Hi minna-san! Well, I'll just tell you about my muses! I have the GW boys *smiles* they're all here now! But they're watching tv…, Mr. Sleep and Mrs. Subconscious, Slice the pop, an evil being named Narrator, and Boredom! ^-^ Wanna know something that isn't good enough to be a fic, but Mrs. Subconscious helped me write? Ok! You sing it to the tune of Jingle Bells: Bishonen, bishonen, throughout Gundam Wing! Trowa here, and Quatre there, and Duo and Heero! Bishonen, bishonen, throughout Gundam Wing! Wufei, hey, he's a-okay! And Usagi is a toad! ^-^ Don't blame me for the Usagi is a toad part, I'm not in charge of my thoughts when I'm subconscious. ^-^ Well, here's the fic!

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"Silver Moon Crystal… Healing Kiss!" Heero watched as his beloved sent one of her most powerful attacks towards the monster. They, the five sailor scouts and the five knights, had gone back in time to fight a growing evil. This was approximately the year after the dinosaurs became extinct, and it smelt like it too. The whole place smelled like a prehistoric fish hatchery, and it looked like one too with all the leftover dinosaur remains and the blood from the wounds inflicted on the sailor team by the monster. This evil had messed up the time, and in doing so wiped out the last of the prehistoric beasts. Carcasses had littered the ground when they began fighting; a little less than twenty-five hours ago; but now the place was just a bloodstained battle ground. The monster itself was awful. It reeked like something indescribable and nothing, not even their most powerful attacks, was harming it. Usagi stared in disbelief as her attack only made the monster flinch. "We need help!" She called over to Heero. Heero nodded in agreement before sending a burst of energy towards the monster with a flick of his hand 'The question is…" He narrowed his eyes as his attack did nothing and concentrated on sending a more powerful energy towards his enemy, 'from who?'


A little girl in the thirtieth century sat strait up in bed. Her long, purple hair was damp from sweat, her onyx eyes cold with fear. She tried to recall her dream, but without much luck. She did remember the darkness though, an evil blackness that was hurting… hurting… she scrunched up her face in concentration as she tried to remember whom the blackness had been fighting. She pressed her sweaty hands together, like she had seen her mother do so many times in front of the scrying fire. And all of a sudden, she knew.

Sailor Pluto was startled out of her sleep by a shrill cry of 'Mommy!' and a rush of padded feet running towards her bedroom.


I would write more, but I'm doing this in math (my assignment's done), and it's time to go to my next class. (ugh, Spanish… *grimaces*)… Oh, and the little girl was Rei and Wufei's daughter. ^-^ Ja ne!






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