"Where did that bastard go now?" grumbled Luna angrily, as she leaned back on the couch in the recreation room of the Eternal.

The war was officially over as all ZAFT and ORB forces had retreated now that the Messiah was gone and Chairman Durandal was gone. The Messiah had been completely destroyed by the Wing Zero from inside out. Luna didn't think there was a person in the world who would ever stopped being amazed at the power of Wing Zero. It was definitely the strongest mobile suit in existence, and in the hands of someone like Naruto, it was an unstoppable force.

"I am sure he will be back," said Meer with a forced smile, because inwardly she was just as anxious to meet with him again.

"I believe he went to go see some friends," smiled Lacus, as she entered the room with Kira and Athrun.

"Yeah, I got that feeling as well," agreed Kira with a nod of his head. Athrun went to go sit by Meer as the two had become very close during their stay aboard the Archangel and Meer gave Athrun a beautiful smile.

"I just don't understand how he was able to completely disappear from our radars like that because he was still clearly in front of us when we lost his signal," frowned Luna.

"I doubt we will ever know the true extent of the Commander's abilities," said Athrun honestly, as Meer rested her head on his shoulder.

"All we really need to know is that he is a good person and that is enough," smiled Lacus, as she sat down next to Kira. The others just nodded their head at Lacus's statement because it was the truth.

Earth: Unknown Location

Naruto calmly walked through the beautiful and lush forests of the place that used to be his home thousands of years ago. The Elemental Countries may no longer exist to the outside world, but that was because Naruto had designed a powerful a genjutsu about 1500 years ago, that hid the entire village of Konoha from existence, which was all that remained of the Elemental countries. Nothing could pierce through this genjutsu because he had perfected it to the point that not even the most advanced technology would be able to break the genjutsu.

As Naruto slowly made his way through the forest, he enjoyed the wild life, and the sounds of nature. He hadn't been home in over 500 years and didn't realize how much he truly missed it until right now. The forest soon came to an end, and Naruto soon reached the old worn gates of his village that were already open as if to say they had been waiting for his return.

"You are as beautiful as ever," smiled Naruto, as he walked through the village. It may have been empty and abandoned to anyone else, but to Naruto, it was full of life.

He could see the many villagers passing through the streets smiling and talking while little child ran around playing with their friends. Many merchants and shop owners would advertise the goods they had to sell. Naruto paused when he came upon a familiar ramen stand where he used to spend most of his days even as Hokage eating at and talking with his friends.

Naruto started to laugh as he remembered him and Chouji having a contest to see who could eat the most ramen. He could see the looks of disgust on his friend's face as they watched the two of them stuff their faces with tons of ramen for over an hour to beat the other. It was a victory that Naruto held over the Akimichi's head for a long time because it was the only thing that Naruto could beat Chouji at when it came to eating, much to his friend's ire.

Reluctantly, Naruto continued walking and made his way towards the large monument made for the Hokage's of Konoha. On it were six faces and considered to be the six most powerful ninja that Konoha had ever produced.

"How have you been old man, obaa-chan, and tou-san?" asked Naruto, as he appeared on top of the Yondaime's head and took a seat on it.

"I see you all have been taking good care of the village while I have been gone. It looks as beautiful as ever," smiled Naruto, as his eyes scanned over Konoha.

"Ha-ha, I have become as bad you Obaa-chan, having a bunch of people doing what is supposed to be my job. Don't worry though, I will no longer need you all to watch over Konoha, as I will be doing that myself from now on," chuckled Naruto.

"Well, I need to visit some friends so I will see you three later," smiled Naruto, as he stood up and his eyes gazed over Konoha one last time before he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto reappeared in a small clearing that held three giant stones with many names carved on them. He walked over to the stones and took a seat in front of them with a sad smile on his face.

"Hello my friends, it has been awhile since I last saw you all," smiled Naruto with a pained look in his eyes.

"I guess that is my fault, I have been hiding from you all," sighed Naruto, as his hands traced over a few names on one of the stones.

"I missed you all so much that I even foolishly tried to find a way to try to prevent people from dying at all because I didn't want to lose anymore precious people. My hate of death turned to fear, but do not worry, I no longer fear death," smiled Naruto, as a few silent tears fell from his eyes.

"I will see you all again someday, but not yet. I know it may be selfish of me to make you all wait longer, but I have found some more people who are precious to me and I wish to enjoy what time I have left with them," said Naruto.

"Anyway, you all probable don't want to listen to this type of stuff so I'll change the subject. I guess I can tell you all about how different things have come about though I doubt some of you will like it," smirked Naruto.

"Kakashi-sempai, I bet you would love this new era because they have found tons of new ways for you to get your daily dose of porn," laughed Naruto.

