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Chapter XVII

Grimmjow sighed. His blue eye twitched with boredom as he watched the stupid Shinigami pair up and dance a traditional two-step. Ichigo hadn't woken up yet after the fight with Aizen, but Rukia and Renji had dragged him away from the hospital and his lover's side despite his protests. He had wanted to be there when Ichigo woke up, but Grimmjow couldn't blame them; after all, it had only been a few hours since they had returned to Soul Society, so it wasn't likely that Ichigo was going to wake up already. Plus they had just fuckin' destroyed Aizen. Of course they would want to celebrate! Ichigo was in good hands and the celebration that was going on was huge, so why not enjoy it? He ran a hand through his blue hair.

'Because Ichi isn't here,' Grimmjow thought with a snort. He shook his head, blue hair falling into his eyes, and headed over to the table with food and sake. He picked up a sake bottle and walked off with it, much to the amusement of Zaraki, who was watching from a corner babysitting Yachiru (making sure she didn't touch an ounce of sake, more like).

The former Espada grinned and threw the sake back like an expert, but was interrupted as a pair of warm, bandaged arms wrapped around his waist, dangerously low on his hips. Grimmjow spit out the sake he had been in the process of swallowing and was about the elbow the fucker in the face when he felt a head resting on his shoulder blade and a soft voice whisper "Grimm."

He knew that voice. But the question was…

"I-Ichigo! The fuck are you doing here?" Was what came out of his mouth once he managed to get his jaw and tongue working again. "Damnit, I fuckin' hate surprises you little shit!"

He felt Ichigo smile through the fabric of his Arrancar jacket; a real, beaming, happy smile. Grimmjow sucked in a breath, whirled around, and in an instant he was holding Ichigo like his life depended on it. Grimmjow sighed and lightly nuzzled the top of Ichigo's head, trying to ignore the stares he was sure they were receiving.

"Ichi, I'm fuckin' glad you're okay," he muttered. The ex-Espada felt Ichigo shudder and bury his face in the crook of Grimmjow's neck. "Sorry I wasn't there when you woke up but -"

"S'okay Grimm," Ichigo mumbled, holding him tighter. Grimmjow let him for a moment before stepping back; he was new to showing his feelings and wasn't comfortable yet with public displays; his mind was still screaming that feelings were weaknesses. Ichigo just smiled at him, like the dumbshit understood.

'Which he probably did,' Grimmjow thought.

Ichigo took his hand and led him toward the door, saying, "C'mon, retard. It's a full moon outside."

Grimmjow just smirked and followed. The smirk disappeared, however, as Ichigo was bathed in moonlight. Grimmjow was able to see his bandaged arms, head, and cheek better than in the dimly lit training gym-turned-dance floor. The blue-haired man brought a hand up to Ichigo's injured cheek, ignoring his wince, and whispered, "Goddamn, Ichi…"

Ichigo smiled and leaned in for a soft, gentle kiss, which Grimmjow predictably turned into a fiery, passionate tangle of tongues. Ichigo moaned and fell back against the wall of the building they had just exited, the feeling of Grimmjow's velvety slick tongue against his stoking the fire low in his abdomen. His hands gripped the Espada's shoulders to help him remain standing as Grimmjow ravished him. It took everything Ichigo had to tear his mouth away for air, panting as Grimmjow slowly licked his neck from the shoulder to the spot under his ear that drove him absolutely crazy.

Ichigo sucked in a harsh breath and arched his back slightly off the wall, trying to ignore the hands that were under his shirt running over his stomach and chest, tweaking his nipples and lightly trailing down his sides to smooth over the etched V of his hips.

'God, he's so fuckin' sexy when he's all vulnerable and shit,' Grimmjow thought, licking his lips.

"G-Grimm! Here is definitely not a good place to have sex!" His orange-haired lover said, desperately trying to get the horny Espada to stop his ministrations. Grimmjow only smirked at him and palmed him through his hakama. Ichigo groaned and bucked his hips involuntarily. He tore Ichigo's sash off and ripped his hakama down, freeing Ichigo's hardening erection.

"Who said anything about sex, retard?" Grimmjow replied as he dropped to his knees in front of Ichigo. The boy just stared at him incredulously and choked back a cry as his lover licked the head of his dick. Grimmjow smirked at Ichigo's reaction and licked the underside from base to tip before taking just the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive tip.

Ichigo moaned wildly and tried to buck his hips, but Grimmjow had a firm, almost bruising hold on them. The man's tongue teased Ichigo's slit and the boy whimpered.

