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Ino crossed her arms, blocking an oncoming attack. The offender knocked the Yakamata to the ground.

It was a wolf of all things. A wolf had found the 4 girls on their way back from the mission almost gone wrong.

"Ino!" Sakura shouted, running to her to fend off the beast.

Each one of the four were bleeding in some way, which is most likely how the wolf jad found them so easily. They were in no condition to fight, so they were lucky just to have one carnivorous beast instead of a whole pack.

The wolf jumped over Sakura, and came face to face with the Hyuuga heir, who stared back at it, clutching a bandaged arm. She looked on fearfully as the wolf seemingly grinned at her.

Their mission had been a simple one. They were to bring a VIP back to his home village, The village hidden in the ocean. He wasn't a price on his head, and no one was trying to kill him nor the girls themselves, so what, may you ask, was the problem? A misunderstanding. A HUGE misunderstanding. This 'Very Important Person' was, well, an Important person, and his village thought the girls had "captured" him, and a fight commenced. After some hostile-ness, the girls thought it would be better for them to leave right away…. But look where it had gotten them…

Whether the wolf had been smiling or not, it no longer mattered as it let loose a pained howl. Tenten (with her exelent aim) got the wolf in the side with a kunai. With a glare in Tenten's direction, it scampered off in the night.

"Ino, you alright?" the oldest of the group (and team leader) asked.

Ino sat up shakily, and got help from sakura to stand up, but she nodded. "Yea, thanks a lot."

Hinata nodded, agreeing with Ino. Sakura mearly sighed.

Tenten and the rest of the girls went ahead and started to clean up their camp that had been nearly destroyed in the process.

"If I hadn't used all of my chakra earlier…" Sakura started.

"We know Sakura, but you did what you had to in the fight" Ino said, halfheartly annoyed

"-we all could have been healed and more able to handle that stupid random wolf attack." Sakura said as if she had recited it several times before.

Tenten and Ino sighed, and continued cleaning up. Hinata though, walked over to her meekly "S-sakura-chan, would you l-like to help m-me cook breakfast t-tomorrow?"

Sakura smiled almost sadly. "Of course Hinata-chan."

"A-arigato" Hinata said smiling and nodding.

"Alright it's time to turn in for the night." Said Tenten yawning. "Who's-" She started

"I'll take first watch." Hinata said quickly, raising an uninjured arm.

"Oh, uh, really?" Said Tenten, caught off guard.

After the way the wolf "grinned" at her, there was doubt in Hinata's mind that she would get any sleep at all. She might as well take the first watch "H-hai." She muttered.

"… If you say so." Tenten muttered back sleepily. "I'll go next, then Sakura, then Ino. Night." Without another word, Tenten dragged herself inside the tent, and collapsed on her pillow.

"Mornin' duty huh?" Ino asked tiredly. "Oh Joy." All the enthuisam seemed to be non-existant. "Night" soon, she was in her tent too.

Instead of following suit, Sakura instead sat on a log, simpily poking the ground with a stick. Hinata looked on for a few moments before speaking. "S-Sakura-chan, please get some s-sleep."

"I know I'm starting to get annoying, but I feel so guilty, you know?" Hinata sat next to the pink-headed child "I'm usually not the fighter of the group. You and Ino have your bloodlines, and Tenten has her wepons. I'm really only hear to heal."

"N-noncence Sakura-chan! Y-you're good at f-fighting" Hinata said, determined .

This caused Sakura to laugh, which gave Hinata a confused look. "Tell that to Naruto and Sasuke. They would fight, I would heal, and they would continue to pull some impossible stunt" Sakura shrugged "It was a cycle." She thought it over a bit "I… I guess it was better then when I did nothing…"

"A-anything is better than n-nothing…" Hinata said with a kind smile

"Yea, but after we got past that huge misunderstanding, when I saw I couldent heal your arm, or Ino's stomach, or Tenten's leg, I felt useless again."

"We w-would have b-been worse off if you h-hadn't helped us f-fight in the first p-place…" Hinata pointed out "Not one person can do everything" She added.

"I guess that's true." Sakura sighed in defeat. Hinata wasn't going to let this go any time soon, she was guessing.

After a long amout of silence, the Hyuuga looked over at the Haruno "Ready for bed?" She asked.

After some more silence "Actually, yea. Thanks for listening Hinata. It made me feel a lot better." Some other friendly words were traded before Sakura crawled into her tent.


About half an hour later, Hinata yawned, finding her half lidded eyes wavering. Hm, guess the wolf grin hadn't affected her as much as she thought it did. Knowing that she still had a hour and a half to go, she stood and visited a river not too far away.

She spashed herself with a couple of handfuls of the freezing river water, but it felt nice on her skin. There was also a warm summer breeze, and the moon was full, giving her plenty of light. It was overall peaceful.

Hinata froze, her uneventful two hours having an event. She could feel the change in air currents or lack there of. Somone or something was standing directly behind her, a few feet back, detouring the air around it.

Hinata activated her bloodline to see who it might be. Her eyes grew wide as she grimly relized who it was. Before she had a chance to do anything else, it pounced! It was the wolf, from eailier! It had a dark aura surrounding it, and it had Hinata firmly pinned to the ground.

"Hello Child." It said.

"Y-y-you speak?!" Hinata asked fearfully

"Yes. Rather a surprise, isn't it?"

"W-what are you??"

"We'll get to that later, but now I come bearing a question for you… Hinata is it?"

Hinata didn't know weather to nod or fight. Either way, the wolf stated her request to the Hyuuga child, waiting no longer to do so.

"What?!" Shouted Hinata, surprise at the request. She shook her head as she started to struggle. Dispite the normal look of the wolf, it appeared way heavier than Hinata thought.

"Hm. That's what I thought" the wolf said, unimpressed. She put a paw to Hinata's forehead "Shhh, quiet child, you don't want anyone to hear us, do you?" Slowly, Hinata's declines and her cries for help became silent. Her face became blank just as she stop talking.

"Don't worry child." Cooed the wolf, ignore the changes going on to its body. It's fir shined in the moonlight, It's fangs and claws became longer and sharper, and it sprouted 2 more tails. "I promise you won't feel a thing."


"Tenten? Hey, Tenten, wake up…"

Tenten opened her eyes suddenly, looking around, prepaired to fight. Hinata giggled, which caused the team leader to relax "My bad, it was just a dream…. Oh, is it my turn already?"

Hinata nodded, looking quite tired.

"Any trouble?" Tenten asked, rubbing the back of her neck

"No." Hinata said with an ordinary tone "None at all."

--End of Prolouge--

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