"Lee my friend, I am afraid that no one knows about the power of youth anymore though I don't necessarily know if that's a bad thing," grinned Naruto, as he spent the rest of the day speaking with his friends.


"Lacus-sama," saluted and bow many soldiers and council members as they greeted the new Chairwoman of the PLANTs.

"Thank you my friends, and I happy to say that the treaty between ORB and the PLANTs has been signed," smiled Lacus.

For the next few hours or so Lacus was trapped in a meeting with the council members while they talked about all sort of things concerning the current affairs of the PLANTs and such. One they finally managed to finished speaking about everything that needed to said, Lacus dismissed them all, and was told her bodyguard would be waiting for her in the hallway. Lacus frowned at that because she didn't want a body guard, but knew that she was a high ranking individual she would need one until everything truly calmed down.

She exited the room and saw a man leaning against the side of the wall with a small orange book in his hands and a large straw hat on his head that covered his face. He wasn't wearing any type of ZAFT uniform, and looked to be a civilian except for the kunai pouch tapped to his right thigh. His baggy black pants had tons of pockets and there were a couple of scrolls inside his green flak vest that was being worn over a long-sleeve white shirt.

"Um excuse me," smiled Lacus, but stopped and looked at the man in surprise when he lifted his head. She instantly recognized the beautiful sky blue orbs of his, but everything else seemed to change because she didn't remember him having whiskers.

"Miss. Clyne, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, I shall be your body guard for the evening," bowed Naruto, as he closed his book and put it in his pocket.

"Mr. Uzumaki," started Lacus with a warm smile, thought stopped when he raised his hand.

"Call me Naruto," said Naruto with a slight smile.

"Naruto-san, I was not aware you were still part of ZAFT. I thought you had deserted and switched sides," smiled Lacus before they walked together towards some room in the distance.

"Nope, technically, I was declared dead, and when someone is declared dead they are no longer part of the military. My status as a member of FAITH was just recently reinstated again so you see, I never deserted," explained Naruto.

"You're very good when it comes to details Naruto-san," smiled Lacus with a light laugh.

"Old habit, I tended to work with a lot of people back in the day who looked for any little flaw in an argument so I had to always be precise that way I didn't trap myself later," smiled Naruto.

"I guess I better start getting use to that as well since I am the new leader of the PLANTs and I am sure there are those who will be out to get me as well," said Lacus.

"Whether they are out to get you or not, they will not succeed as long as I am your bodyguard," reassured Naruto.

"Thank you Naruto-san," smiled Luna with a grateful look in her eyes.

"So, where is your boyfriend?" asked Naruto, as he changed the subject. Lacus blushed lightly because no one had ever called Kira that before, but there was no denying they were a couple.

"I believe he and a few others are waiting for us in the room we are headed to now," smiled Lacus. Naruto just nodded his head before falling silent as he walked next to the young woman.

"I think that Lunamaria-san as well as Meer-san will be there with them as well," said Lacus with a knowing look in her eyes.

"How are Meer and that boy, I believe Athrun is his name, doing?" asked Naruto curiously.

"They are doing well, they have become close since you helped them escape ZAFT, but I believe Athrun worries that Meer sees you more then a friend," answered Lacus honestly.

"Those two will do well together as they both had identity issues during the war and they can help each other grow stronger," said Naruto.

"That is true, but what do you plan on doing about Lunamaria-san?" asked Lacus with a beautiful smile.

"You know for some who is considered a kind and generous person, you sure do love gossip," smirked Naruto playfully.

Lacus just pouted, but there was a playful look in her eyes. It was rare she got to act like any other girl because some many of her friends, even Kira, looked to her as a source of strength, but something about Naruto just brought out her more playful side. Perhaps, it was because she knew Naruto only saw her as Lacus Clyne, a young woman, and not by any of her other titles. He had no expectations of her other for her to be herself.

"To answer your question though, I am looking forward to meeting with Luna-san again," smiled Naruto with a hint of nervousness.

"I am sure she is looking forward to meeting with you again as well," smiled Lacus with a knowing look in her eyes.

"I hope so," said Naruto before he turned to look at Lacus and said something that was completely random.

"The answer is still no, by the way," said Naruto with a slight frown.

"I see," sighed Lacus with a sad look in her eyes. She wasn't even surprised that he had once again been able to somehow read her mind and know what she truly wanted to ask him.

"I'm sorry, but I lived far too long to believe in something like peace anymore, but that is ok because I have other things that I do believe in," explained Naruto with a small smile. Lacus looked at him curiously, and waited for him to finish.

"One doesn't need peace to be happy, it is something I forgot a long time ago, and it is probably one of the few things I do believe in. Happiness is something that can be found even in the times of war and it is what I shall protect when the next war inevitably comes," said Naruto seriously. Lacus didn't get to say anything more when they finally reached their destination and they all saw all their friends waiting for them.

Author's Note

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