A/N: This is Lilly/Jackson - dialogue only, and probably the quickest story I've ever put out. Oh well. It was very random anyway. You should be able to tell sequence of events just fine. And no, I had no movie in mind. Maybe a Bourne? Oh - shout-out to skates (from MoliverFans) without whom I would not have procratinated with a one-shot. Forums are fun.

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"I like to whisper during movies."

"Well I can see that!"

"Uch. Well it's a lot more fun if other people are whispering too!"

"Look, if you don't stop freaking talking during my movie that I got to pick out for once – I'm going to take this pillow and shove it up your nose."

"Jackson! I never knew you were so violent!"

"Ergh! You just made me miss the best line!"

"Then just rewind it – it's not a big deal."

"No – it is a big deal because I don't rewind movies, I don't talk during movies, I don't even throw popcorn in movies."

"So you don't throw Skittles and M&Ms either?"


"I can't believe Miley and her boy toy fell asleep."

"I can. But I thought you didn't talk during movies?"

"Lilly …"

"Do you kiss during movies?"

"… What?"

"Well if you don't talk or throw popcorn or candy – how are any of your dates gonna wanna make out with you?"


"Because if they can't kiss you then, when will –"



"If you're going to talk over Oken's snores, at least say something about the movie I'm trying to watch."

"Dramatic silence is always so boring."

"I would love some silence right now."



"I dunno."



"Hey, there's the chase scene."

"Were you sitting there earlier? Was I sitting here before?"



"Lilly." … "Stop talking."

"Oka – "

"How did I end up in your bed again?"

"Um, the couch sucks to sleep on?"

"But I didn't fall asleep."



"I got nothin'."

"Was it my idea or yours?"

"There was thinking involved?"

"Good point." …

"Lilly – I just want you to know that I don't regret this. No matter what. I'm not sorry."

"… Yeah… me too." …

"Are you going to sleep?"

"Your bed is comfy – you think I wan' a go back to the couch? Nuh uh."

"Hmm mmmm."



"Uuoohhmm – tired."

"Comfy. Sleep. G'nite."

"Mmmmm. G'niii – "

"What in the Sam-heck is going on here?!"

"Trying to sleep, Dad. Talk in morning. Sleep now."

"Uhuh – no. NOW."

"Bu' I jus' got cooomfffy."

"Mmm. Me too. Later – Dad."

"No sir-ee. Lilly – I'm calling your Mama right now – "

"S'long as I no mooove."

"And she is gonna know just how I found you! And I am NOT done with you boi."

"Okay. Uuooohmmm. Lilly – mmm. 'nite."


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