I wasn't sure how to alert all of you that the sequel is up, so I guess this is the best way to do it? Anyways:

Story: Wolf Predator

Sequel to: Wolf Prey

Started: Today, lol. 2-12-09 (I felt unsafe putting it up friday the 13th for some reason.)

Sequel Summary: -Sequel to Wolf Prey- Kurotsume's gone, so why is Hinata still acting strange? What happens... when the prey becomes the predator?

Rated: Teen.

Why?: I don't know what kind of shit (excuse my french) is gonna kick off in that one, lol.

Where to find it: On my profile of course!

Anything else?: W00t, lets aim for more reviews than this story! Hellz yah!

Anything else now?: This is going to kill my word count average, but oh well, I wanted to make sure you all knew. Enjoy!

Anyting else now now?: I noticed that I always make my fav people evil. My train of thought for this is: "I like this person. They would make such a bad ass evil person." and thus it happens. I gotta stop that.

...of course, unless you like it like that. Then I'm happy to be doing it.

What now?: I dunno, I'm just taking up space. What the heck are you still doing reading this? Run! Run to Wolf Predator and read! read for your life! (review too!)


Goodnight, I'm tired and I'm in pain. I'z just going to sleep now. You Read and Review. I sleep.