Chapter Fifty-Four

Bobby had put two tables together at the Noose, so they'd have enough room for everyone, and put two trays of cupcakes in the center. People kept giving him odd looks, it was weird for them to see a Mercer (especially Bobby Mercer) with cupcakes and a medium-sized stuffed white tiger, but he didn't give a shit about what they thought. The cupcakes each had a letter on them, he arranged them so they spelled "Congratulations, Baby Girl!" and had five star cupcakes to make twenty-five of them (so each person got five cupcakes). He paid for a whole bottle of Jack Daniels, got five shot glasses, and set it all up.

He looked up when he heard Jack's laugh, seeing him walking backwards to lead Lock over, and smiled. Bobby helped her into her chair, then everyone else sat down, and he gave her permission to look. Her silver eyes opened slowly, saw the cupcakes, and she smirked, blushing.

"What's this for?" she asked Bobby.

"To celebrate you getting the restraining order and about going to college!" he laughed, giving her the tiger. "Here. . .I got you this. . ."

"Awww!" she smiled, immediately cuddling the creature. "I love Siberian Tigers!"

"Really?" he honestly didn't know.

"Mmm hmm," she nodded, keeping it close to her chest. "Thanks, Bobby!"

"Let's get celebrating!" Jack chuckled, arm going around Stray's shoulders.

Stray divided up the cupcakes, purposely giving her boyfriend "Girl!", and then rose one cupcake as a toast.

"To feeling safe," she smiled.

"And being loved," Bodie blushed, raising one of his own cupcakes.

"And catching dreams," Blaine said.

"To finding a family," Bobby grinned at her.

"And keeping them," Jack put in.

They all touched cupcakes, then took a bite, and Bobby saw her eyes tearing up a little bit. He reached over, tapped her nose, and she blinked the tears away, giving him a smile. He poured them each a shot, then he looked at Stray, and held up his glass. They clinked glasses, then slammed the liquor back, and smacked their empty shots down on the table.

"Baby girl," he said, looking at her. "I am so proud of you."

"Me too," Jack kissed her cheek.

"Same here," Blaine smirked, getting the other cheek.

"And here," Bodie grinned, getting up to kiss her temple.

"Guys," she whined, blushing. "You're gonna make me cry. . ."

"Have another cupcake," Bodie told her. "It's impossible to cry while eating a cupcake. . ."

She giggled, taking a bite of her second one, and nodded, telling him he was right. Bobby went to pour everyone another shot, Blaine declined because he had to drive and work in the morning, but the others did another shot. Bodie winced, coughing a little, and pushed his glass away afterwards.

"No more for me. . ." he gagged. "It burns and is gross."

"That's all right. . .I can get us a pitcher of pop," Blaine said and got up.

"Sorry," Bodie apologized to Lock.

"That's ok, Bodester," she grinned. "I don't think a drunk, stripping Bodie is how I wanna celebrate anyhow. . ."

He smiled, nibbling another cupcake, and looked up as Blaine returned with Coke, their drink of choice for the rest of the evening.

"So, still think you can drink me under the table, sweetie?" Bobby asked, looking her over.

"Maybe a few years ago," she giggled. "I don't wanna get drunk either. . ."

"Did you drink a lot or something?" Bodie asked, sipping his Coke.

"Oh yeah," she said, rolling her eyes. "And I could get mean. . ."

"Remind you of anyone?" Jack smirked, staring at Bobby.

"Fuck you, fairy," he growled playfully, flicking a sprinkle at him.

"See?" Jack demanded, pointing. "He's not even drunk yet and he's mean!"

"That's just Bobby," Stray intervened, patting Jack's stomach.

"Lock?" the youngest mumbled, staring at his cupcakes.

"Yeah, Bodie?" she looked at him, waving Jack off her neck when he tried to attach to it.

Bodie blushed furiously, chewing his lip, and stayed silent, glancing at Blaine. The two men whispered to one another, Stray looked at Bobby, he shrugged, and munched a cupcake.

"Bodie wants to know what you were like before," Blaine said, nudging him.

"Before?" she cocked her head.

"When you lived on the streets. . ." the youngest blushed even more. "I've heard Blaine and Jack talk about it. . ."

"Bodie," Jack scolded softly.

"No, it's fine, Jack," she said quickly.

