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Chapter Six

"I still can't believe that we have so much money," Tayuya said looking at the scroll in Naruto's bag.

"Yeah...good call Kimimaro," Naruto said as he sipped his green tea.

"Those Desert Raiders were going to do the same thing to us...we just over powered them and took everything they had," Kimimaro said.

Naruto and Tayuya nodded and went back to drinking Green Tea and Orange Tea. Currently, the three were in a small town in the Rain Country. They had gotten out the desert not even two days ago and this was the first town that they had arrived in.

While still in the desert, they met a band of thieves and helped them raid a village...Then killed the raiders and took all of their money and the money that they had taken. It was more practice than anything else. Now they were just relaxing. There was no reason to do anything except look for some people to join them and they still had another one and a half years to do so. They could take their time if they wanted to.


"They look my age...if not younger...he couldn't be that much of a threat could he?" The girl with a battle Kimono and a white hunter ninja mask asked.

"He seems weak...Let us handle the boy," The man with a weird mask said to him.

"Yes me and my brother can easily subdue the boy," Another man with an identical mask said. The Taller man with bandages with a cloak and a giant sword thought about it for a moment.

"No not yet. I have a feeling that we are getting way in over our heads. There is no way we can get this much money for just delivering a little kid that's not even a ninja yet," The man said.

"While that is weird, it is the most appropriate timing since we were running low on funds anyways. I say we get him now," The girl said.

"Even Haku-chan says to get him and you know how careful she is Boss," The masked man said.

"She is completely underestimating this boy...which is odd...Wait a minute...what the hell..." The man said coming to a realization too late.

Suddenly the trio disappeared in a puff of smoke along with the girl.

"Hey Kimimaro and Tayuya don't you just love the Wind now...you never know what you will pick up. You see Kimimaro I told you they were following us for the past ten minutes with killing intent oozing out at us," Naruto said.

"You were right...they were enemies," Kimimaro said.

"Alright...it's fight time and here I thought that I would never get to fight," Tayuya said.

Kimimaro was holding the girl with a bone sword at her throat.

"We were foolish...Underestimating a ninja and letting our guard down," The man said.

"Ok then who the hell are you fools and what do you want?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto-san that is Momochi Zabuza...a Jounin from the Mist and a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He is the demon of the Bloody Mist. I also know those two as the Demon Brothers of the Bloody Mist...but this one I haven't seen before," Kimimaro said.

"Ah...so a member of the Kaguya Clan is still alive and here I thought that our leader had finished you all off...but I was wrong. HAKU NOW!" He shouted.

The girl, now known as Haku, created a mirror from nowhere and jumped into it getting out of Kimimaro's grasp.

"What the-"

"She is a water manipulator...she can move the water just like I can move fire...I pray that she isn't very good at it..."

"Haku is the best...so good in fact that she can even manipulate ice," Zabuza bragged. "Oh great...I will-"

"Naruto if I may...I will be taking on the Sword Dog and Tayuya should take on the ice girl for the fact that Tayuya's long ranged fighting is better than yours," Kimimaro said.

"But that leaves me with the babies...I will beat them with only one move...maybe even two," Naruto whined.

"You have the final say as you know..."

"We don't have time for bullshit Naruto just say yes they look like they are going to attack soon," Tayuya shouted.

"Alright fine..." Naruto said and the three disappeared. Zabuza and the others disappeared as well.

With Naruto

Naruto had hit the first masked man to the ground and sent the second one flying with a kick to the stomach. The two used a chain to stay together.

"Ok...who are you again the Demon brothers...?" Naruto asked bored.

"I am Gouzu," He said. "I am Meizu," He said.

"At least you two didn't do some stupid ass dance. Alright let's hurry this beating up," Naruto said and didn't even bother to put up a defense but allowed his Shadow Flame Whips to spin around him.

"You are cocky kid but you are an unknown..." Gouzu said.

"We are in the bingo book and you won't ever be!" Meizu said and they both tried to wrap their chain around Naruto. Naruto let out a yawn and the Shadow Flame Whips burnt the Chain as if it was nothing.

"What the-" The Shadow Flame then swarmed around Gouzu and went through his arms and legs, causing them to burn and the pain forced him to the ground.

Meizu decided to use this distraction and attack Naruto. As Meizu approached Naruto, Naruto let out another yawn and disappeared. He reappeared above Meizu and kicked him in the head knocking him out.

"That was the worst fight I had since those stupid ass bandits," Naruto said and used his Trade Winds to find Kimimaro and try to see his fight.

