered time and time again who had written this journal. It was obviously a fanfic, but not only had the person written it, they had also made it look real. It had notes in the margin, messy writing at times, and even stains and pages that seemed to be taped in. It seemed an awful lot of work just to be a prank. Still, I didn't say anything. What could I say? I couldn't reply to the mysterious correspondent. Every time I tried my email got returned. Eventually I gave up and finished translating. Every now and then I was forced to take breaks due to real life, but in the end the entire thing was translated. I expected more. And yet, never received anything else.

That is till today.

In the mail I received a big package. When I opened it, inside were several journals. After translating a small bit of each of them I got excited. Surely this must be the long awaited final part of the story.

Alas it was not to be. Instead all it all seemed as if the events that were chronicled in Shinobu's diary never happened. To say this was a major let down was an understatement. As I flipped through the journals a note fell out. I translated it as I could read my name on the top. It read:

To -name deleted-

And I thought your worlds version of events was strange. Take a look at this! I hope this works... The last time I tried, well, Shinobu still hasn't completely forgiven me for destroying her second diary (t/n: journal?). Anyway if this does work take a look over this. Hope that you enjoyed the mecha-tama I sent.

Needless to say I never did receive a mecha-tama. But gamely I am going to translate these diaries. Hopefully I can make some sense out of them. No longer am I just able to follow a single diary. There are several here. I will likely not have the patience to translate them all. I likely will only follow the people that I find interesting at any given time. For those of you that like a certain character, well... I apologize in advance if I don't spend much time on their diaries.

But really, putting oil and dried banana on the note was just overkill for the prank don't you think?