"But we're trying to celebrate. . ." he whined.

"And we still are," she said, sitting on his lap. "These are the things I'm safe from now. . .For one, Bodie, I wasn't so people friendly. . .or cuddly. . .I literally had no friends of any sort. . .I got arrested and put in jail for the first time when I was thirteen. . .After I got out of jail, I was introduced to the numbing effects of alcohol. . .that whole thing lasted about six months. . ."

"What made you stop drinking?" he asked softly.

Smiths. . .Bobby thought, knowing how the cop was.

"The fact that I woke up one day and realized it was just gonna kill me faster than the streets themselves and I did not wanna die," she smiled a little. "I never touched drugs, ever. . .Didn't even smoke a cigarette," she shot a playful glare to Jack, who put his hands up in an innocent gesture. "Got mixed in with the wrong people. . .at one place, I stole cars and stripped 'em down. . .I stole wallets, begged, played my guitar on the street corners for cash. . .A few times, I got mixed up with people who were worse than the foster homes I had run from. . ."

"Did you fight?" he asked, not as sheepishly.

"Hell yeah, I fought," she snickered. "Had to. . .I would watch fights the older kids set up, pick up moves like that. . .Instinct took over for the rest. . .I learned that anything was a weapon, but preferred to carry a knife everywhere. . .I stood up for myself and anyone else who couldn't do it for themselves. . ."

"Where did you live?"

"Well. . .at first, it was my parents old house. . .It had been abandoned. . .But some idiot pyro burned it down. . .then I just stayed wherever got me out of the cold at night. . ."

"What finally got you off the streets?" Bodie asked finally. Bobby already knew the answer to that one.

"This place," she laughed. "Mac found out I was sleeping in the balcony. . .Hired me as a bar tender, then once I got the band put together we were the house band. . .Met Ransom here and she took me in. . ."

"College has always been a lifelong dream?" Blaine asked, thankfully changing subjects.

"Yeah," she smiled, still cuddling the tiger as Jack cuddled her. "Art and music are my passions. . .so, going to college for art just seemed right to me. . ."

Bobby nodded, pouring three more shots, gave Stray a big grin, and they tipped them back. He could see the alcohol taking its effect on the two teens, Jack was starting to get more cuddly (like he did whenever he drank) and Lock was clearly relaxing more and more. He saw Jack bury his face in the crook of Lock's neck, she giggled but didn't really pull away like she normally would have, and he swore he saw his brother's tongue ring glint for just a second. Blaine quirked an eyebrow at the couple, shook his head with a smirk, and refilled his and Bodie's glasses.

"What classes are you takin', Lock?" Blaine asked.

"Oh," she sat up straight, gently brushing Jack off her neck, so he just settled for kissing on her shoulder. "Well, I'm obviously taking art. . .English, math, and a psychology class for fun. . ."

"Cool. . .Jackness?" he asked his friend.

"Photography, English, math, and my automotive stuff," he said, then decided a cupcake was a better snack than his girlfriend.

"Maybe we'll have a class together," he smiled. "Who's your English professor?"

"Owens. . .Three ten to five ten on Mondays and Wednesdays. . ." Stray giggled, eating her third cupcake. "You?"

"Same!" Bodie laughed. "Jack, what about you?"

"Mm," he had to swallow a mouthful of sweets first. "Same as Lock and you two. . ."

"Great, that means the four of us will see each other on campus!" Blaine chuckled, eating a cupcake as well.

Good. . .They'll need that. . .Bobby thought with a grin. All of them. . .

The three of them did two more shots in a row, Lock ate her second to last cupcake, and Jack chowed his down quickly. Stray excused herself, heading for the bathrooms, and both Blaine and Bodie gaped at her.

"She really does feel safe, don't she?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah, she does," Bobby grinned. "And it's about damn time. . ."

Jack was busy playing with the stuffed tiger, he was pretty buzzed, but not quite drunk yet, and Bobby figured that two more shots wouldn't hurt either teen. He didn't think Stray was going to get mean, she'd been mostly giggles all night, yet he hoped no one messed with her tonight.

"Gimme that," she laughed, taking her tiger from Jack, who immediately pulled her down to his lap.

"Two more shots, kiddies," Bobby smiled. "Then it's home. . ."

"This has been nice," Stray smirked, holding the tiger to her chest.