With Tayuya

Tayuya and Haku were playing a game of Cat and Mouse. Both sides where fighting for the position of cat and mouse because their attacks would always block each other out.

"Suiton: Water Wave Level One!" Haku said and sent a wave of water at Tayuya.

Tayuya had her biggest Doki grab her and jump out the way. She then sent her second and third one after Haku. Haku jumped and dodged the attacks that were sent at her gracefully and using Ice made Senbon to counter the attacks and attack Tayuya. Tayuya dodged and used wind jutsu to block them. She then played a tune on her flute.

"Fuuton: Great Breakthrough!" Tayuya shouted. A huge wave of wind attacked Haku.

"Ice Release: Ice Crystal Shield!" She shouted and made a mirror come from the air and used it to absorb the attack and sent it back at her. Tayuya used another Great Breakthrough to block the attack. Tayuya played another tune and made her biggest Doki attack Haku as well. Haku dodged the attacks sent at her, now utilizing her speed. She then made a charge at Tayuya.

Tayuya calmly played another tune and her fastest Doki appeared and charged at Haku. Haku didn't let up her attack at Tayuya as she saw the Ghost. As the Doki attacked, Haku disappeared.

"Ice Release: Ice Hawk Drop!" Haku said and was about to go straight through Tayuya.

Tayuya, the last second, played a tune that made her strongest Doki appear and took the shot, causing him to disappear. Tayuya then used the Great Breakthrough Technique to send Haku flying out of breath. She then used her fastest Doki to fight her.

Haku was beginning to reach her limit. She didn't let it show and just dodged the attacks and Tayuya, who was getting tired as well, used her second one to try to help. Haku did three one hand seals and disappeared.

"Ice Release: Ice Windmill!" She shouted. She made Twenty Ice Needles appear from the air and two mirrors. The Needles began to spin around the two demons. Tayuya was confused and tried to get them out of their but Haku decided to act first and used her hands to spin the Needles around. The Needles began to close and the Mirrors began to revolve around the two Doki. Tayuya tried to play a tune but it was too late. The Needles pierced through the demons and made them go away.

"Damn!" Tayuya shouted. This was the first time that had happened and now she was out of energy and refused to use her Cursed Seal.

Haku was almost out of it. Her chakra was low and she still had to help Zabuza.

"I will end this now," Haku said and started to do a series of hand seals. Water began to spin around her. Tayuya herself decided to play a stronger tune that she learned during her stay in Suna. The two didn't stop staring at each other. The two finally stopped at the same time. The water that formed around Haku began to take the form of a dragon.

"Suiton: Water Dragon Projectile no Jutsu!" She said as the dragon was sent at Tayuya. The wind began to spin around. "Fuuton: Wind Dragon Projectile no Jutsu!" She said and a Wind Dragon was sent at the Water Dragon.

The two hit and Haku and Tayuya was at a stand still and tired but neither wouldn't back down. Haku decided to add more water and Tayuya tried to play her flute to add power to the attack but neither had the energy and both of their attacks blocked out one another and was destroyed. Tayuya and Haku were almost done.

'I won't lose to this bitch,' Both of them were thinking and both charged at one another. Haku was coming in for an uppercut and Tayuya was coming with a left hook.

Both of their attacks connected at the same time. Tayuya went in the air and blood came from her mouth and Haku was sent flying as her mouth leaked blood. Both passed out afterwards.

(With Kimimaro)

Kimimaro and Zabuza were staring at one another, one with hatred and the other with Arrogance.

"I will make you pay for what you did to my clan...Swordsman Dogs!" Kimimaro said.

"That clan was nothing more than a bunch of freaky bony psychopaths anyways. Besides if I remember correctly didn't they lock the heir up for being too strong?" Zabuza said.

"Shut your mouth dog!" Kimimaro said in the loudest voice he could muster.

"Oh wait...your the last member aren't you...Well this is funny...the boy that disappeared off the face of the earth after the attack..." Zabuza said.

"You won't live to see another day dog!" Kimimaro shouted and took a Stance.

"Let's see what you got!" Zabuza said and took his stance but not before putting his sword into the ground.

The wind began to blow. Then Kimimaro disappeared. He reappeared in front of Zabuza and tried to punch him in the stomach. Zabuza blocked and countered with an uppercut. Kimimaro used his foot to block and tried to elbow him in the head. Zabuza blocked and kicked Kimimaro away. Kimimaro used a kick of his own to block and open palm struck Zabuza in the chest.