"Grimm, please!" Ichigo cried, his hands fisting in blue hair. Grimmjow smirked; that was what he had been waiting for. He took Ichigo completely into his mouth, sucking gently as he began to bob his head. Ichigo felt Grimmjow smirk around his erection and before he realized what he was up to (although he knew it was 'no good') he felt fingers being shoved into his mouth. He sucked them instinctively, swirling his tongue around them seductively, making Grimmjow moan around his erection; the vibrations caused Ichigo to shudder and moan wantonly. A few seconds later he whined as the fingers were removed from his hot mouth and shoved into his ass, beginning to pump in time with Grimmjow's sucking. He cringed as the feelings of pain and pleasure collided, the pleasure suddenly overriding the pain as Grimmjow's finger brushed against his prostate.

Two more jabs to the prostate and a delicious hum around his erection and Ichigo cried out; he came spectacularly hard into Grimmjow's mouth as the blue-haired man swallowed everything, panting and barely able to use the wall to keep standing. Grimmjow licked up the mess and stood up, stealing a quick, passionate kiss. Ichigo grimaced at tasting himself and his lover laughed at him.

"Here, get your pants on, you freak," Grimmjow said, holding up Ichigo's hakama. The latter snatched them out of his hands, scowling and blushing, and dressed. Not a moment later two Shinigami, obviously drunk out of their minds, came around the corner. They stared at Ichigo and Grimmjow before continuing on their merry (drunken) way.

Ichigo laughed at having almost been caught receiving a blowjob from a former Espada by two drunk guys. Grimmjow leaned against the wall next to his lover and grinned.

"Guess I'll have to wait 'til later to get my payment, hm?" Ichigo blushed and smacked him upside the head. Rukia and Renji chose that moment to appear from around the corner with several others with them.

"Ichigo! Look, we brought your human friends!" Renji shouted. Ichigo cringed at the volume of Renji's voice; the man was obviously a little buzzed. He couldn't help but smile though as he saw Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro running toward him.

Grimmjow watched as more light entered Ichigo's eyes and thought that having the kid's friends brought here to surprise him was worth the interruption. He caught Ichigo's eye then and smiled his gentlest smile at his lover. Ichigo couldn't help but smile warmly back.

"Ichigo, when are you coming home?" Tatsuki asked, yawning. They had been there for hours and she was tired, having waited up for news about Ichigo's health.

"When the celebration's over with. Understand that now that Aizen is dead and the war is over, I probably won't see these guys much anymore. They might even revoke my Substitute liscence, although I doubt that," Ichigo replied softly, yawning himself and elbowing Tatsuki like it was her fault he had yawned. Tatsuki smiled and nodded, leaning back against the roof they were sitting on. Mizuiro and Keigo had gone off in search of Matsumoto a while ago, leaving him and Tatsuki alone to catch up.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but Ichi, you look real tired. Maybe it's time for you to go for now," a voice said softly. Ichigo peered down over the roof and grinned when he saw Grimmjow. He didn't really want to kick Tatsuki out, but he was starting to get tired, so he looked at her and smiled in apology.

"No, I understand Ichigo. You need your rest, you've had a long day," she said softly, squeezing his shoulder for a moment and then allowing him to jump her off the roof. "I guess I'll see you at home then. And don't worry, we haven't told anyone about your secret so far, and we won't ever."

Ichigo just smirked and leaned against Grimmjow for support as he watched her go. Grimmjow wrapped his arms around Ichigo's hips, caressing small circles into his skin to relax his lover further.

"Are you glad things turned out this way?" He asked softly, gently nipping Ichigo's sensitive earlobe.

A soft gasp and an even softer "Yes, Grimm" reached his ears.

Grimmjow just smirked and licked the shell of the orange-haired teen's ear and bit down hard, causing Ichigo to arch back into him pressing his hips backward into Grimmjow's. He felt the former Espada's erection grinding into his ass and his mouth opened to release a silent cry of pleasure.

"You're a fuckin' idiot," Grimmjow whispered, turning Ichigo's head to steal a kiss. "You're a fuckin' idiot, but I love ya."

Ichigo just leaned against the older man, panting slightly, knowing he didn't have to say anything back. He thought about how his friends would leave for home that night, how the celebration would continue for a few more days, how he too would leave for home again soon. How he would ask Urahara to make Grimmjow a gigai so he could become a more permanent fixture in Ichigo's life. How he was so sure that he would be allowed to keep his Substitute abilities because evil was never truly defeated.

It didn't matter, because at the moment, he was satisfied with his life. He made a mental reminder to thank Rukia for accidentally giving him all her powers and starting this new chapter in his life.

He turned in Grimmjow's arms to return the hug, burying his head in his lover's neck.

Yes, for now he was content.

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