"Mmm hmm," he nodded, handing the shots over.

They did their shots, then walked out to the cars together, laughing and teasing, and Bobby groaned when he saw his car. The front right tire was flat, he knew he should've changed that fucking thing.

"Dammit," he grumbled, tossing the cupcake trays in the back and opening the trunk. "Piece of shit. . ."

"Want help?" Stray murmured.

"Nah, I got it," he said, fishing out the spare and the jack.

"I can drop these two off at the house if you want," Blaine offered.

"You got your key, Cracker Jack?" he asked.

"Mmmmmm. . ." he searched his pockets, finally finding it. "Yup!"

"Yeah, you can take 'em home," he smirked a little. "Thanks, Blaine. . ."

"No problem," the man grinned, opening his car doors for Bodie and the couple.

"See ya at home," Stray gave him a hug.

"See ya, sweetheart. . ."

His big brother instinct tingled a little as he watched the two teens climb into the Blazer, but he pushed it aside--he had bigger things to worry about; the spare was flat too.

Fuck! he growled.


Lock giggled as Jack tried to get the key to slide home and failed for the fifth time. He was really buzzed, maybe even slightly drunk, and she was royally buzzed, but still functional. She took the key from him, slipping in front of him, and unlocked the door, missing twice due to Jack's hands on her waist and lips behind her ear. She walked through the door, Jack shut it, and was quickly attached to her again.

"Shit, Jack," she laughed, slipping the key back in his pocket.

"Mmmmm," he hummed, nibbling her ear roughly.

"I need to put on jammies," she whispered, tingling like crazy.

"Awww," he whined, holding her tighter.

"I can do it in the stairwell, if you promise to not peek," she smiled, tracing the Celtic designs on his shirt.

"Ooooh," he growled softly, hands going under the back of her shirt.

"Jack," she warned.

"No peeking," he said seriously, then started giggling.

"Jack. . ." she warned again, even though the shots had loosened her up quite a lot.

"Ok, ok," he smirked. "No peeking, I promise. . ."

"If you peek, you'll be on the couch," she threatened. "I mean it."

"No couch for Jack," he pouted cutely. "He'll be good. . .Honest."

"Great," she snickered, going downstairs to grab pajamas.

She stepped into the stairwell, pulled the door shut, and proceeded to tug on her pajamas, finding out just how tipsy she was. She picked up her dirty clothes, walked back into her room, dropped them by the door, and turned to see Jack sitting on her dresser. He had a look on his face, a cocky/sexy smirk, and he slowly slid down, toying with the hem of his shirt.

"Jackie, are you drunk?" she asked, looking at his slight sway.

"No," he said firmly. "I'm buzzed--tipsy--but definitely not trashed. Why? Are you drunk, babs?"

"No. . .Close to that edge, but not quite there. . .What are you doing?" she giggled, watching him slowly strip off his shirt.

He just laughed, revealing inch after inch of his muscled and inked torso, and she found her heart fluttering and her mind racing. All of a sudden, she felt the strongest desire to touch, to feel Jack's warm flesh under her fingertips, and she couldn't fight it, the booze saw to that. The shirt fell to the floor, Jack fumbled with his belt, smiling, and he froze briefly when she touched his tummy. Their eyes met, she smirked, and caught his mouth roughly.

Lock, you've been drinking. . .This behavior isn't right, instinct growled a dark warning.

Fuck off! she snapped. It feels just fucking fine to me. . .

That's because your judgment's impaired! it shrieked, but she just brushed it off.

"You sure you're sober?" she laughed as Jack still struggled with his belt.

"Positive," he chuckled, tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he fought with the buckle. "Come on. . .Stupid thing. . ."

"Here," she breathed, letting her hands find his belt.

"Holy shit," he exhaled, letting his hands fall to his sides.

She looked at him shyly, he gave her a nod, resting their foreheads together, and she undid the buckle easily. Lock pulled the studded belt from his black pants, let it drop to the floor, and stepped back. Hazel eyes were confused as he looked at her, she smirked, and sat on her bed.

"I'm not undressing you, demon boy," she laughed.