Zabuza slid back but charged forward and hit Kimimaro dead in the nose. A drip of blood came from Kimimaro's nose. Kimimaro charged forward and was able to hit Zabuza in the nose as well and tried to kick Zabuza.

Zabuza kicked to counter his kick and threw another uppercut. Kimimaro grabbed his hand and threw Zabuza into the air. Zabuza got to the ground and let out a powerful kick, causing Kimimaro to punch him in the head and forcing both of them to jump back. Zabuza wiped the blood off of his head and Kimimaro wiped the blood from his mouth.

"This is fun...I wish I had someone to watch it with though...I wonder what's Hinata doing right now...I really need a kiss from her," Naruto smirked to himself as he watched the fight.

"Zabuza, Haku, Meizu, and Gouzu... they are powerful...well Haku and Zabuza are...Meizu and Gouzu are more spies...but they will be useful. I will recruit them after the fun is over. Haku is a water user...maybe she can teach Hinata-chan a few moves. I can use Zabuza for credibility and he is a powerful water master so he should be useful...plus I need to learn the Silent Killing Techniques so he will be useful. Then it is settled then, I will recruit them," Naruto said and watched the fight continue.

Zabuza placed his hands into a seal and concentrated really hard. Mist began to come from everywhere and Zabuza was using a lot of killing intent. Kimimaro seemed unaffected by it and just waited. He noticed that Zabuza's sword was gone and pulled a bone from his arm.

"Silent Homicide...a coward's act just like the attack on my family," Kimimaro said unaffected but looking around trying to find Zabuza.

"Hahahaha...This battle is one you can't win child...Eight Choices...Liver, lungs, spine, cervical vein, neck vein, brains, kidneys, heart..." Zabuza said and tried to slash Kimimaro in half.

Kimimaro used his bone sword and blocked the strike. He then kicked him in the stomach and forced him back into the Mist. Zabuza came back at Kimimaro faster and stronger but Kimimaro spun out the way and cut Zabuza in the arm shallowly.

Zabuza wasn't affected by it and stabbed Kimimaro in the same place. Kimimaro countered by kicking him in the stomach and stabbing him near the chest, forcing him to jump back. Both men looked at one another. Both were bleeding deeply and had blood coming from their wounds.

Kimimaro began to cough and cough. Zabuza decided to take advantage and tried to stab Kimimaro in the head. Kimimaro jumped up and back flip kicked Zabuza in the chin and with the added momentum stabbed him in the right hand. Zabuza quickly countered by cutting Kimimaro in the stomach. Kimimaro clutched at his wound and Zabuza did the same to his.

They were still staring at one another. Zabuza charged at Kimimaro and Kimimaro charged. The two clashed with their respective weapons causing sparks to fly at one another. Zabuza and Kimimaro were both hurting but each other's eyes didn't show any signs of it. They both pushed each other off of one another and charged again this time striking blows to one another. Zabuza kicked Kimimaro backwards and spun around.

"Windmill Sword Slash!" Zabuza shouted ready to strike Kimimaro.

"Kaguya Style: White Lotus Spin!" Kimimaro shouted doing the same thing. The two attacks hit both opponents. Zabuza dropped his sword and fell to one knee.

Kimimaro fell to both of his knees and began to cough up blood. They both looked at one another when they both heard the clapping of one Uzumaki Naruto.

"Applaud...Applaud...you both put on a good show...no offense Kimimaro. You have been beaten today Zabuza. You don't have anyone that can beat me. Kimimaro that was an excellent fight that you put together and you didn't even need the cursed seal," Naruto said.

"I knew this job wasn't what it was cracked up to be," Zabuza said. Naruto looked at Zabuza with cold eyes. "Tell me who hired you guys because I have a feeling that this isn't an assassination attempt," Naruto said.

"We...were...hired...to-" Zabuza passed out before he could finish.

"Damn...I need to get them to a hospital...and I don't think that there is one here...Oh well the hotel room will do...I hope," Naruto said and created some Shadow Clones and ordered them to pick up the wounded.

(On the outskirts of town)

"Naruto and his band has defeated Zabuza. They are truly strong," Kisame said.

"Naruto would have killed him no doubt about it. Kimimaro was at a disadvantage to begin with. We will have to be careful when dealing with them," Itachi said.

"I still don't see why we have to actually capture him. From what you have told me, isn't the Kyubi dead so wouldn't this be a waste of time?" Kisame asked.

"Yes but seeing as though our leader doesn't seem to understand that and Konan isn't really trying to do anything about that, then all we can do is continue to follow the blind," Itachi said.

