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Hi minna! I came up with this idea in Science… hm… I feel evil today. Evil teachers… evil Spanish… evil picture day… evil dentists… evil fluoride and latex gloves that taste really bad… ^^ v On to the fic!

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Usagi turned to face her comrades, "I've told you already. Heero's dead, I killed him myself." Usagi had been sitting at her laptop, typing away steadily for the last two hours. She and Heero had left for a mission, and one day later she was sitting in front of them, eyes cold and blank, telling them that she had killed her own boyfriend.

"But," Ami stuttered. Usagi turned her cold eyes towards her best friend. "But why?" Ami finished softly. Usagi's steel eyes bored into the blue eyes of Ami, lifeless. She then turned back to her laptop, silent. Quatre's arms encircled Ami from behind, knowing that she was greatly stressed about Usagi's present state. Usagi continued typing, refusing to turn around. The door opened quietly and all heads turned towards it. Usagi turned around in her chair and her eyes widened in shock, as did everyone else's.

"Heero." Usagi's eyes went cold in anger. "Impostor!" she shouted, standing up and reaching for her gun. She cocked it and pointed it at Heero, who had his eyes wide open in shock. "What a cruel, unjust trick!" She shouted at him, fingers closing around the trigger. "I'll show you not to make fun of those who are grieving for a loved one!" Heero looked for a place to hide, but he knew it was too late. Bang. (::AN: muahahahahaha! Be happy I didn't leave it there! ^.~::) Usagi clutched her hand, her gun nowhere to be seen. Another figure stood in the door, gun pointed at Usagi. The figure said in an amazingly familiar voice,

"Go. No one shall harm Heero. Now go, impostor." And Ami fainted in Quatre's arms as she looked at the figure inside the doorframe. Another Usagi.


BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I know, I'm evil for leaving you there. I'll try to get out the next part soon!






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