A sly look crossed his face, he sat on her dresser again, and worked on untying his shoes. She saw his tongue peeking from his mouth again, his way of concentrating when buzzed, and found it positively charming. One shoe fell to the floor, followed by the other, then his socks were off, and Jack slipped down from the dresser, almost falling over. She covered a laugh, eyes still glued to him, and he composed himself. Jack bit his lip, smiling, and his hands slowly moved to the button on his jeans. Her jaw dropped a little when he flicked it open, he swayed a tad, steadied, and undid the zipper.

"Am I dating a stripper?" she asked, staring at him.

"Maybe," he teased, wiggling his hips just enough to make his pants slip down a little, revealing his boxers.

Lock giggled, fishing on her headboard for something, found it, and got up. She pulled him in for a kiss, letting one hand trail to the band on his boxers, and slipped a dollar bill into them. Jack smiled proudly when he saw the money, left it right where it was, and gently tugged his pants down, stepping out of them.

"Guess I am a stripper," he chuckled, pulling her to him. "But only for you. . ."

"I've always wanted one," she laughed, playing with the small of his back.

Lips met hers, she was quick to respond, and she made a noise when he sucked on her lower lip, slowly backing her to the bed. They fell rather ungracefully to the mattress, both laughing about it, and she straddled his hips, pinning him. Jack made a low sound, hands going to her waist, and then under her shirt.

"I think you should take this off," he whispered, pushing her shirt up. "Yeah, it should definitely come off. . ."

"No way," she smirked, pushing it back down. "You're the stripper here, not me. . ."

"Come on," he whined, pouting, and playing with her shirt.

"No," she giggled, pushing his hands away.

He made a mock sound of disgust, letting his head fall back on the pillows, and he laced his hands behind his head. He stuck his lip out, made it quiver, whimpered pathetically, and she tipped her head back, laughing.

"I have an idea," she smiled, climbing off him.

"What?" he quit pouting, sitting up, and watching closely.

"It's a surprise," she taunted, finding one of his button downs in her dresser. "Stay here. . ."

She kept the shirt hidden from his view as she stepped out in the stairwell, shut the door, and quickly changed shirts. She buttoned his shirt down to two under her bra, then tied the flaps up under that, and felt a little shy all of a sudden.

The man has seen you in a bikini top for cryin' out loud! desire laughed. Get over it!

Right. . .she smirked, sucking in a breath.

She went back in her room, closing the door behind her, and leaned on it, watching her boyfriend's reaction. Eyes went wide, his jaw fell, and he slowly motioned her over with one finger. Lock walked over to the bed, Jack stared at her, and then he crawled to the end of the bed on his hands and knees.

"I love how you think," he murmured, promptly kissing just under the tie in the shirt.

Her eyes closed, she gently touched his hair, he let his hands venture up her back, pulling her closer, and she whispered his name softly. Jack trailed down her tummy, kissing everywhere, her knees felt weak, and she used his shoulders to stay standing. After paying extra attention to her navel, he rose up, and dove eagerly into her mouth, making her knees finally give out.

"Fuck," she muttered, sinking down.

Jack pulled her onto the mattress with him, placing gentle kisses to her face, and she melted, allowing him to lay her back. His fingers roamed her exposed stomach, she arched into him, gasping for air, and he growled, sucking on her neck.

Why does he always get to be in charge? desire whined.


Take control, it whispered.

Yeah, she murmured, liking the idea.

Lock moved quickly, pushing at Jack's strong shoulders, and rolling him over. She dove into his mouth, her hand tortured his torso, and Jack groaned, moving up against her. She sank her teeth into his lip, heard the sharp inhale on his end, and let her fingers brush over his pelvis.

"Ah, God," he panted, hands moving restlessly from her waist to her arms and then back again. "Lock. . ."

She smiled, slowly kissing down his chest, nipping here and there, and Jack whimpered in pleasure. His stomach twitched when she gently kissed around his navel, he snickered, and she glanced up.

"You better get back up here, babs," he put a finger to his mouth. "Or I'm gonna end up in the shower real soon. . ."

Giggling, she crawled up, and kissed him. She yelped when he pinned her back down, a little mad that she lost control, and he quickly solved that. Lips brushed down her body, she bit her lip, and her eyes fluttered in bliss. Jack lapped her star trail, she squirmed into him, and he suddenly stopped.

"Hey!" she whined, looking at him.

"Tell me," he muttered, glancing to her. "Tell me what you want. . ."

"You," she taunted, smirking.