Kisame was about to let out a chuckle but remembered the last time that he made a joke about that. "Anyways...knowing Naruto, do you think that he will get Zabuza to join?" Kisame asked.

"I would be more surprised if he didn't get him to join," Itachi said.

"Well I say that we join this kid. I have a bad feeling about our little company and who really has power in it and I think it just might be a little masked retard or that homo snake-in-the grass," Kisame said.

"I have no doubt in my mind about that as well but Pein is the one that I will follow on the account that he hasn't sent us to death...but you are right this is beginning to get out of hand. Sasori and Deidara are feeling the exact same way. We will report back to base and try to get Konan and Zetsu to tell us the deal about the role of power," Itachi said.

"Yes and if one of those bitches hold the true cards-"

"Then I will personally see that they are destroyed. In the years we have been there, I have never seen anything like this ever. It feels just like Konoha, secretes shouldn't be kept now and if they are then it could mean our deaths," Itachi said and walked away.

"Amen to that," Kisame said and followed him.

Zabuza woke up and found himself in a hotel room with his arm in a cast and bandages all over his body. He saw Haku sleep and the demon brothers in beds as well. He then saw Naruto awake as if he hadn't slept in hours and desperately needed to. Zabuza jumped up in surprise but Naruto didn't even move.

"Finally awake. Me and your little servant girl had to take almost three hours to heal you and Kimimaro. Now can you tell me if were sent by Mist Village or not," Naruto said.

"No I haven't been a ninja for the Mist in almost eight years...maybe more maybe less. I don't even know who hired me...some organization," Zabuza said.

"An organization? I wouldn't know anything about that. I haven't had that many enemies just yet so I shouldn't have any secrete cults after me," Naruto said.

"I don't know kid. I assumed that this would be a simple assignment since it was only a delivery mission...well that is what they called it. We are missing ninja so of course we took the job. Don't ask questions and we get paid. I, of course didn't know that you had a Kaguya with you," Zabuza said. "Missing Ninja...from the Mist. I haven't been near the Water Country yet so tell me about the Mist," Naruto said.

"Ha...and why should I do that? I don' t even know if you will kill me or not," Zabuza said.

"I won't kill you. You all didn't...well you and the girl didn't even pull your best in your fight. You both underestimated both of your opponents and they stood no chance against me no matter what they did. Look what I am trying to say is that I am making a village and I want you to be part of our little band of Renegades..." Naruto said.

"Your the leader aren't you?" Zabuza said.

"Yes. I come from the Village of the Hidden Leaves. I am the holder of the Kyubi no Kitsune and I have been treated worse than the worst garbage. My first servant and girlfriend is the only one that saw me for something...someone that she would die for me at any moment's notice. Her and a few others want to see Konoha burn to the ground for the acts that were caused against me. Now that I have seen some of the villages and seen people like me...I want to create a village that will not be based off of hatred. I don't have any loyalty towards Konoha. I will be a ninja for that village only because my mother said it would be a good idea," He paused to see if Zabuza understood and by the look of keep going he continued. "Now as to why I want you and your group to join, you all have credibility that I desperately need to get stuff done without being known as bandits and destroying stuff," Naruto said.

"Hmm...I suppose if you can help me with something," Zabuza said.

"What is it?"

"I want help taking over the Mist Village. That place is our home and we have watched it become nothing more than a war ground based off of hatred and despair. After the surprise attack of the Kaguya, the Mizukage decided that it was time to destroy everyone with a bloodline. After the raid of the Kaguya, it seemed logical since they were going to destroy the village and made deals with other clans to take over the Mist. So we destroy those clans in a Civil War. There were only three clans that were making plans with the traitorous clan. After they were gone, there was no point in it to continue...but the Mizukage didn't believe that and sent in his secrete armies to destroy anyone with a Blood line limit. He banned any other country from coming to aid and anyone from any other country had to return immediately...It was a massacre. The Seven Swordsmen broke up because of that. Three still showed loyalty to the Mizukage and the other Four attempted to kill him. We failed and had to run. That is when I found Haku who had the Bloodline to control water and ice. She is my weapon and my daughter. The Demon Brothers...well they tagged along for the ride since they knew me...and now we are here," Zabuza said.

"Hmm...that was very interesting...Tell me this was the second or third Mizukage?" Naruto asked. "The Third...why?" He responded.

"Oh no reason...I thought that maybe there was a pattern but never mind...Anyways wait till your people wake up and talk about it and tell me your decision. We will be leaving in a week so you have until then. I will help you with your dreams if you help me with mine. It's up to you to believe me," Naruto said.

