"My Servant and brother, our Lord guides you most wisely. The revelation is almost complete. Your other comrade tells me that his task is nearly as yours..."

Doubled over by the emotional trauma levied against her, Sarah nearly wailed. Slowly, very hard to notice, the flood of emotions stopped. Kerrigan looked through her tears and found herself staring at the boot soles of Nataphos. The robed monk lifted her to her feet.

"You...bastard." Kerrigan spat.

"Considering the context of the situation, I can see why you believe I earned that. We're not done yet, Sarah." Nataphos stated, and suddenly flickered away from her, only to appear a distance away, levitating in his usual meditative pose. He started his rant again.

"Again the question is, what is the meaning of life?" the monk asked, as a mystical model of light displayed a enlarged model of DNA before her. Nataphos did not let her answer.

"You would do well to listen to the ancients of your Terran ancestors. Some said that all sought happiness. If such is the case, you state that dominion will bring you satisfaction, but shall it really? Do you wish to see all dead before your feet? Then why did you try to make more infested Terrans who were like you? Some stated enlightenment, something you have never thought of, and why should you? You were only taught to war ever since you were eight. Other said we are simply meant to survive. But look at your minions, they are not meant to survive. They are biologically engineered to kill. They are not like other animals that simply wish to live and reproduce. They are a perversion of nature, engineered to war, something no creature was meant to do. Another summed it up in two commandments, to love the God that created you with all your being, and to love your neighbor as you do yourself." Nataphos was suddenly inches from her face.

"Do you know what love is?" Nataphos demanded of her. Sarah struggled to speak. Nataphos cut her off.

"A very weak and limited understanding is all you have. Love is similar to compassion, similar to righteousness and all that is noble. It is one of few things that feeds the soul. Since it is not physical and transcends the mind, it is eternal, immortal. Some have gone so far to say, that it can conquer the grave. Oh Sarah, do you not feel the venom that courses through your veins? Do you not feel the acid that has been made your soul weary that it daily cries out so loud that I and my brethren heard it long before the sounds of the Brood war echoed in this galaxy?" Nataphos asked, and Sarah could have sworn she saw a hint of compassion in his eyes. The monk sighed, and floated towards her.

"Let me show you a few hints of what could have been...what could be..." Nataphos closed his eyes and the light became blinding again. She felt suddenly as if all this weight had been lifted off of her. She had no thought of war, hatred, even for those who had betrayed her. Was this...peace?

"Yes...it starts with forgiveness, Sarah. Wise were the men who said to turn the other cheek, and that an eye for an eye would leave the world blind. Shall the universe lose its sight? Sarah, I cannot teach you these things in a moment, they take years to develop and learn." the light dimmed again. Instead, she saw images. She saw children laughing and playing in open fields and she wondered where they were. She saw wise men and Protoss gathered in marble halls, contemplating vast mysteries and searching for truth and the spires of knowledge. She saw communities at peace, the art of war forgotten. Suddenly, she found herself alone. Only Nataphos' voiced echoed.

"Tell me Sarah, can the Zerg race, engineered only for war, do these things? When the last round is fired, what shall you have but a swarm of mindless beast with no purpose in life anymore and no way of learning another?" Suddenly, Nataphos stood before her and then rapidly faded into the light again.

"I said I can be a bringer of life. Behold what healing can do..." Sarah noticed nothing at first. She became confused until she felt something silky soft wrap around her. She looked down, realizing a cloth robe was drawn about her. Wisp of red threads came before her eyes. Sarah was startled by what she saw. The stalks on her head was gone, her original human hair, her long red hair, was back. Her skin was pink and smooth. Before her was a mirror and her original, human, feminine features were back. Her green eyes were bewildered and she suddenly felt something clamp around her leg. She looked down to see a small girl with the same hair color as hers. The young child called her mommy and smiled at her. She felt herself wrapped in strong but gentle arms and felt love and trust embrace her as a man called her his wife. It was all overwhelming, perfect and mind blowing and suddenly, it disappeared. She was back in the darkness of her lair. Nataphos floated before her, his brilliant white wing of light folded out, as if about to take flight. The angel of life, death and enlightenment stared at her. His eyes showed that this time he was leaving and would not return.

"The choice is yours. Choose wisely, for you only get one life, and so do those around you. If we meet again, may it be in better days, Sarah Kerrigan." Nataphos bowed his head, and suddenly disappeared in a flash of light. Sarah realized that she no longer felt his presence. The plague was gone, now only a decision was to be made, and it fell in her hands. Kerrigan looked at her open hands, returned now in the same that carried her claws. She remembered that she was the Queen of Blades.

"Alas, my mentor, the Queen of Blades has chosen the path to war. She remembered her thirst for power. Her broods have gone into hiding, the few active only have a mission to find more to assimilate. She readies for another great war..."

"This is a loss my brother, but take heart. All is not lost. As all pieces of the puzzle must someday fall together, so does righteousness always change that which is evil, for it is eternal, and evil only a corruption. Our brother returns..."

"Blessings and peace. Do not be dismayed. Our Lord works in mysterious ways, even we do not understand. However, my mission, like Nataphos, is complete. Zeratul has the message that was to be given to him. Even now he goes to speak to the soul called James Raynor..."

"Praise innumerable. Now we can do nothing but wait and listen. Another war comes but peace must soon be on the horizon. Just as heaven as no wrath like love to hatred turned, so must hatred burn out, and love return. Come my brothers, let us wait, the revelation comes nigh, let us unfold our wings of light..."