Beautiful Mistake Chapter Twenty:

End of the Mistake

The familiar smell of baby powder filled Chloe's nostrils, and she forced herself not to laugh as she watched Sirius struggle to change Ryan's diaper. She had told him there was a spell that was much easier, but he had been determined to do it the old fashion way. So Chloe's mother had been kind enough to get him the things he needed, and standing in the ward, before Professor McGonagall was due to come get Sirius and Chloe, he started to change Ryan.

All in all Ryan seemed to be enjoying it, along with the few female healers in the Hospital who had come to watch the spectacle. Out of them all however, Chloe enjoyed it the most. Sirius was covered in white baby powder, sputtering and cursing under his breath as he waved the dirty diaper around, holding it with the tip of his wand. Finally finding it too difficult to contain, Chloe burst out laughing, and pulled out her wand. Waving it with easy the diaper disappeared, and then turned to Ryan. Holding his legs, she waved her wand, and glanced at Sirius.

"This is how it is done." Chloe smirked, and waved her wand. As if an invisible wipe had cleaned Ryan, Chloe pointed her wand at Sirius, waved it again and watched as the white baby powder cleared away from his robes, and handed Sirius a clean diaper to put on Ryan. "I'll let you do this part."

Turning away, Chloe started to collect Ryan's things, her mother helping her. When Sirius cheered in victory, Chloe and Mrs. Roberts both turned to see Sirius holding Ryan in his arms, fully changed, and giggling. Sirius grinned at her, and for a moment Chloe thought her heart was melting. Even after everything, Sirius was still smiling at her, and taking every chance he could to be a father to Ryan.

Walking over to him, Chloe took Ryan out of Sirius' arms. She was so glad to see that her little boy was laughing again, being himself again. For a while she had been afraid that maybe Ryan wouldn't be the same after the poisoning, but it wasn't the case. Her mother had assured her countless times that these kinds of things happen all of the time, and there was no reason for Chloe to worry, and this confirmed it.

Hugging Ryan to her chest, Chloe caught a glimpse of Professor McGonagall at the door, and Chloe closed her eyes, and inhaled the sweet scent of her son. As he tugged on her hair, she never wanted to let him go. Her eyes fluttering open, they met the loving grey ones of Sirius. Slowly she released Ryan, and Sirius took him from her arms. Chloe watched, smiling to herself, as Sirius said his own goodbyes, and at last handed Ryan to Mrs. Roberts, her mother.

"Is everything in order then?" Professor McGonagall asked when Sirius and Chloe approached her, keeping a distance from each other now under their Professor's watch.

"Yes, I've signed the release papers. He's going home with my mum." Chloe told McGonagall.

McGonagall nodded, glancing at Sirius for a moment and then turned around. "Follow me; Professor Dumbledore has set up a temporary connection by floo network to the school." She explained as she walked briskly up the hall. At last she slowed on the other side of the hall, and entered the last room.

Here, with her back to the other two, Sirius moved closer to Chloe, and pulled her hand into his own. Giving a light squeeze Chloe looked up at him and he gave her a smile, and kissed her quickly on the lips before McGonagall turned to look at them again. Motioning for them to go through, Sirius stepped forward first.

"In you go," McGonagall ushered Sirius on.

Stepping into the green flames, Sirius turned to face Chloe. Giving a thin smile, he winked before calling, "Hogwarts!" and with a whoosh of smoke and a roar of flames Sirius disappeared in the green flames.

"You next Miss Roberts." McGonagall nodded at the fireplace.

Chloe nodded back, and without a word she followed in Sirius' footsteps and stepped into the fireplace. The trickling feeling absorbed Chloe's body, and through the flashing green flames she could see McGonagall watching her expectantly. Breathing in deeply, Chloe said clearly, "Hogwarts!"

The flames rallied around her, and she felt her feet be swept up. Tucking her elbows close, Chloe seemed to spin before at last she was almost leaping into Professor McGonagall's office, bumping into Sirius as she did so. Sirius let out a laugh, and caught her before she fell, and moments later Professor McGonagall came in, much more gracefully.

Chloe and Sirius stood closer to the door, while Professor McGonagall went to her desk, and started to shuffle papers around. It was a few minutes before at last McGonagall looked up at them bemused. "You will find the rest of the students eating lunch. You will attend your afternoon classes – you have been excused from any work in your morning ones." McGonagall listed, and sat down at her desk. "You can leave now," she added when they both stood there for further instruction.

"Thank you Professor," Chloe said as Sirius tugged on her sleeve to leave.

McGonagall raised her head once again, and gave Chloe a thin, twitch of a smile. "You are welcome," she responded, and turned back to her papers.

