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The time has come, my brother in faith, and servant of the order. We have long watched the tragedy unfold before us, and you know well the tragedy I speak of. It continues to go on before us, beyond these few stars. At this point in time so much can be done, good and evil, pain and healing. Our Lord has spoken, and you are chosen. Go now to the one soul who can effect countless others. Take off the veil that hides us from their eyes and perception. In your revealing may they see revelation, may your wings of light illuminate a soul that hides in dark...

Tranquility died exactly three minutes and twenty two seconds ago. It came back to life in isolated places. Three minutes and twenty two seconds ago, a battalion of Marines along with several siege tanks as well as two of the newer Crucio battle tanks were hit by a wave of lurker spines. Before the first marine could lift his gauss rifle, the ground exploded with zerglings and hydralisks. Ever since three minutes and twenty two seconds ago, marines and zergs started to die. In the roar of gunfire and exploding shells, the snarls of Zergs and the cries of men mingled with the screams of frustrated and panicked medics, several lingering souls found peace. On the ground, whether in an instant or in fleeting moments an ever growing number found darkness overtake them. In minutes, a group of drop ships arrived and quickly whisked away the surviving Terrans and assault tanks. Seething, the remaining Zerg let their wounds heal and scattered, lest another wave of Terrans come and exact revenge.

The whole ordeal was witnessed by silent phantoms. One was a lone Protoss observer, hidden in its cloaking device. The invisible eye trailed the Zerg. Within minutes a squad of Dark Templar would intercept them and the Zerg would be dashed to pieces by the warp blades of the hidden assassins. Some carried the older wristblades, while others sported the newer twin scythes.

Further away another silently listened to the minions go quiet, one by one. The Queen of Blades sat in her hive as the recently attacked Zerg army on the distant planet disappeared and became unreachable. They had died mysteriously but quickly, one at a time. She decided that meant Protoss were also in the area. Only the Dark Templar could kill Hydralisks and Zerglings that rapidly, without any of them ever being able to perceive for her what it was that killed them. Cloaked ships would have left missile or laser fire which her now dead servants would have been able to see, and for her to understand in her mind before they died. The Queen of Blades manipulated her mental powers over the nearest Zerg broods in the area. They had to prepare for cloaked enemies. More overlords, the lesser rulers of the broods with their sensitive antennae would be needed to sniff out those hated Dark Templar.

The Queen of Blades, empress of the Zerg sat back on her throne of lightly pulsating flesh. Even the habitations of the Zerg race were living organisms, buildings of flesh, blood and bone rapidly evolved and nurtured to be shelters for other living creatures. The high queen contemplated what would be needed to forward her operations but then left it to the cerebrates, lesser rulers of the Zerg, below her. She was the central mind behind a species of countless billions, if not trillions of ravenous creatures, all rapidly mutating, evolving towards a single goal: utter domination. The Queen of Blades regarded the darkness before her and sat in silence.