(Disclosed Area of the Rain Country)

"They have failed huh?" The Head shadow said.

"Yes Leader-Sama..." Itachi said.

"This is impossible...The boy isn't that strong," A man named Zetsu said.

"They are that strong. Naruto beat the demon brothers with no difficulty. The Kaguya and that Summoner fights were draws and that is without your Cursed Seal Marks Orochimaru," Itachi said calmly.

"They are stronger than I thought to not use the power...Leader-Sama I will go and capture the Kyubi Brat. I am aware that two little bugs are with them and me and Kabuto will be able to handle them both as well as the Kyubi. They shouldn't be so difficult now that I know what their numbers are," Orochimaru said.

"Yes but Zabuza and his group will join with them as soon as he is healed. They will leave and go somewhere else soon so you should get him as soon as possible," Itachi said.

"Fine Tobi go with him and make sure everything goes smoothly. Kakuzu, Hidan, Konan, Sasori, Deidara, Itachi and Kisame stay here and wait for orders," Pein said. Everyone nodded and disappeared.

"Ok Orochimaru and Tobi going to collect the Nine-Tails...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Deidara shouted.

"I don't know but we must find Konan and get some fucking answers immediately. She will be the most straightforward. I don't know what the hell is going on but it seems the power is not where it belongs," Itachi said.

"At this rate, we will fail because of this," Sasori said.

"I still say we join up with the-"

"Join with who?" Konan said as she appeared from paper.

"What the hell Konan you are always scaring us like that," Deidara said.

"Quiet now what is going on?" Konan asked.

"We wanted to ask you a few questions," Itachi asked.

"Fine I guess," Konan replied.

"Alright what is going on with Leader-Sama? He is growing more and more tired with us but is giving the bigger missions to Orochimaru and Tobi. They are the weakest of all of us. I don't see why they are getting anything as it is seeing as Orochimaru tried to betray us and the Leader said it was all part of his plan," Sasori said.

"Sasori-kun is right. Tobi is an idiot and Orochimaru is a faggot," Deidara said.

"Pein-Sama is just doing what he feels is best," Konan lied calmly.


"Look...If you don't like it take it up with Pein-Sama...Until then be quiet," Konan said.

"We have Konan-san and if you don't remember, the last time we confronted him, we were almost killed. All we want to know is who the real leader is...He has been taking...advice from both Tobi and Orochimaru and the same goes for Kakuzu and Hidan. Something doesn't feel right and I want to know what it is," Itachi said.

"Yes...we are not here to follow fools we are here to follow someone who can actually lead us and Leader-Sama is the only one that we all will listen to," Sasori followed.

Konan let out a sigh. "Alright look I will try to talk to Pein-Sama. He will at least listen to me more so than both of them," Konan said.

"That is all we wanted. I will be seeing you all later," Itachi said. Everyone nodded to Konan and disappeared as well.

"Pein...your people are falling apart...what the hell are you doing?" She asked herself and went to look for her best friend.

"Pein-Sama...Please what the hell are you doing? Everyone is starting to be annoyed about the rising power that Orochimaru and Tobi...TOBI...has," Konan said making it clear just who he was giving power to but it fell on deaf ears.

"They are starting to become angry at them both and are starting to get angry at you as well. Pein...please tell me what you are thinking about...what the hell you are doing?" Konan asked.

"It is all for the master. I will..." "The master? What the hell are you talking about...Pein Listen to me! Nagato listen to me!" Konan shouted.

Pein gave her an angry look and grabbed her by the throat.

"Don't...you...EVER...CALL...ME BY THAT NAME!!" Pein shouted at her. He then threw her down. Konan looked at Pein with a sad look in her eyes.

"Fine...but I warn you Pein-Sama...The ones that are loyal to you will be with you for the long run but if you continue this road, then you will lose them," Konan said and walked away.

(In Konoha)

"The last place I heard about him was in Suna and that was a month ago. He had beaten the Jinchuuriki Gaara using fire jutsu. He then fixed his seal. The boy is a seal master. I talked to the Kazekage...and he said that he was going to the Rain Country. I don't know what he was doing there but he was with two of Orochimaru's top servant Kaguya Kimimaro and a girl that goes by the name of Tayuya. They are not with Orochimaru anymore but I don't know how they got in the same group," Jiraiya said.

