Blooming Flowers

Chapter 1: A Mission Beggins

By: Ashuri-Chan

© Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto, Hinata and the other characters)

(This is a purely made fan fiction and I do not own Naruto...TTTT lol, go Kishi!!...Uhh Enjoy the fic!)

"AAAUGGHH!!" Gaara screamed as the Shukaku started to overcome him.

"Well well," said a large man with a cyan blue armour strapped around his body. "You have some power within you then, hm?"

"Nnngh...!!" The crimson haired boy tried hard to restrain the demons power. "Nnngh, stupid...SHUKAKU! ...NNNGHHH...!!"

Naruto and the others stood, and watched in amazement as Gaara fought back against the Sand Shukaku. The armoured man hovered, just feet above the ground, wondering what the small Suna boy was doing. The tail that had begun to sprout from Gaara's backside started to shrink. The blue cracks dissapeared from his body as the tail completely vanished. All of the floating sand fell to the ground.

"...Hmph, I'm tired of waiting, you're dead boy!" The armoured man rushed at Gaara. "DIE!!"


"Aaaahhh!...Gaara!?" The young blong haired genin sat up straight in his messy bed. "...Heh, only a dream of yesterdays battle...Gaara kicked that guys butt good!" Naruto smirked as he flopped back onto the bed. His breathing still at a high speed, he turned his head towards the clock to see "5:32am" on its' face. "Awww...wanna sleeeeep..." He had already begun to fall asleep when his window was suddenly shattered to pieces. "Holy s-!!" His words were drowned out by the sound of breaking glass as he reached up to protect his head with his left arm. Quiet. Naruto slowly pulled down his arm to see a small summoning toad sitting on his floor. "...AGHHH" Naruto's eyes bulged as he started to flinch. "GAMAKICHI...WHAT THE HELL!! WHAT DID YOU JUST FRICKIN' DO!?" The whiskered boy was obviously upset.

"Heya, kid!" The orange toad completely ignored him.

" you MIND explaining why you just broke through my window at 5:30 in the morning!?" While Naruto went on his little rant, Gamakichi spoke up.

"Sorry kid, Hokage-sama's orders! She wants ya in her office soon as you can get there." The little toad stared at Naruto.

"Now!?...w-wait, she wants me right now?" He looked amazed, for a kid half asleep.

"Ya, think she's got a new mission for ya kid!" The toad smirked.

"A mission? Yes! Thanks Gamakichi!...Hey, what about my window you stupid toad!?" The genin twitched.

"Heh, no problemo kid! I'll tell Tsunade. Welp, gotta get home, Pops will be wonderin' where I am so early in the mornin'!" Gamakichi replied.

"Hey, say hi to cheif toad for me!" Naruto smiled as the covers fell off of his shoulders leaving his blue pajamas visible.

"Yep!" With a small poof of smoke, the toad was gone.

"Hehehe...a new mission, huh? Allllllllrighty! Dattebayo!" The boy jumped out of bed and ran to change.


"Tsunade-sama, what do you want Naruto-kun for this early in the morning?" A lady in a black kimono asked.

The one with a diamond shaped "tatoo" on her forehead yawned. "Hm, you'll see Shizune." The fifth smiled and let out a small laugh.


Naruto had gotten into his usual outfit, an orange jumpsuit. He placed the Konoha headband across his forehead and tied it around the back of his head. After grabbing a piece of toast, he slipped on his sandals and jumped out the door, making sure to lock it on his way out.


There were several knocks on the door. It opened, and Kotetsu was invited in. "A mission...?" A man with long brown hair and a white kimono asked.

"Hai." Kotetsu replied.

"My daughter!?...What?"


"Granny Tsunade!!" Naruto burst through the door, nearly knocking it down as he made his "classy" enterance.

"Uhh...good morning Naruto." The Hokage sighed as if things were already a disaster. The door burst open again, and Kotetsu entered. He slouched and bent over to rest his hands on his knees.

"Lord...Hi...a...shi...agreed!" The jounin told Tsunade in between breaths.

"Hm, perfect because the brat's here already." The Gondaime smiled.

"She'll be here any moment." Kotetsu added.

"Hey Obaa-chan! What's this mission about? Is it dangerous? It's not a D or C mission is it!?...Oh ya and who's Hiashi?" The orange ninja was overly excited. He was practically bouncing off the walls.

"Naruto, calm down!" Tsunade yelled at Naruto. The little ninja came to a halt.

"Heh, sorry. So umm...who's Hiashi? I think I've heard his name before..." Instantly, his mind zoomed back to an old mission.



I know, in order to find the real Hinata, I'll ask them both a question that only the real Hinata would know! Hm... "What's Hinata's dad's name!?" Naruto asked sweat dripping down his brow, looking back and forth between the two look alikes.

"Hyuga Hiashi!" Both of the Hinata's said in sync.

"Oi, wait...I don't know Hinata's dad's name...heh" A blob of sweat formed on his head as he realized his idiocy. I wish Kiba was actually here at a time like this, he would know some personal questions to ask Hinata...uggghhhh.

