Disclaimer: Godzilla and all related monsters belong to Toho Studios. This poem belongs to me.

What have we done?
Our greed.
Our wrath.
Or desire to become the most powerful.
To protect ourselves from evil.
Yet our power corrupted us.
Now we only have ourselves to blame.
The earth is angry.
The earth is boiling with rage.
Because of our foolish actions.
The earth has awakened its dragon.
The dragon is a horrible beast.
It is a monster.
A creature from long ago.
A time long forgotten.
Long before mankind.
But now Now it walks the earth again.
Fulfilling the earth's wishes

To punish mankind.

The dragon is here.
It came from the depths of the sea.
Where it sleeps.
It has awakened.
It has come to punish mankind.
The earth is angry.
And it has awakened the dragon.

Its footsteps are like thunder.
And crushes the ground below it.
Cars, people, even buildings tremble

With each tremor...with each step.
The dragon's tail swings back and forth.
As if it had a mind of its own.
Buildings are instantly knocked over.
Demolished into mere rubble.
The dragon's eyes Are angry.
They are filled with wrath.
With the earth's rage.
Those talons And fangs.
They're sharp enough to slice through steel.
And strong enough

To crush solid concrete.

The dragon is huge.
It towers over the buildings.
Like a god of evil.
A god of wrath.
Of anger.
Its shadow looms over the city.
An ominous shadow.

Now it plows through the city.
Those who stand in its way

Cars, animals, trees people, buildings

Are crushed beneath its feet.
Or burned by its fiery breath.
There is screaming.
The screaming of men.
The screaming of women.
The screaming of children.
As the dragon comes.
It is an omen.
An omen of death.

They try to stop the dragon.
The loud blasts of the cannons.
The explosions.
The smell of gunpowder.
The rumbling As the tanks roll by.
They don't stop the dragon.
The dragon just keeps coming.

All the tanks are crushed

Beneath its feet.

The canons

Melted by its fiery breath.

Now the fighter jets come.
They circle the dragon.
They fire their missiles

At it.
It's no use.
To the dragon

They are little more than mosquitoes.
Pesky flies.
That it quickly swats to the ground.

A loud bellow.
The dragon roars in victory.
The city is now in flames.
The city is destroyed.
Buildings are reduced to rubble.
Lives are lost forever.
The dragon has won.
It returns to the ocean

To sleep again.

It will return.
The dragon will always return.

So long as the earth has wrath

For the foolishness of mankind.
The dragon will return.

What have we done?

Author's Notes: Yeah, I know Godzilla is technically a dinosaur. But, I felt the word "dragon" would be more effective and more ominous for this poem.