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Part 40/40


One Month Later

Her entire life had changed on a Saturday night, when one Ronon Dex had come into her tent.

Teyla's life changed again, on another Saturday, when she married Ronon on the Atlantian beach with a small gathering of her closest friends and family around them – including Illydia, who would soon be trying Dr. Beckett's "cure."

The final surprise had come in the form of a letter, hand-delivered to her by Kanaan. He'd waited until after the wedding, catching her in a quiet moment during the celebration that followed. Looking nervous, he'd mumbled a word of congratulations before handing her a single folded sheet of paper and explaining it had been found among Charin's things – after.

She stared at the piece of paper, which lay folded on the nightstand. Her name, written in soft flowing hand across the top, was hyphenated. Like Charin had known. . . To Teyla Emmagan-Dex.

The letter was short and to the point, but it explained so much she though she'd never know.


I know by this time you are angry at your father. You wondered why he'd never left you a note, never given you the necklace. I must admit fault for part of that. You are a proud woman, Teyla. You do not trust easily. When Ronon Dex entered your life, you did not trust him. I was a witness to that. But I am also a proud witness to watching you grow closer to him. Even though I know I will die before I get to see you pledge to each other, I know for sure that happy day will come. I know you know it now, too.

Your father never left a note – and I did not write this one until now – because you had to learn to trust Ronon on your own. There are some bonds that must be formed with no outside intervention, and the love between you and Ronon was one of them. A letter can be forged – soulmate love between two hearts cannot. I write this letter with a smile on my lips, having seen for myself that you love him far more than I could ever understand.

May the Ancestors bless you and Ronon richly, Teyla. I love you both forever.


Teyla blinked back the tears in her eyes. She wondered when Charin had written the letter – why she hadn't mentioned it the last time she'd seen Teyla and Ronon. Perhaps she'd never know that. At least now she understood why her father had never written her a letter like Ronon's. Now she knew – as if she could ever be in doubt now – that her love for Ronon, and his for her, could never be manipulated, or even hinted, into existence.

Rolling over so her back was to the nightstand, Teyla snuggled herself into Ronon's side. Even in sleep, he smiled as he wrapped his arms around her to hug her closer. Nudging Ronon's half of their necklace out of the way with her nose, she smiled at the feel of the cool metal of her half caught between her chest and his side. The two parts of the whole, representations of themselves in a way, would never leave their necks. Just like they'd never leave each other.

Sighing in satisfaction, she rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. The day – her wedding day! she thought giddily – had been far too exciting for her to sleep now. But she kept her eyes closed anyway, enjoying the rise and fall of Ronon's chest as he breathed, and the rhythmic, so alive drum of his heartbeat beneath her ear. She'd stay like this forever if she could.

Something tickled at the back of her mind, then spread like warm butter to the forefront. She smiled – she was having a vision. A clear one, and for the first time there was no terror therein – only hope.

An unfamiliar skyline she somehow nevertheless recognized as Sateda hovered in the background, beyond the stretch of the country where she and Ronon had built their new, larger house. It was theirs, belonging to them and no one before.

Teyla sat on stone steps leading up to a spacious back porch, holding a little girl who couldn't be more than two in her lap. Pretty gold-brown curls framed a full face, with striking – and familiar – smiling green eyes. She turned her gaze up, and spotted Ronon jogging across the yard to drop down next to her on the steps, a young boy – four, maybe five at the oldest – perched on his shoulders, little hands clutching her husband's hair for balance.

Something stirred within her, a combined nudge-tickle-bump. Looking down, she saw the swell of her stomach beneath her loose shirt. She placed the hand not balancing the girl on her belly, feeling the baby kick. A smile curled her lips as three more hands joined hers. She looked around into the smiling faces of her family – happy, healthy, together – safe.

"Oh," she said softly. As the feelings of the vision faded away, leaving only the image of her, Ronon, and the children behind, she somehow sensed this was the last vision she'd ever have. But the knowledge didn't bother her; instead, she was deeply grateful they left her with an image of peace, where they'd started with an image of war.

"Teyla?" Ronon's voice, adorably rough with sleep, whispered. His arms tightened around her waist. "You 'kay?"

Teyla turned her face into his chest and grinned so big she just knew her face would split in half. "I am fine," she assured him. "I just had another vision. My last, I think."

Sounding more awake – and quite worried – he asked: "What's going on? What did you see?"

Lifting herself onto her elbows so she could look her husband in the face, Teyla smiled broadly and leaned down a little to kiss him. "Our happily-ever-after."

-The End-

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