"Ok," he chuckled. "You have me. . .What do you want me to do?"

LOCK! instinct roared. Think about this, please!

I have been, she mumbled. Quit worrying. . .

"Baby?" Jack whispered.

"Trace my tattoo. . ." she blurted, then blushed.

"Which one?" he grinned at her.

"Newer one," she murmured.

"Mmm," he growled, hovering over it. "All of it?"

"Yeah," she breathed, feeling eager about it. "But. . .not with your fingers. . ."

"Oh," he laughed. "I see. . ."

Hazel eyes sparkled at her in the dark room, he moved the band of her sleep pants, and she shifted, wishing he'd quit teasing her. He started at the top, kissing the very tip of the ink, and her eyes fell shut on their own accord. His tongue swiped with the curves of the tribal design, stud grazing here and there, then his teeth carefully scraped, and she was lost in the sensations he sent through her. She tried to move up into him, but he held her down, and she let out a growl of frustration.

"Easy," he snickered. "Let me do my thing, beautiful. . ."

She sighed, giving up, and let him do his stuff. He lingered close to her pelvis, her heart raced, and it was all she could do to stay still.

"Oh my God, Jackie!" she cried out when he sucked on the end of the tattoo and one of his hands brushed past that spot on her pelvis without the tattoo.

He let her arch a little as he kissed and sucked, holding her hands in his, and he moved to the other side, leaving a mark on her before going back to the tattooed side. Lock looked at him, he smirked, and lapped at her skin. She tried to keep watching him, but found there was no possible way to do so, and shut her eyes. She bit her lip, whining high in the back of her throat when he amplified his efforts.

You're kidding me! she groaned suddenly.

"Jack," she muttered, working a hand free, and running it in his hair.


"You gotta stop," she blushed when he gave her a concerned look. "I gotta pee. . ."

He snorted a laugh, crawling up, and gave her a deep kiss. Lock pushed at his shoulders until he moved, then slid off the bed, and darted upstairs to use the bathroom. After she was through and had washed her hands, she moved her sleep pants and examined her pelvis. He'd left a hickey on her, on both sides, and she touched them, shivering. She let out a yawn, heading back to her room, leaving the bottom door open, and saw Jack already sleeping in bed.

"Man," she whined, crawling in with him. "Brat. . ."

Lock, he's only in his boxers. . .instinct grumbled, but she ignored it.

She snuggled up to him, his leg wrapping over hers, and she pulled the blanket up. She nuzzled into his neck, letting her hand rest on his hip, and closed her eyes, falling asleep.


Jack woke up curled to Lock and smirked. His head hurt a little, but not too bad, and he replayed what happened last night. Lock and his shirt, him stripping down, the dollar she put in his boxers, her kissing all over his body, and him making her pelvis his. He looked at her sleeping, growled in his throat, and started kissing her shoulder.

"Mmm," she hummed, backing into him. "Cut it out. . ."

"You gotta headache today?" he whispered, biting gently on her neck.

"No. . ." she mumbled. "Why? Are you hungover, Jack?"

"A little bit," he snickered, running a hand down her side. "Last night was interesting. . ."

"Mm hm," she nodded, trying to sleep.

He kicked the blanket off, saw his boxers, and gasped. He'd slept in his underwear in the same bed, under the same blanket as his girlfriend, who had just told him that that wouldn't be happening for a while.

"Fuck!" he squeaked, scrambling out of bed.

What did I do?!

"What's wrong?" Lock gave him a look.

"Babe, I'm sorry," he said quickly, tugging on pajama pants. "I fell asleep last night without puttin' on pajamas. . ."

"I know," she snickered. "I didn't care last night. . .Was too tired. . .But it was a one time thing. . ."

"Oh," he let out a breath of relief. "Jesus, for a second. . ." he started shaking.

"Come here, Jackie," she laughed, sitting up.

He crawled to her, hugging her tightly, and inhaled her smell. He'd thought that maybe he'd been more buzzed than he guessed last night and done something very stupid; he was very relieved that wasn't the case.

"All we did was sleep, moose," she murmured, playing with the nape of his neck. "Which I'd like more of. . ."

"Yeah, me too," he mumbled, head hurting worse.

