Chapter 15

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Edward's pov

Everyone was quit after we were push into the living room. Even though the two sisters could not hear what was going on didn't mean we couldn't we were vampires after all and I could hear and even read that man's head and it made me want to go upstairs and rip him into small pieces how dear he touch that way! She was MINE!

'Edward calm down it's you're the only one to blame you, you did leave her so don't go and get mad if she moved on' Jasper thought to me as he send some calming waves I sight I know he was right, but that didn't mean I wasn't mad even if she was doing what I wanted her to do. What I wanted to know was how is it that she's still alive and look no older then in her early 20's and her sisters I know their he charmed ones, but this was too much could they out live a vampire? Did they age at all and how can they stay in one town without the others humans realizing that they never have age.

"Any way's as you all can see piper didn't remember you or even know how you are." The oldest of the three said and we looked at her

"My names Phoebe if you don't remember it, and this is our newest addition to the family Paige she out half-sister." She told us as we nodded or shook her hand,

"Are they the ones that hurt piper the most when she was younger?" the red head asked her older sister who nodded and she then looked at us and sighted I couldn't read any of their minds they were like Bella as well.

"Well at least she won't be hurt while they're here, and whole knows maybe Leo well get her to remember again and this time around it won't hurt case she have us with her." She said

"How is it that she doesn't remember us?" Esme asked

"Our Grams put a spell on her since her feelings were getting in the way of our duties, of cause she did it with piper knowing, you see our powers are linked to our feeling emotional state, if we are a mess so our powers and it's not a good idea to go into battle with our powers all over the place, and before you ask the only way for the spell to end is when she find a new love that is stronger then the one she felt for you, and Leo's the first guy she dates in a while but then again she's been in a slum for a while now." Paige said

"Who hasn't? we each had gone out, Dated, or married a demon at least once it's hard to date already so know add the demon who gets close to you to destroy you then get one messed up dating life." Phoebe said as she sat down

"Ok we have a few extra rooms you can stay in or stay down here you can do whatever you want but if you need to go out then one of us have to go with you to make such your safe we can't do anything until tomorrow." Paige told us as she sighted and got up but then she glared at us

"Oh and if you try anything with Piper be such that I well be there to bet you case she my sister and I won't let anyone hurt her. You hurt her enough for a life time, so let her be happy with someone who can make her happy.." she said as she walked away from me

"That goes the same with me after well don't with the demons that are after you can leave and we hope we never run into each other ever again.." The other said as she walked with he other one

"We left I life for her own good she was in danger with us there! I didn't want to put her in anymore danger is that so wrong?" I asked them they looked at me with cold eyes

"Leaving hurt her more than staying at least when you were there she was happy and alive after you left you might as well have killed her,. I don't want to see my little sister go thought that again, it's hard to see someone you love so much act like they have no life in them anymore." She said and left making us all feel so guilty once she was gone Alice looked like she would have sobbed if she could