"Naruto-kun..." Both the Hinata's sighed with dissapointment.



"Hey...wait, I think I know that guy." Naruto's mind clicked back to the real word as Tsunade continued to yell at him. "Isn't Hiashi Hinata's dad? Hyuga Hiashi?" Naruto asked the Hokage calmly. Tsunade stopped her yelling.

" is." Tsunade was very shocked that Naruto had remebered something like that. How had he known Hinata's dad? Had she told him on a previous mission?

"And umm...what did Hiashi agree on?" The hyperactive ninja asked with a puzzled look on his face, trying not to go bezzerk.

"You will find out soon enough kiddo." Tsunade replied with a smirk on her face.

"Hmph!" Naruto crossed his arms as a puff of smoke blew out of his nostrils.

Kotetsu, who was still gaurding the door, said that he would be leaving to ascort the guests up to her office when they arrived. Tsunade gave a nodding approval, and Kotetsu bowed and reached for the door.

"Hokage-sama!!" The door flung open.


"OWWWW!! MY FREAKIN' HEAD, OWW!!" Kotetsu screamed as he fell to the floor holding his hands to his head.

"Hmm?" Izumo looked around the door to find Kotetsu spazzing out on the floor. "Ohh! Gomen, gomen! Heh, gomenasai Kotetsu!" The jounin scratched the back of his head.

"What...the...hell, Izumo..." Kotetsu's eyes spun in spirals.

"Um.." He looked up at the hokage. "I think he passed out..." Izumo said quietly.

"'s fine Izumo." Tsunade let out a little laugh.

"Ohh...umm I wanted to tell you that they have arrived and are waiting down on the first floor." Izumo continued to look at Tsunade.

"Oh, yes, send them right up please." Tsunade waited.

"H-hai Hokage-sama!" Izumo saluted.

Naruto eyed Tsunade and was just about to blurt out a question when Tsunade continued.

"And Izumo?" Izumo looked up. "Does she know yet?" The fifth's eyebrow raised up.

"Oh!; you can explain to her-" The jounin was cut off by the hokage's answer.

"Yes I will, thank you. Now please send only her up for now." Tsunade finished.

"Hai! Hokage-sama!" Izumo bowed and rushed out the door. As soon as it was quiet, Naruto butted in.

"Her?" He questioned.

"Nm, I'll explain as soon as she gets here." Tsunade tried to keep a straight face.

"Neh..Obaa-chan, this IS a mission right? Naruto's voice trailed off as Tsunade smiled.

Her answer,"Just sit down, and wait."


The masked jounin slipped smoothly down the stairs. He looked up to see the guests, waiting next to the stariwell. Izumo bent down to bow to a teenage girl with a large puffy jacket. He looked back up.

"Hokage-sama is waiting for you. You may say your family goodbyes later." Izumo's eyes shifted to the tall man's. His eyes were filled with disapointment and disproval. He suddenly looked sad, for no apparent reason. Izumo closed his eyes and frowned.

"You-" Izumo began.

"Go now. Become know I do not approve of weaklings, expecially from the heiress of the Hyuga clan!" Hiashi glared at his eldest daughter. The girl's eyes misted over as she began to grind her teeth a little. Izumo looked at the girl and felt a deep pain in his heart.

"GO!! I'm leaving now, come home and pack when your bussiness here is done. Just...get out of my way." Hiashi turned his back and dragged behind him a younger girl.

"Come, Hanabi..." He didn't turn back. The small girl looked back at her sister and waved goodbye. Hiashi stopped.

"Father?" Hanabi questioned. Hiashi turned his head to Hinata as her eyes opened wide, at the sight of tears rolling down her father's cheeks.

"Don't be a failure to even more people..."His voice trailed off with disapointment, and with that he turned his head and pulled Hanabi towards the door. The door opened. The door closed. They were gone.

Izumo looked down at the girl with tears on her face. He pulled her into a light hug, and pushed her to the stairs, after wipping his eyes with the cuff of his shirt.

"Come on, the fifth is waiting..." He walked up the stairs and signaled her to folow.

"...Mmh, g-gomen." She folowed Izumo's lead after wipping away her own tears.


"...Obaa-chan, it's been ten minutes already! When's this mystery lady gonna get here?" The impatient orange ninja bounced up and down on his seat.

"I JUST sent Kotetsu to check! Don't be so annoying all the time." Tsunade folded her arms across her breasts and sighed.

"Hey! I'm not annoying! You're the one who sent some guy that like has a concusion 'er something to go walk down four flights of stairs. Pssssh..smaaaaart." Naruto mumbled the last part.

"Did you say something brat?" Tsunade questioned in a sarcastic tone.

"N-no! Of course not!" The boy waved his hands back and forth to show his guilt. "Heh..." He scratched the back of his head.

A voice came from the door. "I have her with me, Hokage-sama." The voice silenced.

"Yes Izumo, come right in." The lady spun her chair forward and smiled. Let's see what happens here... Tsunade thought.