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This story is a little something I've been thinking of for a while, first cousins commonly married throughout history and wouldn't be the hang up they are now, but if you don't like it then get out now, cause this is definitely a NejiHina, cause they're just too cute together. Everyone else...Enjoy!



The Marriage

Chapter 1

The laws had been read by the council, ones they had uncovered, old laws, laws that they had never had to use before. Women leaders of the Hyuga Clan were required to be married to a Hyuga male by their eighteenth birthday, if they weren't, the next 'Main' family male became heir. Hinata couldn't believe these backwards old men could wreck her hopes and dreams in one day. She knew they had been researching laws, she believed their sudden interest in them was due to her upcoming birthday. Her eighteenth, the day heirs are officially made the co-leader, second only to the leader, their word law. Hinata's birthday was in three days, and by then she had to be married, not engaged, but legally wed. Her cousin Husah was the nearest Main male family member, he was one of the most petty, spiteful little cowards she had ever met, his whining spoilt nature known by all, this is who the would rather have as leader.

Hiashi felt he'd failed her, all her work to become the successsful jonin, one of the top medical nin, meeting after meeting she'd attented with him to learn the responsibilities that would one day would be hers. And all for what, a slap in the face, the old scumbags had found their loophole, the only other female heir, Shiana, that had been born had chosen to step down for a cousin, Hosan, whom she then married, so that he would be leader. Hinata wasn't even dating, she and Naruto had for a few months two years ago, but they found themselves much better best friends, 'Thank, Kami', if they had married she automatically would have been overthrown when the elders had found these laws. But now what were they to do?

Hinabi had wanted to be heir when she was young, yet she thanked the stars above she'd been born second, the council had been threatening sealing for her now that she was unnecessary, once Hinata was named heir, they'd been discussing it for a month now. Hiashi had assured her not to worry, they'd gone too far, he would not allow Hinabi or any other Hyuga child to be sealed again. He had promised Neji, and the two worked long in to the night for weeks studying laws and the seal itself, and finally last night they had written the edict to end sealing as of next week there would be no more sealing, except in the case of criminals. And they had secretly, unsealed Neji, he continued to wear his hitai-ate which covered his forehead.

Hinata walked down the hall knocking on the heavy wooden door, it opened to the face of a weary Neji, "Hinata, what can I do for you, I'm really tired...and I'd like to just go to bed" Hinata looked up and noticed he'd just come out of the shower. His long wet hair was pulled over his left shoulder, a brush in his right hand, and a towel slung low on his narrow hips. She watched the lone drop as it exited his belly button to slowly roll to the towel, shaking her head she blushed, "Sorry Neji, but I really need to talk, ...they're at it, again." She looked at him knowing he was tired all the late nights were catching up on him, with a small smile she coaxed, "I'll brush your hair...please."He gave her one of his smirks, everyone knew he loved his haired being brushed, it was the one weakness he admitted to, though he admitted to no others. Opening the door wider he stepped back.

Neji had been surprised to see 'Hina' his cousin rarely roamed after she'd dressed for bed, she must really need to discuss something. He had to smile, not one of their friends would believe what she looked like in her bed clothes, she loved to wear little boyshorts, and tank tops, and a tank top on an unbound Hina was a sight to see. She walked past him and he could smell the lavender and vanilla scent she used, it always seemed to comfort him. She went over to plop down on his bed, and he sat on the floor between her legs to lean back against the bed , and handed her the brush. As she started to detangle his hair she began to exlain the new law the elders had found. "Neji, the Elders have found a law that would require me to be married before my eighteenth birthday to an ANBU or Main Hyuga male in order to remain heir, if I am not Husah must legally be named heir." He turned his head so quickly she ended up pulling his hair, rubbing the offending spot he asked, "Why in the hell would they do that, they really want that incompetant idiot as our leader!" Hinata shrugged and went back to brushing his hair, as she changed from untangling to deep massaging strokes he leaned back into the bed and his cheek rested on the inside of her lower thigh and knee. "I have two days now to find a Hyuga groom or all I've worked for is lost. I find it convenient that they just sent all the young Hyuga ANBU on a mission to Suna late last night, leaving the only other eligible male, Husah here, don't you?" Neji had already been busy with Hiashi or they would have sent him too, only Main or ANBU family members were considered worthy spouses for her. "So, Hina, what are you going to do, give up?" Hinata stopped brushing, running her fingers through his long hair she sighed, "No, I'm not giving up, that's why I'm here...Neji you are the only other eligible man here, and I looked it up an hour ago, the fact that we're first cousins doesn't matter, Shiana was first cousins with Hosan." Neji turned and looked up at her, he'd made ANBU just last month, he asked her quietly, "Hina, are you sure this is what you want, marriage is for life and it involves more than just spending time together, there are intimacies..."