"Hmm...Do you think that you can go pick up Tsunade and go check up on him? I haven't gotten any notes from him and Rain Country hasn't been in contact with us in the past eight years and from what I have heard it is plagued with Missing Ninja...including one Rokushou Aoi, the man that stole the Nidiame's Sword the Raijin. I want Naruto back in the Fire Country so that it would be much easier to keep our eyes on him. We were barely able to find him in the Deserts of the Wind Country. Now he is in Rain..."

"It's not like he's dead. I mean he is safe," Jiraiya said.

"Well still get him to get back in Fire Country and get Tsunade to help you on Hokage's orders or so help me I will make sure that every debt she has in Fire Country is tripled," Sarutobi said.

"Fine...fine I will go find him," Jiraiya said.

'Naruto what are you doing?' Sarutobi thought as he looked out at the Fourth's Face.

(With Naruto; A week later)

Naruto and his new group was in the forests of the Rain Country. It had been a week since the big showdown and Zabuza and company decided to join. They would help in exchange for his help. Kimimaro, at first, had objections but they fell on deaf ears. So they don't talk whatsoever. Naruto ordered both of them not to talk and not to fight.

Haku and Tayuya were friends and enjoyed messing Naruto when they got the chance. Naruto would use that to practice hiding his emotions better.

Melina was still training him and showing him the ropes of being a leader and how to use his Demon Chakra better.

"Damn...is it just me or do you all have the feeling we are being watched?" Naruto asked.

"Yes I have a bad feeling about this," Zabuza said. Kimimaro stayed silent as well as Tayuya. Tayuya began to shake violently.

"N-Naruto-san...we need to leave..." She said as her Curse seal began to act up and hurt her. Kimimaro's did the same thing but more violently. It also forced him to cough blood violently.

"Kimimaro-kun...Tayuya-chan...how nice it is to see you again," A voice said in the shadows, causing Tayuya to cringe and Kimimaro to grit his teeth in pure anger and hatred worse than anything Zabuza could ever do.

"OROCHIMARU!" Both of them shouted.

"Aw...to remember Orochimaru-Sama and not your dear friend is so sad," Another voice said. A boy appeared from behind Orochimaru. He had on a pair of glasses and had silver hair. He had on a purple vest and a silver shirt and purple pants. He had an evil, deadly aura around him and a small evil smirk on his face.

"Hey...wait I know you...your name was...Kabuto...I've seen you around the village. You were a spy?" Naruto asked quite shocked since him and his team couldn't do a damn mission to save their lives. Kabuto let out a smirk and then a laugh.

"It seems that my reputation is higher than yours Orochimaru-Sama," Kabuto said as he laughed.

"Oh...it's not that...I just can't wait to give your head to Anko-nee-chan. She has been begging to see your head on a silver platter. I will personally deliver it to her," Naruto said calmly and made two flame whips appear in his hand.

"Me, Zabuza, and Kimimaro will destroy Orochimaru...you four can handle the Snake's pet right?" Naruto asked. Everyone nodded but Orochimaru shook his head.

"Who said that it was only us two? You need to do better at looking around Naruto-kun," Orochimaru said.

"Oh don't worry...I know all about the masked man and the Flower guy but they aren't an issue right now...I will try to make this fight as short as..." Suddenly Naruto stopped talking and fell to the ground.

'Naruto tell everyone to run. Uchiha Madara is somewhere around here. I can feel his blood and it is making mine boil. Naruto...please leave this place...Get...Your friends and leave this-' Melina was quiet as she saw Naruto had someone standing beside him.

"Well...well...well...Melina-chan...It has been so long. I wish that I could stay but I need to take you out of this body and into another one," Madara said.

"W-what the hell how did you get in here?" Naruto asked.

"Oh Naruto you underestimate my power. It's a shame that you must die. Madara said and knocked Naruto down.

It the real world, Naruto was holding his head screaming and then fell to the ground unconscious. "Naruto!" Everyone shouted. Then Tobi appeared from nowhere.

"It is a shame...this was so easy..." Tobi said and picked up Naruto. The group started to give chase but were stopped by Orochimaru and Kabuto.

"We are truly sorry but we can't let you pass," Orochimaru said. "Let us pass you fucking bastard!" Tayuya shouted.

"Oh and what will you do run?" Kabuto said.

"Zabuza...Go after Naruto... Me and Tayuya will fight the Snake," Kimimaro said. "Alright kid but let's make this fast. Naruto's life is at stake," Zabuza said. "Alright...GO!" He said and they all disappeared.

"Oh so you do want to play...Well then let's play," Orochimaru said and disappeared as well.

