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Bold: Summon or Demon

Bold Italic: Summon or Demon thinking

A/N: This is an AU. Most of the characters of the Characters are OOC. Almost all of the characters will be stronger than they are in the manga unless I deem that they don't need to be. Naruto is darker and manipulative as you will see and he can control fire and wind. The pairing will be Naruto/Hinata. That is all. Rated T for Violence and language.


The humans and the demons had always lived together in harmony ever since the end of the Dark Wars that created a new age for the both of them. The humans' victory in that war allowed them many new things such as jutsu and to find and create new villages away from the Demons that they once served under. One particular group of humans were able to get five gifts from a few of the demons.

First was the power to make wood, flower, and even to an extent life itself.

Second was to control water to an extent,

Third was the ability to see all around and to see inside of a human,

Fourth was the ability to summon their underlings, the summon spirits, and

and finally the Fifth ability to control the shadows.

These five clans were the founders of the new village, Konoha. Afterwards, other villages were named and each the five major countries were created, The Land of Fire, the Land of Water, The Land of Earth, The Land of Lightning, and the Land Wind. Eventually more were named and each had their own ninja village to within these countries.

After many wars, Konoha had been declared the strongest of the Ninja Villages. It had almost everything in the village.

First, was the deadly Kage, Sarutobi Sasuke, who was trained under the Founders of Konoha. He was said to have known over one thousand jutsu and knew what each and everyone of them did and what effects they had of the human. He was said to have been able to break down every Jutsu that an army from even other nations and use it against them.

Second, was his students, the Legendary Sannin, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru. They were the only survivors in a major battle during the war in the Rain Country and the famous General Hanzo, named them the Sannin.

Tsunade had not only the ability to heal anything but also was famous for her super strength and her crappy luck.

Jiraiya was famous for his pervertedness but also because he was the legendary summoner of the Toads, the only summoner actually at the time.

Orochimaru was famous for his incredible skill in Ninjutsu and was on his way to learning all of them as his teacher, Sarutobi helped him. He was also learning illegal things such as how to become an immortal and left the village.

The Third thing was Doujutsu that Konoha had, the Sharingan and the Byakugan. The Sharingan had the ability to see jutsu and break them down and even copy them and Taijutsu forms. It also has the ability to cancel out Genjutsu and create unbelievable ones as well. Then there is the Final Form of the Sharingan, the Mangekyo Sharingan. That not only has the same abilities but also has the ability to create three unstoppable moves, the Amaterasu, the Tsukuyomi, and the Susanoo.

The Byakugan, which came before the Sharingan has the ability to see three-hundred and sixty degrees and see through walls and far away distances. It also has the ability to see certain points throughout the body called tenketsu and they use their Taijutsu attacks called Gentle Fist to attack these points with as much fury.

Finally the reason that they were the greatest was because of one man, the Legendary Namikaze Minato. He was known as the Yellow Flash during the Great War between the Rock Village. He was known for two attacks that were so powerful that it couldn't be copied by anyone even the greatest.

His first move was known as the Rasengan. He created it by using his chakra to create a ball of chakra and using it to tear through almost anything. The only thing was that was only the incomplete form.

The second attack became known as the greatest and hardest attack of all-time, the Hirashin no Jutsu. It was an attack that allowed him to move faster than light itself by using a three-prong kunai to mark where he wanted to go and follow the mark and allow him to travel faster than anything. The only thing that the people saw was his sunshine yellow hair. This man was named the Fourth Hokage by Sarutobi.

Now here we have the said man who is happily living out his dream with his pregnant wife, Uzumaki Kushina, in the Hokage Tower.

"Wow this is the good life," Minato said as he held his dear wife in his arms.

"Yeah to be happy...Nothing could ruin this day," Kushina said as she kissed her husband on the lips.

"H-Hokage-Sama! There has been a spotting of a...Fox thing heading in this direction...The Monster has nine tails...It appears to be coming in this direction!" A Jounin barged in and shouted.

"W-wait...A Nine-tailed Fox...What the hell?" Minato said. The Jounin just looked and appeared to be waiting for orders.

"Go get me Sarutobi-Sama and Jiraiya-Sensei...and tell them to hurry!" Minato said.


"Kushina-chan...just relax we don't need anything to happen to the baby...not now we are so close I will handle this as fast as possible," Minato assured her.

"Alright but please don't do anything stupid," Kushina said. "I won't," He assured her and kissed her. Then in a flash, he was gone.

'I won't live through this...I already know that...so I need to at least make sure that I can still get my friends to help my unborn son,' She thought and with a wave of her hands, she was gone as well.

Namikaze Minato was pissed to say the least. The Nine-tailed Fox was on his way here and Kushina was dead. She died giving birth to his son, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. There was no way to stop this monster and the only way he had found was to seal it into something. If it had been less than five tails, then that wouldn't have been a problem. It was, however, a Nine-tailed demon so he had to seal it into a human.

"Great...just fucking great...I HATE THIS BULLSHIT!!" He shouted as he was preparing. He put on his Anbu battle gear and was preparing to go to the hospital then to the battlefield to fight the demon.

