Summary: TammyFulton story from Just one of The Guys. Coming home could change everything for two Ducks.

Author's Note: GOOD NEWS! I got my computer back today complete with all my files. Hooray! Anyway, I was browsing and I found this, which I forgot all about. But I also forgot how much I love this. So here it is. Every other chapter is switching perspectives, from Tammy to Fulton and back again. Second chapter should be up soon.

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Chapter 1: Ice Princess Starts Over

Everything's going to be OK. I'm back home, everything's fine. Oh God I can't do this! I haven't gone to regular school since I was eleven! Since then its been tutors and skating. And now I'm diving into school again, high school no less, with no one. Well, my little brother, but what good does that do me? All my old friends went off to this prep school that they got scholarships to. Not to mention I've been training for the Olympics, so I haven't exactly had the most time to keep in touch. I'm going to die. I take a deep breath and walk in. I notice girls eyeing me and whispering to each other. Oh God, they know that I'm a skate freak! A couple of guys nod in my direction and I roll my eyes. One of the things that I was happy about coming back here was seeing…not that it matters, since he doesn't go here, but, I mean, we're back in the same neighborhood its only a matter of time before I see him. Right?

"Tammy?" I stop at a voice and turn, seeing a familiar and smiling face.

"Jesse!" I squeal and I run and hug him. "Oh thank God!" He laughs.

"Are you alright?" He says, I nod. "What are you even doing here? Shouldn't you be halfway to Japan by now?"

"I didn't make the final team," I explain, "What are you doing here shouldn't you be at Eden Hall?" He laughs.

"It didn't fit," He shrugs, "This is so weird, it's so good to see you."

"Yeah and who is she?" A girl, also black, like him, comes up behind him. I smile at her. She's really pretty, she has that amazing glossy black hair that I would kill for. Not that I don't love myself or anything, its just there's only so many times a girl can be called "Barbie" without it getting to her a little. Occasionally when someone calls me that I imagine what they would think if they saw me checking people into the boards. Usually it is the same person who calls me Barbie actually.

"I'm Tammy," I extend my hand, "Jesse and I used to play hockey together."

"I'm Portia," She says snottily, "His girlfriend," She takes my hand.

"That's great!" I say excited, "You got a good one here. Jesse's the best!" She smiles condescendingly at me. Oh honey, I so don't want to steal your boyfriend. Don't you worry!

"Yeah," Jesse says, "So, Tammy used to be on the Ducks," He explains to her, "Until she left us to go train for the Olympics in figure skating."

"I have to register, but it was so good to see you again. We'll catch up?" He nods and we hug again. "Oh and um, Jesse?" He nods. "How is he?"

"He's good Tam," He nods, knowing exactly who I'm talking about. "I'm actually hanging out with them today after school. You should come."

"I'd like that." I smile and run the other way. I see him roll his eyes at Portia. At the very least I have Jesse. That is if Portia doesn't scratch my eyes out for talking to him.

"OK," Jesse sits next to me in homeroom, "We are in Portia free territory here," I laugh, "I'm sorry about her, she really is great, its just she gets jealous. You should have seen her the first time she met Connie." He raised his eyebrows. I laugh. "So, what's going on, why are you back? Shouldn't you be halfway to Japan by now?" I shrug.

"I'm not the best," I say, "So, here I am. Back home in Minnesota." He looks at me, disappointed, "Jesse, I'm fine with it, really. I mean, I was really upset, but I've accepted it. It's a good thing. I get to have a normal adolescence finally. I get to go to normal school. I can eat a cheeseburger without feeling like I may have jeopardized my whole career." I look down. "I can date."

"Mm," Jesse nods, "Specifically you can date tall dark punks with killer slap shots."

"Well, yes, ideally," I laugh, "That is who I would like to date. He doesn't have a girlfriend?"

"Uh, unless you count Portman," Jesse shrugs, I smile. "He's all yours if you want him Tam."

"Tell me about the new kids," I say leaning down to him, "What are they like?"

"They're great," He nods. "A little in your face, but you get used to it." He smiles, "It'll be good to have another Duck around here." I lean back. Just knowing that I have one friend makes this whole thing so much better.

"You're new right?" A girl says to me in the bathroom. I nod. "You have a great body."

"Excuse me?" I look at her, she laughs.

"I'm not lez or anything, I'm not hitting on you," she looks in the mirror and pulls out a lip gloss, "Just noticing, have you ever thought of cheering?" Me? A cheerleader? Yeah, OK, whatever.

"No, I haven't been in regular school since like sixth grade," I shake my head, she looks at me, "Oh its not like weird or anything, I used to figure skate, I was training for Nagano. It didn't quite work out."

"You should try out," She smiles. "I'm Sandra."

"Tammy," I say, "I don't think I'll have time. I am still going to skate." She nods.

"Too bad," She says with a shrug, "We could use some fresh blood. See you!" She waves and leaves. That was weird.

"Sandra asked you to try out for the squad?" Portia stares at me at lunch. "You?"

"You're a cheerleader?" I say to her. Jesse nods.

"Co captain," He kisses her on the cheek. "She's great."

"Wow," I nod, "I'm not going to do it. I really don't have time and,"

"You should," Portia says casually, "You're built like a flyer, and we need more of them." I smile. "Plus with figure skating you're used to the spinning."

"I'd have to talk to my mom," I say.

"Whatever," Portia shrugs.

"Ah, I gotta go," Jesse says, "We're on for this afternoon right Tam?"

"Definitely," I smile. He stands up and heads out. "So, how long have you been together?"

"Six months," She says, "Look, I hope you don't think,"

"I'm not interested in Jesse," I say, she looks at me.

"You were awfully friendly in the hallway this morning," She shakes her head.

"I was just happy to see a familiar face," I hold up my hands, "Honest. I like someone else."

"Oh," She says quietly. "One of the Ducks?" I nod. "I'm sorry, I was with this guy last year, and he cheated on me," She sighed, "But then I met Jesse."

"Sure," I nod. I guess I get this, I mean having never had the opportunity to date before I don't really get it, but I get it in concept.

"Were you really going to go to the Olympics?" She says, now that her bitterness has been relieved she's just curious, everyone is always curious.

"That was the plan." I nod. "Now I'll probably just go to the Capades."

"Isn't that kind of corny?" Portia grimaces.

"A little," I shrug, "But, well, I'm a figure skater, corny comes with the territory."

"Right," She laughs. "You should try out Tammy. I mean, Sandra's kinda crazy, but she's a good captain. And it's a great way to make friends. Jesse said you were worried about that."

"Yeah," I say, "I was. Cheerleading could be fun." Lobotomies are fun too, or so I hear.

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