"Pathetic...you two were never real Oto ninja. You lack the hatred that is needed to be in the Sound," Orochimaru said.

"No...you betrayed us both. You wanted to kill Tayuya and when I said something about it, you wanted to kill me as well. Today you will die," Kimimaro said.

"Oh really then come on show me what you two can do," Orochimaru said.

Kimimaro pulled a bone from his shoulder and Tayuya took out her flute. Orochimaru had a smirk on his face and Kimimaro charged at him. Kimimaro tried to slash Orochimaru in the face while Tayuya prepared for her Great Breakthrough Technique.

Orochimaru ducked the Strike by Kimimaro and kicked him in the stomach. Kimimaro slid back and jumped up as Tayuya used the attack. Orochimaru wasn't even after affected by the Wind Jutsu and ran towards her and punched Tayuya in the stomach. He then spun kick her into a tree. Kimimaro came and hit Orochimaru into a tree but he jumped off the branch.

Kimimaro spun kick at Orochimaru and he blocked with ease. Orochimaru punched Kimimaro in the stomach and Kimimaro used his bones to block. Tayuya had recovered and summoned her Doki. The three demons began to help Kimimaro and was using their numbers to try to win. Orochimaru let out a chuckle and created shadow clones. The Worm Doki hit the shadow clone.

"Ha..fool.." He said and the shadow clone exploded. Tayuya played another song.

"Fuuton: Slashing Wind Assault," She said. A giant wind scythe formed in the sky and hit Orochimaru, cutting him in half but it turned into smoke.

Kimimaro and the other Doki destroyed the last two shadow clones.

"Kukukuku...you have gotten better to be able to at least make me us a jutsu without going into your first form but..." He said and used a hand seal.

"I am still your master," He said and created a fireball. It caused everyone to scatter.

Orochimaru took advantage of it and punched Kimimaro in the stomach and followed up with two hooks to the jaw and a crushing uppercut. He then disappeared and reappeared in front of Tayuya.

'So fast...' She thought as he spin kicked her in the head.

"You dared to bite the hand that fed you now you shall die with that wasted one...Kimimaro-kun," Orochimaru said and pulled out his sword.

Kimimaro began to feel darkened power swirl around him.

'I don't want to but I must,' He thought as he began to accept the power. Tayuya got off the ground. She saw that Kimimaro's seal was activated.

'Play time's over huh? Ok I will have to push it to my all,' She thought and let the darkness flow throughout her.

The first level of their Cursed Seal was activated. Kimimaro's bones felt more smoother and relaxed throughout his body and more powerful.

Tayuya and her Doki felt more in sync. They felt the power coursing through them as well. Orochimaru let out a small chuckle.

"And here I thought that you hated me. I am glad that you were kind enough to keep my small gifts," Orochimaru said.

"Orochimaru you will not leave here alive," Kimimaro said and point his fingers at Orochimaru.

"Ten Finger Drilling Bullets," Kimimaro said and shot ten bullets at Orochimaru. He dodged and jumped over the bullets and cut one in half.

"You know that the Kusanagi will cut through your bones..." Orochimaru taunted.

Tayuya began to play a tune. The Doki began to attack Orochimaru and forced Orochimaru to move and Kimimaro stabbed his arm but Orochimaru seemed unaffected. Kimimaro and Tayuya's biggest Doki used his Spiked Bat and Kimimaro's Bone Sword to slice the Snake Sannin in half. Orochimaru screamed then let out a laugh as he melted in mud.

"What the fuck?!" Tayuya shouted and saw that Orochimaru was over Kimimaro.

"Kimimaro LOOK OUT!" She shouted and used her strongest Doki to throw her to in front of Kimimaro.

"Silent Snake Strike," Orochimaru said and was going to moved straight through Kimimaro.

Kimimaro tried to block but it far too late. All he could do was close his eyes and wait. He felt blood touch him but realized it wasn't his.

Tayuya had a massive cut going through her chest but it wasn't deep enough to kill her on contact.

"T-Tayuya..." Kimimaro said shocked and terrified at what she had done.

"T-that was for...Cough...rescuing...me," Tayuya said and passed out.

"Hahahaha...It looks like the damage has been done," Orochimaru said. He then felt a mass chakra spike that he recognized.

"Damn...sorry Kimimaro-kun...I would love to finish off that failure but I need to get out of here. I would suggest that you get that healed. She has only a few hours to live. You know the feature of my special sword. Ta-ta for now," Orochimaru said.