Feeling a little proud of herself, at last Chloe followed Sirius out of Professor McGonagall's office and into the hallway. Students were walking up and down the hall coming and going to the Great Hall. Laughter and light chatter met Chloe's ears, and she suddenly realized after everything had occurred she was back at Hogwarts where she was supposed to be living a normal teenaged life.

Looking at Sirius, he saw the apprehensive glance in Chloe's eye, and pulled her by the hand the opposite away of the Great Hall. They walked for some time in silence, not noticing the curious glances they received from other students they passed. Eventually they came to an empty classroom which Sirius pulled Chloe into. Shutting the door behind her, Sirius turned to face Chloe, still holding her one hand.

"I didn't want to go back just yet." Sirius murmured, running his left hand through a loose lock of hair.

"Neither did I," Chloe whispered, leaning into the soft caress, her eyes shutting for a moment.

"You look tired," Sirius said, pulling her close. She leaned her head on his chest, and breathed a sigh of relief that she had wanted to let go of for a long time. Ryan was safe and healthy, and in another four months she would see him again and at last start anew. And perhaps, she would start new with Sirius.

"I am tired," Chloe said, muffled, against Sirius' chest. "Do you think McGonagall would kill me if I just went back to bed?" Chloe asked, pulling away a little.

Sirius gave a light chuckle. "Probably, but what's life without risk?"

Chloe smiled, and moved away from Sirius and over to one of the desks. Pulling out a chair, she sat down, and Sirius sat on top of the desk, facing her. Chloe leaned back, and looked up at Sirius. She was still a little worried about everything. "What should we do now?"

"Well, eventually were going to have to leave, as I believe the second years have Transfiguration in here. But I think we should probably go see everyone." Sirius teased.

"Yeah probably, I'm sure Danielle hasn't had time to explain them what has happened. Lily and Remus are probably out of their mind worried." Chloe wondered.

Sirius tensed slightly. "They know, then?"

"Yeah, Remus figured it out himself when I was still pregnant. Lily, I let her know a little bit into the year." Chloe explained, a little weary. She was beginning to get worried that this would make Sirius angry. However, his reaction seemed to mirror her feelings, as a look of worry filled his eyes.

"So I still have to tell James… and they all know." Sirius looked down at his feet, running his hand through his hair nervously.

Chloe almost laughed. Amused, she rubbed Sirius' leg so he would look her. "Sirius, as bad as it sounds, you were the last to find out. While, except for Peter, but still, James knows. And I think he'll be nothing but smiles when he hears you finally know the truth."

Sirius' eyes widened, and he too grinned. Leaning forward he kissed Chloe lightly on the forehead, and rocked back on the desk, and leaned forward again chuckling. "How in Merlin's name did you guys all keep this from me?"

Chloe took a breath shaking her head. "Honestly, if you hadn't found out last night, I wouldn't be surprised if James told you. He found out only three days ago, and he was pissed," Chloe emphasized. "He told me either I told you or he would."

"That actually explains a lot now that I think about it." Sirius admitted, "I didn't understand why James was being so foul towards."

"Well, now you know." Chloe said ominously. A feeling of absolute happiness seemed to fill Chloe. Sirius was understanding, he wasn't acting irrational like she feared. And most of all, she was beginning to think that he had forgiven her.

"Chloe," Sirius' soft voice filtered into Chloe's thoughts, and he pushed her chin up to look at him. Staring at her intently, he gave her an encouraging look. "I think it's time we go and see everyone."

Chloe slowly nodded, and stood up. As she did Sirius caught her, and pulled her close to him. His warm breath warmed her face, and their noses touched ever so slightly. A loot of amusement danced in his eyes, and slowly he leaned forward and kissed her softly, barely brushing his lips against hers. A shiver ran down her spine, and she went in for a more lasting one. Sirius chuckled against her lips, the vibrations running through both of their bodies. Kissing her more intently this time, Chloe felt her body go numb and she felt only ecstasy.

There was a loud banging at the door, and before Chloe or Sirius could even react it burst open and in came James, Remus, and Lily. Chloe pulled away from Sirius, and looked at them bewildered. How the hell had they known they were in the classroom? There was a wide grin on both Remus' and Lily's faces, while James seemed to be trying to figure out what he should make of the scene he had burst in on.

"Is there something we could do for you?" Sirius drawled, holding a little tighter on Chloe's hips, as if afraid she would grow embarrassed and pull away – as she had done before.

"We saw you guys on the map," Remus started, James still too stunned to say anything. "We wanted to know what happened…" he trailed off, a little cautious. He glanced at Chloe for answers, and she simply winked.

