Motoko's Journal – Day 5



Weather: Cloudy, Showers
Location: Hinata Inn
Early Morning: Meditated
Morning: Trained, ate breakfast
Main Day: School
Afternoon: Ate supper, Meditated
Evening: Soaked in hot spring, Meditated, Trained, Meditated
Events of Note: Phoned Sister


I finally figured out what was wrong with me. Living with Keitaro for so long has tainted me. My attacks are as strong as ever, but my purity has been tainted somehow. My Ki is tinged with the same emptiness that resides in the Hinata Blade. It is the feeling that one has lost purity. Well I know that I certainly haven't done anything to taint my purity! Damn Keitaro! He messes things up just by existing, and yet he is so good at playing the victim. I don't even know why..

It will be interesting to see what my sister thinks of Keitaro's newfound resistance to Ki attacks. He has always been somewhat resistant, but to have them no longer effect him... I can't even ask him about it till he notices it himself. I dare not dwell on the perversion that he would attempt if he knew that we couldn't stop him like normal. Still, I am keeping a close eye on him, if he tries anything, I will... Do something. I hate being so powerless! I hate it!

Well, I am sure my sister will find a way to deal with him. It was really hard to call her, but... I can't go on like this, and the ritual to absolve the stains on your soul require someone more powerful than you. My sister is the only person that I can think of. Even though I know that she will be mad that I let myself get affected like this, it is preferable to the alternative. It has to be better than being unable to stop that pervert from doing perverted things to the girls!