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A deadly dance in a macabre light. A tornado of twisting colors, red, black, and gold. White hot tears, freezing, burn down her skin as she watches their terrifying dance. For that was what it was, a dance.

Turning, whirling, their blades accompanying them with a deadly, almost silent, song. He turns, they meet, and off they go again. Looking, always looking, for their chance to strike. Their narrow golden eyes simmer with hatred and the heat of a long awaited battle, the thrill of first blood, as they parry, strike, parry, hit...

It was ridiculously pretty, the spray of the blood, two different shades of it, as it flew upward as they came together once again. Blood rained, they screamed, she screamed, it was all happening so fast! A belt, a jacket, a choking noise, and the sound of metal cracking into a jaw, and then–

–and then all was silent.

She reached, she tried, tried so hard, to grasp him, to hold him back, but he slipped through her fingers...

And she screamed.


Author's notes: So I was watching/ reading the Saitoh fight and this was born. So hit the button

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