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Chapter One

Joey was looking out the window wondering if he'd ever see Seto ever again, when he heard their son call him name and he turned to see Joshua who had just turned six and he was holding the puppy that they had just gotten from the pound and he said "Daddy, Sammy went potty on the floor again and it really stinks."

Joey smiled as he got up and walked over to Joshua and he said "Alright now we agreed that if you got Sammy that you'd help clean up after him even if it stinks so lets go clean up his potty and then you can take him outside in the back to run and see if he has to go again."

Joey followed Joshua to where the puppy went potty and he was telling the truth it really stunk, so Joey got a plastic bag, some paper towels and two pair of plastic gloves out of the closet and he put on one pair and he gave the pair to Joshua and he said "Alright I'll help this time but from now on you will need to clean up after him" and when they were done Joey sprayed the area with some disinfectant and then he threw away the plastic bag outside and he said to Joshua, you can now let him go play while you and I go wash our hands and then while you play with him I'll fix out lunch."

Joshua washed his hands first and he smiled at Joey and he ran outside to play with Sammy while Joey fixed sandwiches for their lunch and as he was making them he thought back to the day that he and Seto talked about wanting a child and how they were going to adopt but when Shelly came to town to see the guys and she found out that Joey and Seto were married she was so happy for them and when one day she heard them talking well she decided to offer herself as a surrogate and carry the baby for them so that they could have a child of their own.

Seto wasn't very sure if he trusted this person because he didn't really know her at all but she told him "Listen if you want you can do a background check on me I'll give you all the important information that you'll need and you can make sure that I'm not some kind of assassin or a serial killer or something ever worse, a stealer of forbidden kisses."

Seto looked at her like she had two heads while Joey was on the floor rolling around laughing so hard his sides were hurting and when he finally was able to get up and talk he looked at Seto and he said "She always says that when she's going to get a kiss from someone that she doesn't even know and then when she does kiss them they always start laughing. Seto she's harmless and if she wants to help why not let her?"

Seto looked at her and then he shrugged his shoulders and he said "Listen I really want to trust you but well I'm not a very trusting person around strangers so I'll do things my way and if you do check out then we can talk how about that?"

Shelly smiled and said "Hell I wouldn't have it any other way" and then she gave him her information and he went to the den and closed the door and as he typed everything that she gave him into his computer and ran it through all the different sources that he had and she came up pretty clean other then two driving tickets and a jay walking ticket he turned off the computer and left the den and as he walked back into the living room Shelly looked up at him and he said "Alright we can talk now."

Joey's thoughts were broken when he heard Joshua say "Daddy is lunch ready now, I'm hungry." He smiled and said "Wash your hands and come eat."

After lunch and after Joshua washed all the jelly and peanut butter off his hands and face well it was time for him to go take a nap because in two hours they were going to be going to Grandpa Motou's for dinner and a movie and Joshua loved going there and seeing all of his daddy's friends, so as Joshua and Sammy ran upstairs and Joey followed behind they both got on the bed and as Joey sat there smiling at the sight, they both closed their eyes and went to sleep. Joey brushed the brownish blonde hair out of his eyes and tears filled his eyes as he wonder if Seto ever thought about him or maybe he just didn't give a damn.

Joey stood up and quietly left the room and went back down stairs and cleaned up the kitchen when the phone rang and speak of the devil it was Seto.

"I want to have our son visit for two weeks starting next month and two weeks every month after that." Seto said.

"Whoa, what the hell are you talking about, you haven't call or even wrote to find out how he has been for five years and now you call here demanding to have him come to visit as you call it and I'm just suppose to agree to that, well you can just damn well forget it. You didn't want him after he was born because he was as you said he's to much trouble and you didn't have the time to take care of the brat, well you can go straight to hell if you think that I'm not going to fight you Mr. Kaiba and I have a damn good case against you so why don't you just go straight to hell and stay there!! Joey yelled as he slammed the phone down and sat there and he started to cry because he really did still love him but he wouldn't allow Joshua to be anywhere near him alone.

He got up and called Solomon and when he was done telling him about the phone call well lets just say that the air between his house and the Game Shop was turning blue from the cursing and then Solomon said "You have to call Pegasus and tell him what's going on and get a damn good Attorney on your side because you know that Kaiba is going to fight and it won't be a clean fight."

Joey thanked Solomon and then he said "We'll see you later tonight, Joshua is so excited about coming over and I won't disappoint him for anything." Solomon laughed and he said "We are just as excited to see the little one too, so see you both tonight and don't forget to call Pegasus."

Joey hung up the phone and then he dialed the private number to Pegasus and when he answered and heard Joey's voice and it wasn't a pleasant call he said "Well he finally called did he, what did he want?"

Joey told him and well Pegasus wasn't as vulgar but he did say a few curse words and then he said "I'll call the best Attorney that I have and he'll contact you tomorrow and the two of you can figure out what to do next. Joseph don't allow Kaiba to bully you into giving that sweet little boy to him without a fight. You both really need to sit down and figure out what to do and you need to do it fast. I'll call Douglas Murphy right now and he'll call you tomorrow."

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