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Chapter Twelve

Vince's POV:

When my Nephew asked me to come and talk to his life mate Seto well I didn't know what was wrong till Seto started talking to me and I've been a therapist helping people and children who have been sexually abused but what Seto told me made my stomach turn and I wanted to throw up. He told me how the man who adopted him and his younger brother Mokuba and what hell he went through so that Gozaburo could have an heir to take over the Company when he either retired or died.

What Seto told me being that it was covered by "Patient/Doctor confidentially" well he was so reluctant to reveal what was keeping him from letting their son get near to him and then when he finally broke down and told me well it damn near broke my heart and then I understood why he was having difficulty with showing any kind of emotion, but now we have broken down the walls and he is finally able to allow his emotions to come to the surface and I'm so damn proud of him for being man enough to sit here and cry and as he started crying well tears filled my eyes and by the time our session was over we had gone through two boxes of tissues.

I am confident that we will only need two more sessions for him to be able to bury those ghosts from his past and be able to open the door to his future with Joseph and their son Joshua.

Seto's POV:

I was very reluctant to even talk to Joey's Uncle in the first place but I knew that if I didn't do something that I was going to lose both him and our son and I wasn't going to do that, so I'm sitting here talking to this man who surprised me by not condemning me for what happened to me when I was a young boy.

Vince is one hell of a great person and it is so easy to talk to him and to tell him my most intimate secrets about my past. When I started talking to him about how Gozaburo use to treat me when Mokie and I came to live in the Manor well I saw tears fill his eyes and that meant the world to me because I have had other therapists try to help me and all they did was sit there and one even tried to make me think that it was my fault that all the things I told him happened.

I have finally been able to break through that wall that I built up around myself and as the first brick fell I felt such relief and hope that just maybe I could tear it completely down and find myself and that would allow me to let not only Joey in but our son too. Once while I was talking to Vince about some of the things that that bastard would do to me to get me to mind him, I actually saw something that I had never see any of the other therapists show and that was such hatred for Gozaburo and it gave me hope that this man is the right one to help me find myself again.

Vince told me that we have at least two more sessions before I can see the light break through the wall and at that time I will be able to allow my emotions to come out and not be terrified to let them show. I thank God that this man came into my life and that he is not condemning me but he's showing me compassion and its allowing me to know that it's alright to cry that what Gozaburo said wasn't true. I can hardly wait for our sessions to be over and when that day comes I'm going to ask Joey to re-marry me and I want our son and my brother and all our friends there to witness it.

Joshua's POV:

I don't really know why my papa is talking to Uncle Vince but daddy tells me that he's trying to help my papa get better and that's all I want. When my papa gets better then daddy and I are going to move back here with papa and Uncle Mokuba and I get to bring Sammy and Piglet too. I love my papa and daddy and I'll do anything to make it better so that we can be a family.

Mokuba's POV:

I prayed for someone to come help my brother and they my prayers were answered when Joey's Uncle Vince came here. Seto is talking to him about what happened to him when we were younger at the hands of that bastard Gozaburo. I don't remember everything that he did to my brother but some I do and if he were still alive I'd kill him myself. I want my brother back and I want Joey and Joshua to come live here and we can then be a real family.

Joey's POV:

When I called Vince and asked him to come back here and talk to Seto and when he said that he would well I lost it and started crying because now maybe I could get the man back that I married and our son would have his papa too.

I know how hard it must be for Seto to open up to Vince but I also know that talking to him is the best thing that he can do to get the help that he needs. It was Vince who brought me back from the depths of despair that I was in after the loss of my family. It was Vince who came back to Domino and stayed with me and he actually had to treat me like a baby because I was that far gone. If it weren't for him I'd probably be in the State Hospital in the Insanity Ward, I was that far gone.

When Vince was able to get me to open up and let him in well I wanted to just die but he showed me that it wasn't what my family would want me to do. They'd want me to live and let their memories live within me and if I were to ever marry and have children I could tell them about their Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Serenity and I could tell them stories about our lives together.

Well here I am standing here waiting to find out if he is able to help Seto and I wipe the tears from my face as I close my eyes and say a silent prayer to God and my family to send Seto their love and strength to make it through this time in his life.

I'm so proud of Seto for wanting to get help to allow him to fight and defeat his demons and then for him to come back to us and we can live together as the family we always wanted.

The door opened and both Vince and Seto are walking out and as they get near I see tears in Seto's eyes as he come over to where I am and he kissed me and then he says "Two more weeks, that's when the walls come down forever and then I start to rebuild my life and we are going to become that family that we were before I let my past get in the way of my happiness."

I go over to Vince and with tears streaming down my face I tell him "Thank you for being the one who really believed what Seto was telling you and for being the one who is helping to bring him back to us."

Vince gives me a hug and then we hear Joshua and Mokie and their laughing and then I hear Bakura's voice and he says "Wheeler get out here and take these creatures back before I send them both to the shadows!"

Seto laughed and then he said "Joshua you and Mokie go get them and take them outside for a little while till we can figure out where they are going to be living here at the Manor."

Vince's POV:

Today is the last day that I will be listening to what Seto has to tell me because he has completely severed any ties with his past and now he's living for the future. As we shake hands and he tells me "I can't thank you enough for what you've done to help me with my destructive past and showed me how to send any bad feeling away for ever and today I'm totally free to be the man that I want to be."

We walk out of the den and as we enter the living room Seto walks over to Joey and he gets down on one knee and he looks into Joey's eyes as he say "Will you re-marry me?" Tears ran down my Nephews face as he looks at his life mate and he says "Yes, yes I'll re-marry you." Everyone including myself start cheering and tears ran like rivers as we witnessed these two men showing their love to each other and then Joshua runs over and both of them hold onto their son as he says "We're a family now aren't we?" Seto smiled at him and he told him "Yes son today we really are a true family."


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