Hinata drew her legs up and getting off the bed she kneeled beside him, placing her palm on his cheek she replied, "Neji I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure, and though I'm still a virgin I am aware of what's involved...I deliver babies, and I've had a boyfriend, but the question is what do you want?" Neji was confused, 'she wanted to marry him?', he'd watched over her, saw her change as she matured, saw sides of her no one else did, but could they have a good marriage, 'was the physical part necessary for it there?', he needed to know. Leaning forward he put his hand on the back of her head pulling her closer, and then he kissed her. Hinata gasped as she felt his lips pressed against hers, they felt firm and warm, his tongue slipped between her own lips and teased hers. Hinata felt the heat pooling in her womb, and she loved the feeling, as his other hand rubbed her back drawing her closer.

Neji pulled back gasping for air, his heart was pounding, and he felt out of breath, he'd never felt this way with her before, never thought of her this way and now...wow. He looked up and into her eyes, knowing he had his answer, whispered, "Let's do it, Hina, let's get married." She couldn't believe this was happening so fast, but the way she felt now, after that kiss, she knew, though she had never thought of Neji sexually now she just wanted to kiss him again. "Yes, when... when do you want to do this? ...I have to be married before day after tomorrow." Neji nodded but then leaned in to kiss her again, pressing his lips to hers, then her cheek and her jaw, his hands rubbing her back. "Tonight Hina, is tonight to early? I think we should just do it before they find out we're planning to, if they do they'll just try to stop us." Laying her face in the crook of his kneck she sighed, then nodded. She let her hands rest on his thighs, noticing the one where his towel ends met her hand rested on bare skin, she looked down and noticed he was partially hard. Her heart jumped and she was feeling her pulse between her thighs, and knew there was no need to wait if they did she'd just get more nervous, this had to work. "Let's go to Lady Tsunade, they won't be able to contest it if she performs it and there is a witness." Getting up they stood there facing each other, he ran his fingers through her midnight blue hair and whispered, "Get dressed, I'll meet you at the gate...and Hina, be careful I don't trust them not to try and hurt you." She nodded with a determined look before leaving to do as he'd said.

Lady Tsunade, fifth Hokage was surprised at the late knocking at her office door, she had been getting ready to leave, and Shizune opened the door and asked, "Tsunade you have some visitors, they have a small request." Stepping back she allowed Hinata and Neji to enter, and then with a nod started to leave. "Please wait Shizune, we may need you as witness." With that Tsunade's eyebrow rose in interest, 'a witness?' She noticed Neji put his arm around Hinata as she drew in a deep breath before beginning her explanation, "Lady Tsunade, I have a letter of permission from my father, it is for me to marry before my eighteenth birthday, due to laws the council elders have found I must marry before my birthday to remain heir. If I fail to I'll be forced to step down and my cousin Hyuga Husah, will replace me. So we are here to ask you to marry Neji and I, tonight."

"What!?" Lady Tsunade screeched, she and Shizune were both shocked. Tsunade was trying to wrap her mind around the situation, "So you're marrying each other to keep your place as heir... are you sure it's worth it? No offense intended Neji." Neji gave a little half smile and shrugged, and Hinata nodded before saying, "No and yes, no I'm not marrying Neji 'just to keep my heirship'...and yes I'm sure it's worth it, Neji and I have never thought of each other in this way, but we...discussed it and we think we would do well together, we know each other better then anyone else, and I must marry a Hyuga, the council sent all the other eligible men away. But even if they had not I still think I would be better off with Neji, at least he loves me, we may not be in love but we love each other." She sighed, smiled at him and continued, "It's not the idea that I would not be heir, but the need to stop the council, from putting a cowardly adult child as our leader only because he's male and easily controlled. Is that who you want leading the Hyuga clan, Hokage?" As she spoke Tsunade began to nod, now she too understood the need for this, though she wasn't happy with it. "I understand... Well let's do this, and Hinata, I'm proud of your dedication to your clan, you will be a great leader."

Shizune and Tsunade watched the newlyweds leave and they both wished them the best, and made sure the documents were sealed and filed so that none could contest them. She'd insisted on quick check ups, they had no genetic diseases, just strong blood limits of the Bayakagun, their children would be fine as long as they married outside the clan. Now it was up to the young couple. Tomorrow would be the real challenge, the Hyuga Elder Council. Tonight they had changed their lives... forever.


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