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Hiashi looked down at the bundle in his arms, this tiny little baby was one of a new era, a new generation, his grandaughter. She

wiggled, making sucking noises and the sand on the floor danced before settling, they had all been amazed by this lilac-eyed, red

head. She showed signs that she would yield the bayakagun but also had her Father's sand abilities, the day she was born had

caused an uproar, everyone had been nervous when Hanabi had gone into labor during an unexpected sandstorm, sandstorms were

always planned for, thanks to the Kazekage. Later they had concluded it was the child's unhappiness of the birth experience. She was

truly beautiful, and she held her Grandfather's heart, Hiashi had announced today he was moving to Suna in five years, to train her he

said, but everyone knew it was more.

Hinata and Neji had come with him to Suna for the birth of Sunabara, she was a 'sun rose' by name, and everyone had enjoyed the

week of playing with little Hiashi and Hizashi, the tables turned this time with Hizashi as heir,During the Christmas holiday before

Hanabi had gone into labor. The two boys were very sweet like their mother and had been truly blessed, both had been in danger of

dying when Hinata had gone into labor five weeks early but Tsunade had come through. And Neji had to live down the teasing when

he had passed out after it was all over. Hinata and the twins were all healthy now and she had really fought with her husband to

come on this trip, Neji had been very reluctant to put them in any situation he considered dangerous. But he'd been out voted with

Temari, Shikamaru, Hiashi, and Kankuro all traveling with them, he couldn't say they wouldn't be safe. Temari hadn't bothered to

inform anyone, Shikamaru included, that she was about three weeks pregnant until they arrived in Suna, Shika had wobbled a little on

finding that out but Neji would never know, he'd forced a giggling Temari to swear on her life not to tell a soul. Yes, the new

generation seemed to be flourishing, and with Lady Tsunade and Sakura, they had only lost a few women to child birth in the past few

years and those women had been weak before their pregnancies.

Gaara came and standing behind Hiashi's rocker on the balcony he watched the sun setting on the desert, "Gifu, is she hungry?"

Hiashi turned and looked at his son-in-law, "Yes she is starting to wiggle more, I just wanted to hold her for a bit, but I know we

can't wait." Handing Sunabara to her father he rose from the rocker and followed him inside. Hiashi and Gaara were getting close,

both thought things through and carefully weighed matters before speaking, they understood this trait in each other. Hanabi was

smiling as they brought her her baby, "Father you know you can't let her get upset... the sand..." They all had to smile, they had a

whole new experience with her, if she cried sand whipped around the room and only Gaara, who had a sand shield of his own, could

get her and settle her down, at first Hanabi had cried feeling as if she had failed her child until Gaara had assured her that she didn't

know she was doing it and that, with training she would be able to control it, they just needed to keep her calm until she got older.

Hiashi had watched the two during these weeks and had seen how gently Gaara treated Hanabi, he was both happy and nervous

about it, Gaara had enemies and anyone who had been in a room with the two could see she was his heart, the weakness to a man

who had never had one.

Neji laid in bed holding Hinata, she had been training harder lately upset with the weight she'd gained with the twins, Neji could only

chuckle, her curves were only a little fuller then before. He pulled her close and inhaled deeply of the vanilla and jasmine scent in her

hair, when he had collapsed at the birth of the twins it had been with relief when he had found out how close he came to loosing her

and his sons. They were all healthy now, but he would never take for granted his time with them again. He honestly believed he

would die if he lost her, her gentle ways concealed a strength few had seen, she had even tried to comfort him while giving birth! He

knew he was physically stronger then his wife, but he also could admit that she was emotionally his anchor, holding him steady. She

had even smiled with excitement when she told him of her father's decision to move to Suna in five years, explaining how she had

encouraged him when they talked of how he enjoyed being here during his visit after the twins birth, she even convinced him to apply

for the job of ambassador that would be open in five years, he would be traveling back and forth a lot until he moved there, doing

Temari's job until he took his own permanent position. Temari had been relieved, she felt conflicted with her duty to the villages and

her pregnancy, but Tsunade upon hearing of the future Nara addition had replied by sending Hiashi a letter asking if he wold fill the

position to become familiar with his future role. Now she could relax and stay in Konoha and show Hiashi the ropes there and he

would do the traveling. The family grew, more and more it seemed with each marriage and each child, and with it, the love. They knew

they would face hard times and death wouldn't just go away, sadly they had lost Sai in a misson just three months ago, Kakashi still

felt his death hard, he himself had barely survived, only recently taking up his visits to the memorial, but now with a new name

engraved there. Sakura had helped him more then anyone and the two were closer then before, many believed the two in love. But

as Tsunade trained him to be Hokage they all hoped for a better future, Naruto was already being groomed to be Kakashi's successor

but he felt he wasn't ready yet and Tsunade wanted to dedicate more of her time to writing her medical findings. So Kakashi had

been chosen to take the position, for a time. Tenten and Lee had finally married, Lee taking Kakashi's sensei duties and so many of

the rookies were now the ones training the new generations to come.

Hinata heard the noises and turning in Neji's arms she smiled, "Well it's almost time for their dinner, let me nurse them before

we go downstairs."Neji getting up picked up Hiashi and handed him to her then turned and rocked Hizashi as he waited for her to

adjust the pillows, it had been tricky at first but now they usually nursed together, laying him on her other side she held the two. As

he sat there watching his wife with their sons, he knew that without love there is no life, and that's what he had found in his


Gaara gently patted Sunabara's back as he listened for the burp, watching Hanabi adjust her clothes, "Have I told you how

beautiful you are?" looking up she smirked, and walking up to him, wrapping her arms around the two, she replied, "Yes but you

can tell me again koishii." Gaara groaned as she cupped his butt and he growled, "Woman, don't tease me, you are

recuperating." Backing away with a devious grin she said, "Only parts of me kanojo, only parts of me..." With a giggle she walked

out of the room where sand danced on the floor, though this time no one could blame the baby.


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