"I WILL KIIL YOU BITCH!" Kimimaro shouted and began to go into the Second Form but by then Orochimaru was gone. Kimimaro ran to Tayuya.

"Come on Tayuya you can't die...not yet," Kimimaro said. Suddenly he felt six chakra sources coming from the clearing. He recognized Zabuza, Haku, and the Demon Brothers. The other two were a vaguely familiar.

"Damn they got away from us...What the hell?" Zabuza said. "Orochimaru...Haku can you heal her?" Kimimaro asked.

"She was poisoned...by what?" Haku asked checking the wound.

"The Kusanagi," Kimimaro replied.

"The Long Sword of Heaven? The Sword of the Poisoned Grass Clan? There isn't anyone that can heal a wound like that," Gouzu said. "Anyone except me of course," The Female with a Green Robe and Blond Ponytails said. She was most known for her giant chest.

"You are right Tsunade...You have had many moments healing wounds from that sword," A man with long white hair and Weird looking red clothes and markings on his face.

"Wait a moment...The other Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade...What the hell are you two doing here?" Kimimaro said repressing the Cursed Seal.

"That isn't the point just be happy we arrived as we did or your friend would have died," Tsunade said.

"Whatever...The faster we get her healed, the faster we can go rescue Naruto," Zabuza said.

"N-Naruto...what happened to him?" Jiraiya said.

"He was captured by a weird masked guy and Orochimaru," Kimimaro said.

"WHAT?!" Jiraiya shouted.

"That was why we were running and fighting that glasses guy you stupid mother fuckers. You attacked us for attacking a traitor to the Leaf Village!" Zabuza said.

"How the hell were we supposed to know that?! Now shut the hell up so I can concentrate," Tsunade asked as she began to heal Tayuya.

"You helped Kabuto escape?! Damn...this isn't good we must hurry," Kimimaro said.

"I wonder if this is the work of this Akatsuki..."

"Akatsuki...Orochimaru was banned from that group for a long while...How will he-"

"I don't know...he must have been much more ahead of me and that screwed us up big time," Jiraiya said.

"At any rate, we have to set up camp and try to find Naruto in the morning," Zabuza said. Everyone nodded and prepared for a long night.

"OH HELL NO! NO FUCKING WAY!! HOW THE HELL DID YOU CAPTURE THE BRAT?!" Deidara shouted as she jumped in Tobi's face.

"Yes tell me how you were able to capture him. This ought to be quite interesting," Sasori said as he grabbed Deidara.

"He just underestimated me," Tobi said.

"FUCK NO!" Deidara screamed.

"That is highly unlikely. Naruto, although has a tendency of jumping into battle carelessly, never ever underestimates anyone unless they are very below him. You had to had done something," Itachi said.

"Does it matter? We got the job done and you couldn't," Orochimaru said.

"Yes I don't see how hard capturing this brat was," Tobi said.

"They are right...You all have been slacking off," Pein said.


Pein gave her a hard look that caused her to fall to the ground grasping in pain.

"Stop this now Pein-Sama!" Konan shouted. The grip loosened and Sasori held her to try to make her feel better.

"We can not do anything for a few days anyways. I will make the preparations and in three days we will extract the Kyubi," Pein said. Everyone gave Pein a hard look but nodded and walked away except for Orochimaru and Tobi.

"They are beginning to get suspicious of our actions. They don't know that we have him under our control but they are beginning to know that we have the power," Orochimaru said.

"We will continue things as they are," Madara said.

"Yes Madara-Sama," Orochimaru said.

"After we seal the Kyubi, continue the plans to destroy Konoha. Make sure that you get put the seal on Sasuke. I need him for he is only one that matches me but I need you to switch bodies for him to receive the power. I am sure that he still believes his brother killed the clan to test his power," Madara said.

"It seems so although from what I have heard right now he is being beaten by the Hyuga Heiress in his class," Orochimaru said.

"Ha...more excellent...He will think he is weak and will be even more willing to come to us," Madara said and laughed evilly.

"We must be careful now though. The other two Sannin are here. They have probably by now met up with the others and may be here before the sealing," Orochimaru informed Madara.

"It matters not. We will succeed and have our power," Madara laughed and disappeared along with Orochimaru.

Both of them failed to notice the piece of paper that was sitting over their heads.

"So they are controlling everything. I must try to break their hold of him...but first why did that boy look so familiar?" Konan asked and walked back into the shadows.

Chapter Six...End

Nothing that I haven't said already. It's almost time for the Return. Tsunade and Jiraiya wont be that much important till after the Wave Ark after this. Till Next time.