Touta Matsuda was a man with many wants. He wanted to be a world-class detective. He wanted a classic American car, like he saw in the foreign films growing up. There were a lot of things he wanted, but what he wanted more than anything to earn the admiration of a certain colleague's son.

He had always felt unintelligent. Well, not specifically unintelligent. More like and average man surrounded by above-average people. Recently it had increased due to the two prodigies that he worked with. He loved working with Light, but Ryuzaki was a pain.

The detective had met Light four years prior to the start of the Kira investigation. At twenty, he was fresh to the police department and had been invited by Chief Yagami to come to dinner at his home. Matsuda was elated, and felt that this would be the perfect way to jump-start his career! Schmoozing his boss while eating a home cooked meal, something he had not had in a while due to living alone.

When he knocked on the door, a good-looking boy in his teens answered. "Come on in," the boy said smiling, "You must be dad's newest police force member."

It was love at first sight. Matsuda knew it was strange to like the underage son of your boss. Hell, he knew it was sick! But then fate struck and put Light on the Kira investigation team due to a certain detective suspecting him.

At first he felt that this would be wonderful. He would get to see Light every day. The smile that he'd seen years previous might get directed at him! But regrettably fate has a way of working against you. Light's smile was for Ryuuzaki.

He once walked in on Light and Ryuuzaki. Light's heated face and closed eyes while with Ryuzaki made his heart wrench. What he wouldn't give to be Ryuuzaki! And like everyone else on the investigation team, who all knew about their relationship, even Chief Yagami, when he saw the two of them, he silently left and pretend to have no clue what was going on between the two geniuses.

Touta Matsuda was a fool with a lot of wants, but he knew that none of his wants would ever become reality.

Matsuda needs more love. So love Matsuda, because he's absolutely adorable.

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