Author's Note: Tammy's POV again! Backtracks so that we see the whole intense front steps kiss from her perspective. Thanks for the reviews on the last one! I appreciate it.

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Chapter 7: Dream Come True

I'm on the ice now, stretched and everything. We didn't talk on the way. She tried to, but I pretended to be sleeping. I know, mature, but I know what she's going to say.

"Tammy," She looks at me, I've landed every jump, what else could she want from me? I circle around her. "Tammy!" She stops me.

"What?" I stop and look at her.

"Why did you lie to me?" She sighs, "About the date?"

"You never would have let me go!" I stress, "And I really wanted to."

"How do you know I never would have let you go?" She looks upset. Like hurt upset, which I've never seen, it's normally just angry upset.

"Because," I shrug and start to float backwards, zig zagging, "Boys are on the no list, up next to onion rings and skipping school."

"In the past yes," She nods, "But as your father reminded me, last night, after I found you and the boy,"

"Fulton," I nod, "He has a name."

"Yes, him," She grumbles, "Anyway, I did agree that there would be changes." My face lights up. "And I'm willing to meet you half way. But no more lying!"

"So I can date?" I say excitedly.

"Yes," She nods, "But no boyfriends," I frown, well that won't work. "And you pick up training again."

"Two days a week," I say, "And I'm doing cheerleading." I realize that negotiation isn't the most traditional way to get what I want, but this is how her mind works.

"Four days," She looks at me, "No cheerleading, if Daddy and I meet him and approve, you can have a boyfriend."

"3 days, cheerleading too, no dietary restrictions, I only date Fulton, and I'll go to Worlds next summer." Ha! That'll get her. "And I get to do the Footloose routine." One more for me. She hates when I don't use classical music.

"All of that," She nods, "But 3200 calories a day until you're a four again, and you can do West Side Story for Worlds." I smile. Yes, yes, yes! I won. Well, I came out on top.

"Deal," I say and skate away and then land a perfect triple axle.

One of my favorite things to do is just veg out. It was one of the few allowed normal activities back when I was in hard core training. Also after a morning like the one I had (Hellish) it's about all you can do. So I'm flopped on the couch in way too big sweat pants and a tank top, with a bowl of popcorn next to me and the TV on. My mom walks past and takes the popcorn and drops a pack of rice cakes in it's place.

"Hey!" I say.

"It's the same thing," She shrugs.

"Uh no it's not," I look at her, "That's pop corn, it's yummy and buttery and salty. These taste like cardboard but without all of the flavor."

"Tammy," She closes her eyes and presses her lips inside her mouth, which is something she does when I'm being difficult. I see her counting to three in her head to keep her temper. "Please don't test me, it's been a difficult week with the move."

"Sorry," I mumble. Tommy laughs from next to me. I smack him.

"Ow," He says and rubs his shoulder, hitting me back.

"Tommy, don't hit your sister she's in training," My dad says absently. There's a knock on the door. Who'd come over, we've already heard from all of the neighbors, welcoming us back.

"I got it," Tommy stands up and walks over and opens it. "Tammy!" He shouts. For me? Maybe one of the Ducks.

"Fulton," What's he doing here? I step outside and close the door. "Um, hi."

"Hi," He says and steps towards me, there's this weird look on his face. Then he kisses me again. But this isn't like last night, there's nothing awkward about it. He has his tongue in my mouth. Oh my God!! A boy has his tongue in my mouth. Suddenly, he's kissing down my neck too. This doesn't happen to girls like me, and it's all so fast. My head is spinning, "You're beautiful." I hear him whisper.

"Fulton," I finally manage to find a voice, I put my hands up against his chest, whoa, that's like a brick wall, in a good way, "Stop."

"What's wrong?" He says. He thinks I wanted him to stop because I didn't enjoy it. Oh God!

"You just showed up here," I try to explain it, "You can't do that." More because my mom will kill me and less because I don't like the tongue kissing, I actually really like the kissing.

"Right," He nods. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. It's just that I really like you, a lot, and I always have, and I wanted you to know that."

"You can call me," I say, "I made a deal with my mom." He looks at me. I think he gets it.

"Cool," He says, "I'll just go then," He starts to leave. No, no leaving! Leaving means he won't kiss me again!

"Fulton!" I say to stop him, he does, "Aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?" He walks over and kisses me again. When I was away, I used to have this dream, that I was trapped in a giant Ice Castle, and he would come save me, we'd ride away on his motorcycle. OK, Real Life Fulton doesn't have a motorcycle, but in the dream he did. Anyway, we'd ride away and when we finally stopped, someplace warm and beautiful he'd kiss me and, once I got older, and the dream got more intense the kiss became us making mad passionate love. That's what I feel like right now.

"Tam, dinners ready," My dad walks out. "Hi there."

"Um hi," Fulton says and waves.

"Daddy, you remember Fulton Reed, right?" I say and raise my eyebrows. Please don't embarrass me! Please don't embarrass me!

"Of course," He smiles, "Would you like to join us?"

"Uh no," Fulton says, "No thanks, I should get home, my mom'll worry. I'll call you Tammy."

"OK," I giggle awkwardly, and walk inside. My dad shakes his head and I smile, "Hi Daddy."

"He seems nice," He says. "He does have to come in the house at some point."

"I know," I nod.

"That sounds so hot," Portia says on Monday at lunch. I nod. "Are you going to sleep with him?"

"We went on one date," I say.

"I knew ten minutes after I met Jesse that I wanted him to be my first," She shrugs. I smile. "Anyway, let's talk about your tryout, when you finish your," She looks at my lunch, which is made up of celery sticks and a hard boiled egg, "Uh, whatever that is, I'll take you to the gym and teach you jumps." I nod. "This is going to be so fun."

"Befriend the new girl," Sandra walks past, and notices my lunch, "Good move Davies, maybe she can get you eating right. I noticed your shell looked a little pinched at this weekend's game."

"Afraid that the quarter back might decide he can handle a real woman Carter?" Portia stares her down.

"You had so much potential," Sandra shakes her head in my direction. "Good luck on your try out." She huffs away. Portia rolls her eyes.

"I have this theory," She says, "That if Sandra were to actually eat something, and remove the gerbil that crawled up her ass she'd actually still be a heinous bitch." I laugh. Now that I've gotten through her tough home girl shell, I really love hanging out with her. Seriously, my life is turning out to be seriously awesome.

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