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Just My Luck


The moment Athrun woke up and realized he was on the floor, a clear indication that he had fallen off the bed, he had a premonition—that today would not be a good day.

And that is proven true as he goes along the day.

The shower was on the fritz again…the water as cold as Antarctic ice and Athrun had not stopped shivering until drinking at least ten cups of hot coffee.

He had run out of his favorite breakfast, eggs for omelets, in fact he had nothing left to eat except for leftover pizza that had to be reheated.

It wasn't exactly a delightful breakfast but he had no choice.

Next, some neighborhood kids had punctured the tires of his car, their idea of an April fool's joke and Athrun could not suppress a curse as he fished for his mobile phone in his pocket to call a garage and a cab.

But something was wrong…

His phone was dead—and Dearka had borrowed his charger yesterday.

A tirade of expletives followed.

He came to work forty minutes late. His cab had taken a wrong route and wound up in a traffic jam. What had made matters worst was that the cab was the definition of a hellhole-pigsty.

When he stepped into his office, Athrun prayed that everything would go smoothly from there on. But that prayer turned into a curse when he sees two employees making use of his office for their lovers' tryst.

The rest of the day followed the pattern of ill-fated events.

His load of work was due that day and Athrun had to skip lunch to finish every single document. His secretary had mixed up his appointments and meetings causing him to miss important company briefings. As a result, his superior had called him in and demeaned Athrun's performance, dragging his reputation to the mud.

The ten cups of coffee that morning had not been very wise because he found himself using a stall in the women's room as the men's room was out of order, and he couldn't hold it in any longer, his bladder felt like it was about to explode.

When he came out of the stall, three women gaped at him, and then giggled gleefully at his humiliation.

When he left, the women still laughing, Athrun realized, much to his chagrin that the potted plant in his office had probably been a better option rather than this.

Finally to top it all off, Yzak's project was favored over Athrun's; for the first time in mankind's history. Athrun's restraint was tested the next few hours with Yzak's gloating and sneers and Athrun had been ready to smash his smug colleague's teeth.

When Athrun came home, he was drained, hungry and ready to die.

His souvenir from today's work was a headache and—of course—more work, he could still hear Yzak's annoying voice echoing in the back of his head and he doubted an aspirin could get rid of it.

When he gets inside, he trips and lands down the thin carpeting with as much grace as that of an ox; he curses and when he still wasn't feeling any better, he curses again.

He picks himself up and drags himself up the stairs to his room.

As he fumbles with the doorknob, Athrun mutters how today was the worst day of his life and how everything doesn't go his way.

He declares he is the unluckiest man in the world, swings open the door, and finds his girlfriend in his bed with nothing but a sheet covering her.

Cagalli smiles up to him like a mischievous nymph, her small hand smoothing the wrinkles on the pillows.

"It's your lucky day."

Athrun smiles and soundly closes the bedroom door in agreement.