"Why not let me do the sealing...I can still do it..." Sarutobi asked his successor.

"I'm the only one that can do it Ojii-Sama...I have nothing left...Kushina is dead...This...Bitch...wanna screw with my family...I will make it pay!" Minato said with cold eyes neither Sarutobi or Jiraiya had seen since the great battle that got him named the Yellow Flash.

"Minato...at least think about your son...He still needs a father in his life," Jiraiya said.

"I know...but who else can I get for the sealing. I can't just say "Oh I need your son or daughter to put a demon into their stomach. Besides they will grow up to despise Naruto for not being chosen," Minato said.

"But they will hate Naruto for being chosen anyway. You've heard what has happened to the Kazekage...His son is hated..." Sarutobi said.

"DON'T YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?!" Minato shouted as tears poured down his eyes.

"I know what will happen to my son...and Kushina knew we both wouldn't live through this. That is why she made five clans swear on their clans that they would help. The Nara, Akimichi, Hyuga, Aburame, and Yamanaka will help..and I am sure your clan will also Ojii-Sama. Damn where the hell is that unlucky healer, Tsunade when you need her...I could have cashed in on that debt she owes me to take care of Naruto or something," Minato said.

"That might have worked but its too late for that," Jiraiya said tears starting to form in his eyes as well.

"Yeah...but its fine...Alright now time to get Naruto and begin this ass kicking of a demon," Minato said and in an instant was gone.

"We need to do something now. This boy doesn't stand a chance," Jiraiya said after his student left.

"I know. Since I will be Hokage, I will not let anyone in his age group know what conspired tonight with the sealing..." Sarutobi said.

"That probably won't work. Damn I wish there was something we can do," Jiraiya said.

"I mean all we can do is train him and help him go all the way to the top," Sarutobi said.

"We will see," Jiraiya said.

Minato appeared in front of the Nine-tailed Fox and it looked out of control. Minato was standing on top of the boss summon of the toads, Gamabunta. Gamabunta took a look at the demon and began to take a smoke from his pipe and then spoke to Minato.

"Hey wait a minute that demon looks familiar," Gamabunta said.

"Huh you know that bitch...oh well too little to late..." Minato said as he prepared to do the hand seals for the final move. He did the final hand seal and behind him stood the great Shinigami.

"Hey Minato...that demon is the missing princess of hell, Melina, the Nine-tailed Fox. She has been missing for a couple of months now due to her being kidnapped," Gamabunta said.

"Wait...WHAT?!" Minato shouted.

"Yeah. It seems she must have been summoned...and is using this to look for her way home..." Gamabunta said.

"OH Fuck me sideways...WE WERE TRICKED!" Minato said.

"Damn...just seal her and I will explain what has happened to Jiraiya," Gamabunta explained.

"That might just be a good thing," Minato said and was prepared. He then gave a final good bye to his son. "Sorry about this Naruto-kun but this is the only way. I can't let the village be destroyed. Not just yet...Live a good life for me," Minato said and completed the sealing with his Shiki Fuujin. In an instant, the Beast was gone and Minato was dead.

After Minato's Funeral, many people were angry. They let the anger take control when Sarutobi announced that Naruto had the beast sealed inside of him. Many wanted the baby boy dead and almost rioted. It took most of the Anbu to stop the riot and even then it was half-heartedly because they wanted the boy dead as well. Sarutobi was pissed with the villagers and was out-right livid with the Council of Konoha.

In Konoha, there are a total of eighteen council seats. Eight are run by the Village Clans and the Other Eight are ran by the Village Civilians. Most of the time, when the village is ran normally, there would be a vote. The only time a vote would not be cast would be when it comes to terms of a ninja such as exile, execution, or promotion. The Hokage also would have this say when there is a state of emergency. Now Sarutobi was not at all a mean person, quite the opposite. Today, however, he would go into his mean streak that only his enemies have seen.

You see most of the Civilian Council and even his former teammates, who had higher council chairs, wanted to have the baby, Naruto, killed. Danzo, a man who ran the Anbu organization, Root, wanted the boy to be used as a weapon. Most of the Clans, such as the Uchiha and Haruno Clan wanted the boy dead. Most unimportant clans wanted the boy used as a weapon.

The Five clans that stood by the boy through and through wanted to actually adopt the boy. Sarutobi cleared his throat to try to stop the arguing.

"Now here is what is about to happen..." Sarutobi said but no one was listening.

Everyone was still arguing. Suddenly the room began to get deathly quiet. This feeling shut everyone up in an instant and Sarutobi started to speak again.

"First and Foremost, we still are in a state of emergency so I have final say in what happens. First, Naruto will be put in an orphanage until he is able to live for himself. Second, I am putting up a law that forbids anyone from speaking about the sealing and telling their children. Whoever speaks about it will be killed civilian or ninja," Sarutobi said.

Many people were complaining but there was nothing that could be done.

'This is gonna be some hard times but you will be able to get through it Naruto...you are your mother and father's child,' Sarutobi thought.

End of Prologue

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