They got settled in bed again, him laying on her, and she was back out quickly. He closed his eyes, head throbbing, and eventually fell back to sleep. When he woke up again, he was alone, and his head felt much better. He stretched, yawning, and climbed out of bed. Lock left him a clue as to her whereabouts, a single glow-in-the-dark star on the door, and he grinned. He went upstairs, saw Bobby sleeping on the couch, wondered why, and woke him up.

"Fairy?" he mumbled, looking at him.

"Yeah," he nodded. "Dude, why are you sleeping down here?"

"I stayed up most of the night trying to find a damn tire for my car," he growled. "Why? Somethin' wrong?"

"No. . .I was just wondering," he blushed a little. "Bobby, can I borrow the car?"

"Why?" blue eyes regarded him cautiously.

"Well, you bought Lock that tiger yesterday and took us out to celebrate. . .But I never had the chance to get her anything. . ." he whispered.

"Sure, take the car. . .Just fill her up," his brother yawned, rolling over on the couch. "Now, lemme fuckin' sleep. . ."

"Thanks, Bobby," he chuckled, letting his brother get some rest.

He jogged up the stairs, thinking of what to get Lock, and peeked in at her. She was standing in the middle of his bed, putting stars up on the ceiling, and he couldn't help walking over and kissing her stomach.

"Fuck! Jack!" she yelped, slapping his bare shoulder. "You brat!"

"Love you too," he laughed, picking her up off the bed.

"How's your headache?" she made a face at him.

"Gone," he smiled, kissing her nose. "I'm gonna go get in the shower. . ."

"Ok," she giggled, squirming. "Put me down, demon boy. . ."

He set her back on the bed, stealing his morning kiss, and walked off to the bathroom. He let the water get hot, stripped down, and stepped into the warm spray. He scrubbed up, took some personal time, and dried off.

Shit! he growled when he realized he'd forgotten clean clothes again.

"Hey, Lock?" he called, opening the door a tad, and securing the towel on his hips.

"Yeah?" she stuck her head out his bedroom door.

"Think you could bring me some clothes?" he gave her a sweet smile. "I forgot to grab some. . ."

"Sure. Hold on," she laughed, disappearing.

She walked to the door, a pair of boxers and pants in her hands, and passed them to him.

"Thank you," he grinned, kissing her cheek.

"Mmm hmm," she giggled, leaving so he could change.

He pulled on the clothes, dried his hair more, put on deodorant, and went to grab a shirt. He gave Lock a kiss goodbye, telling her that he'd be back soon, woke Bobby enough to tell him he was leaving, and took the car. He filled it up first, then went to a fancy jewelry shop.

A charm bracelet. . .he thought, grinning, and ignoring the look the clerk shot him.

He found a beautiful silver chain, then busied himself with searching for charms that Lock would like. He found a yin yang charm, a heart charm, a guitar charm, and a black rose charm, and went to the register. The clerk regarded him cautiously, most likely because he was a Mercer and dressed like a punk, but she smiled when she saw his purchases.

"Is this all, sir?" she asked politely

Sir? Wow, that's a new one. . .he thought, slightly amused.

"Yes, ma'am," he smiled at her.

"Would you like to put the charms on it now or let the lucky lady do it?" she asked, ringing up the stuff.

"I'll just do it in the car," he said, fishing his wallet from his back pocket. "How much?"

"Comes to eighty-five dollars," she said, pulling out a black, velvet covered box.

He gave her the money, wished her a good day, and went to the car. As he sat in the driver's seat, he put the charms on the silver chain, and then gently put the bracelet in the box, putting it in his left hip pocket. He started the car, turned up the radio, buckled up, and pulled out, singing along with the radio. Jack stopped at a red light, thinking about the look on Lock's face while he waited for the light to change, and touched his left hip pocket. The light finally changed, he grinned, eager to get home, and moved forward.

A flash of black from the right caught his eye, he looked and saw a car heading for him, and then he heard the screech of metal kissing metal, head colliding with the window. His chest screamed in pain as the belt locked across his ribs, the gear stick stabbed into his right thigh, breaking off, and he screamed in pure agony. Thoughts of Lock flashed through his brain, he heard loud sobbing, realized it was all coming from him, and he prayed he'd see her and his family again. Darkness closed in on his vision, he didn't fight it, and touched the box outline in his pocket, the darkness finally winning.

Lock, baby, I love you. . .was his last conscious thought.


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