"What happened, eh?" Sirius asked, amused.

"Of come off it, Sirius," James demanded.

Finally Sirius loosened his grip on Chloe, and they both backed away from the desk, and standing next to each other they faced they're friends. More serious now, Sirius took Chloe's hand in his. "I know James," Sirius started, "About Ryan."

James seemed to take a few seconds to process this while Remus and Lily both grinned in relief. They both came towards Chloe, and Lily began to ask her questions. "Where did you guys go? Sirius had come back and said your cousin was at St. Mungo's, and then he left again. Danielle didn't say a thing to either of us."

"Ryan got sick," Chloe explained, "But he's okay now. And Sirius kind of came along." Chloe glanced at Sirius who smirked.

"So how did you find out?" Remus asked, looking to Sirius.

Sirius shrugged, trying to act cool about the situation. "I just sort of knew when I saw him. I mean, he looks a lot like I did when I was a baby."

"That is so adorable!" Lily exclaimed, and then looked over at James who was still standing away from them. "James, stop acting like a fool and get over here."

James seemed to snap out of it, but he still looked a little hesitant. Slowly he joined the group, wrapping an arm around Lily's waist. "I'm happy for you guys," James finally said, and looked to Chloe apologetically. "I'm sorry for the way I acted."

Chloe felt, once again, relieved to hear that James was apologizing. "Don't worry about it James," Chloe said, and leaned against Sirius, feeling even more tired then before.

"So is Ryan okay?" Remus asked.

"Yeah, the Healers gave him the antidote for the poisoning, and he woke up fine. He's home now." Sirius answered for Chloe.

"That's good to hear," Lily said, sounding relieved. She motioned to the door. "We should probably get going. Lunch is almost over."

"All right," Chloe said, and stood up. "Let's go."

The Gryffindor Common Room was noisy with loud games of exploding snap and gobstones. Some students who were trying to get their homework done sat at the tables with earmuffs over their ears. But Chloe couldn't complain. She sat with Sirius on one of the big chairs, resting her head on his chest while they watched James and Remus have a heated game of chess. Lily sat next to James on the sofa, reading a Muggle book, looking very serious as she read. Peter, like usual, was no where to be found.

Over the noise of the Common Room, Sirius whispered in Chloe's ear. "I want to talk to you about something."

Without saying a word, Chloe just nodded, and slid off the chair. "We'll be right back," Chloe said to the others, and they simply nodded in response. Pulling Sirius behind her, they went out the portrait hole and into the hall. This time Sirius led the way to a more private area of the hall, and Chloe jumped up onto a window ledge and sat down. Looking at Sirius expectantly, he grinned, and put his hands on her legs and his expression turned a little more serious.

"I was thinking," he paused, "About what would happen after."

"After what?" Chloe asked, confused by what he was asking.

"After school; after graduation." Sirius explained. Chloe shrugged in response. "Because I was thinking, I have a flat, in London. I bought it during Christmas, ad I'm thinking now, it's big enough… maybe you and Ryan could come live with me?"

Chloe couldn't remember the last time Sirius had looked so vulnerable talking to her. A smile spread over her face, and she leaned her forehead on his. "Sirius that would be wonderful." She told him, and kissed his cheek, and leaned back on the window pane, still looking at Sirius who was grinning now. Leaning forwards again he kissed her on the lips, tugging at her bottom lip as he pulled away.

"Are you being serious?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, I am. I think it will be good for Ryan." Chloe confessed.

"I mean, you know my parents ruined any chance of me getting a proper job. But I have some money, and I have the flat. And I –"

"Sirius stop," Chloe ordered gently, placing her hand on his chest. "I've all ready said yes, and money I don't care about right now. I know you'll try your best, and that's all that matters. And that I love you, and I know Ryan will love you too."

"I love you," Sirius murmured and kissed her again, before wrapping his arms tightly around her, holding her as if he would never let her go.

It seemed that everything was coming together now. Chloe had never planned for such a magical thing to happen, having Sirius be so happy about Ryan and wanting her to live with him. All she had to worry about now, was keeping up with her grades and passing her NEWTS, something that seemed easy after the struggle she had just gone through. It was an ending to her mistake, and the beginning of a new part of her life.

A/N: I know it's rather cheesy way to end the story, but I didn't know how else to do it. I love this chapter more then anything. It's one of the first that I am truly pleased with. It sort of opens up to the sequel, which will be The Unraveling. I'm not too sure when I will put it up; just keep an eye out on my Author's page and on my website (which you can find the address on my Author's Page). The sequel will be set almost two years after this one, and will follow Chloe and Sirius' life as Voldemort rises for the first time all the way to Lily and James' deaths.

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