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THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!! I am currently sitting in the waiting room in a hospital because Charlie is practically on his death bed. He got shot and now there is little to no chance that he will live.

"Bella you may come and see you father, he is asking for you." I stood and followed the doctor who had said this. He took me to
Charlie's room and when I saw him, I wanted to die. There were tubes everywhere. I couldn't help but let my tears fall.

"Bella?" I could hear him say weakly as I walked to him.

"I am here daddy," I said softly.

"Bella I don't have much time left." I couldn't help but cry out, as he said this.

"Don't say that dad, you'll get better, just you watch and see! You can't leave me, your all I have left!" I sobbed.

" I'm sorry Bella, but I can't. I am going to be with you mother soon and I want you to know the truth. You know that I love you, right?" he asked me. I nodded in answer. "Bella you have to know that I am not your real father. Your mother was already pregnant with you when we married"
This new piece of information was like a blow to my stomach and soon more tears were running down my face. "No, Bella don't cry, even though I am not your real father, I still love you more then anything else. You have to know that.. You're more my daughter then the man's who left you mother in the first place." He whispered in my ear as he patted my head slowly. I nodded.

"I Love you too, dad." I said and he smiled at the words that rushed out of my mouth before another sob took over.

"Now, Bella you are still too young to stay by your self, that's why you have to call your older sisters. They will tell you what will happen."

"What? Dad, I don't have sisters." I said trying to take everything in.

"Yes you do, they are older then you and have been living with your grandmother. She had been taking care of them before she died"

"How old are they?" Was all I could ask.

"The oldest is 22 and the other one is 19 they are good girls and they love each other and take good care of each other. I know that once they know you're alone they will not leave you. They will try and help you with what ever you need" he said. He looked so close to death now. He was much paler then he should have been and his eyes looked tired.

"Bella listen their phone number is in a thin black book back at home. It's in a drawer in my desk in my room. Call them and tell them what happened they will come and get you. I am sure that you will come to love them. "

"Ok dad but I will only do that if you die and you know-" I stopped when I saw that his eyes where now closed. "Dad...DAD!!" I yelled.
No! He could not be gone!
But he was and there was nothing I could do about it. The doctors came running in and tried to save him but there was nothing they could do to save him. They took me out of the room so that I could write down his time of death." I am sorry Miss. Swan but there was nothing we could do." Said one of the older doctors. Everyone that I have ever loved has died, what is going to happen to me?

Later that night

Later I went back home, I found the thin black book and my sisters' number. I decided there was no time like now and called them,


"Um... Hi you don't know me but I'm your sister Bella Swan. And I really need your help" I said, thinking that the women from the other end of the line must think I'm crazy, but I got the shock of my life when she shouted my name into the phone and I was forced to pull my ear away from the receiver.

"Bella? OH MY GOSH!! Phoebe! Come here! It's Bella!!" she yelled to someone in her house. Soon I could hear someone running towards the phone and the person holding it.

"Bella is that really you?" A different voice from the first one asked me, I presumed it was Phoebe.

"Yes" I said crying all over again.

"What's wrong, Hun?" the other voice asked .

"No, nothing. Everything is alright. Please, I need you. My Dad just died and Mom died last month. I have no one else to turn to." I cried into the phone, taking big gulps of air.

"Oh, Bella don't worry we're going to come get you but it will take us at least 3 days. Ok? So hang on there. We'll be there as soon as possible," the other girl said, I still didn't know her name.

"Please hurry." Was all I could say as I hanged up.

The next 3 days where hell, my father's funeral was the next day and all of Forks was there. After that I stayed home and the only one that was there with me was Jacob, my best friend. Billy had told him to stay with me until my sisters came to get me. Even thought he was there I still felt as if I was alone in my very small house. For those 3 days I went on without eating or going out. Everything was going so fast. First Edward left me, then 3 weeks later my mom dies, and now my so called father does too. It felt like it was all Edward's and the other Cullen's fault that this was happening to me. They had left and everything had gone down hill from there on. It was their fault and the love I once had for each and every one of them became hate. I couldn't help but blame them for being all alone. I started to wonder who my real father was. I wanted to know why he left my mom. Did he not love me? Was he with my sisters? Where could he be? Nothing made sense to me anymore. I always found myself crying when I thought of all this. On the 3rd day I was very weak from not eating, that when I heard the door bell I couldn't even move to go see if it was them. Jacob got the door and in walked two young women but before I could say anything to them I passed out.