Author's Note: Okay, so here it is, the final chapter. And, here comes the... SEX! Oh, and some plot, too. Yeah... . . plot...

In the nights that follow, Heero Yuy and Relena Darlian continue to share quarters. During the day, Heero ventures off to aid Duo Maxwell in the junkyard, and Relena continues to fight the oncoming cold war. The Preventers are stretched thin as uprisings over the unfair treatment of the Colonies escalate. Every moment, the World Nation Cartel edges closer to forgoing their moral boundaries and taking the matter into their own hands.

The computer screen blinked to life, drawing Duo and Heero's attention. Quatre's drawn face alerted them to trouble.

"There was a mob scene today on Colony L3-170523. A group of citizens made a protest, saying that the Colonies should secede from the World Nation. They engaged in a debate with an anti-war association, and it turned into a brawl. Everywhere within a five-hundred foot radius, people were fighting."

"Did you put it out?" Heero asked.


Duo caught the hesitation in Quatre's voice. "What happened, Quatre?"

He sighed. "Trowa got trapped in it, and he was jumped by about thirty people at once, just because he didn't want to fight. He's in the hospital."

"Thirty?! Goddamn it, Quatre, that many people isn't an uprising, it's a massacre waiting to happen. What's the situation now?"

"The perpetrators of the event were jailed, and most of the mess was cleaned up. Things have calmed down again, but the media caught on pretty quick, and they're blowing it up even bigger than it was. They're calling it the beginning of the Bicentennial War."

"When a war gets a name, it takes on a life of its own. They're stupid if they think they can report on this and not have it get blown to hell. Thank you, Quatre. Keep us updated on Trowa's condition." Heero disconnected the feed and turned to leave the yard.

"Yo, Heero, where the hell do you think you're going?"

"To do something." He kept walking.

Duo raced forward and dodged in front of him. "What are you going to do, huh? Build a Gundam all by yourself and rush off to save the day? It doesn't work that way anymore, Heero, and you have to play by these rules, just like the rest of us. I hate this as much as you do, but we're not soldiers anymore and it's damn past time you realized it!"

Heero stared at him. Duo had taken hold of Heero's shoulders, and it was all Heero could do not to just haul off and punch him. They stood like that for moments on end; Heero trying to think through his anger, a problem he'd never had before, and Duo waiting to see if he'd have to fight or not. Finally, Heero stepped back.

"I may not be a soldier, but I'm not nothing, either. That's what you need to realize. No matter what position we're in, we cannot allow ourselves to be helpless. During the last war, we lived by the rule that anyone who let others fight their battles for them were weak."

"But this isn't our battle, Heero."

"Then we will support those whom the battle belongs to." He shouldered past Duo and left the junkyard. He had a lot to think about before night came.

When Relena returned home, she was dead on her feet. Her hair was already loose, and she carried her shoes by the heels in one hand.

Her day could not have been worse. News of the L3 uprising was everywhere, and it seemed the entire World Nation was looking to her for an official statement from the Colonies. She had none. Who would have thought that in a world without weapons, humans could still find a way to wage war?

She barely made it to her room before collapsing on the bed. Ah, home... the only place where she could truly let her guard down.

Callused hands smoothed over her thigh. Relena jumped, but didn't bother to look back. She knew who it was.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that." His strong hands slowly rolled one thigh-high stocking down her leg. "You could get hurt some day."

Heero slowly removed the other stocking. "You're too tired to hit me. It was calculated risk."

She sighed. "You've heard?"

He nodded, though she couldn't see it with her face in the pillows. "Quatre contacted Duo and I."

"I'm so glad you're still here. When I first got the report, I knew you'd find out, and I thought you might run off again to try and do something."

"I almost did." Heero unzipped Relena's dress and moved the sleeves down over her shoulders. "Arms, out."

She freed her arms so Heero could work the sleeves off of them. "Well, like I said, I'm glad you didn't."

When the dress sleeves were gone, he replaced them with those of a robe. From beneath the hem, he slid her business clothes down her body and off, with just the smallest shift from her. He had effectively gotten her changed without seeing anything but her back and calves. Objective accomplished, he sat down on the edge of the bed beside her. "Relena, there's almost a one-hundred percent chance that at some point, I will have to leave for something."

She sat up, pulling the edges of the robe in front of her as she did. "Are you unhappy here?"

"No. But as you are witnessing, times change, and my job remains the same. Duo pointed out that this is not my fight, and he was correct, but it's foolish to think that it will be that way forever. I was trained to be a soldier, and battles follow a soldier until either he or battles no longer exist."

Inside, Relena's heart clenched painfully. On the outside, she maintained the composure of the leader she was. "We all have our battles. I have one that I feel I've been fighting forever. I fight to keep you beside me."

Heero dropped his head slightly, his hair falling in front of his eyes. "It's unrealistic to assume that I will be here forever. I will, however, make you a promise. If I have to leave, once my duties are complete, I will come back. I promised you that the tree house was our place. As long as I and it still stand, that will remain true."

She was silent for a long moment, and then, on a whim, said, "Let's go there now, Heero."

"The tree house?" He looked out the window at the absolute darkness, and then at her, wearing only undergarments and a robe. "That probably isn't a good idea."

"Oh, please?" Relena stood and tied the sash of her robe. "It's warm out, and though I am somewhat tired, I couldn't possibly sleep. We don't have to stay long, but it feels like an eternity since we've been there, and—"

"Fine." Heero stood and retrieved a pair of slipper-shoes from Relena's closet. "Put these on."

"Of course," she responded, trying to hide her confusing level of excitement. Minutes ago, she'd been ready to pass out, but suddenly it felt as if she had all the energy in the world. She put on the shoes and walked quickly with Heero out of the mansion and through the winding path to the tree house.

As soon as they entered the small building, she sighed. There was an instant feeling of comfort and welcome. Heero had frowned in distaste at many of the original decoration ideas she'd had, but they found a compromise, somehow. The tree house had a feel of utilitarianism meshed with feminine grace. She bypassed the living room and moved straight to her favorite room—the bedroom. The walls were dark red, creating an intimate setting. The wide bed with its draping canopy... the simple wooden desk and dresser... the high-tech computer system... it seemed like the most absolute melding of Heero and Relena. At night, the colors vaguely reminded her of blood, but she found it fitting. Their relationship had been formed in a time of blood and pain, and to think that those days weren't part of who they were was... ignorant.

Relena walked alongside the bed, trailing her fingers over the silky sheets. She liked this bed more than the one in her room at the mansion. It represented the darker, more secret side of her. It was a bed for sleepless nights of indulgence. She removed her shoes and climbed onto the bed, luxuriating in its feel. She looked at Heero, still standing in the doorway, immobile. The air became charged with a feeling of danger, but not in an undesirable way. Relena found that her mood swung with the times. The coming days would be unpredictable and life-changing. She felt that way then.

She glanced down at herself. The pale blue robe did not fit this setting. She untied the sash and slipped the robe off, letting it slide down the sheets to the floor. There... that was better.

Heero stood, watching. His eyes widened as she removed the robe, but then he was glad that she did. The scene before him was infinitely artistic. She seemed small on the wide bed, but the drapes of the canopy framed her, and her pale skin and undergarments seemed to shine against the dark bedding. She turned toward him again, and the moonlight caught her eyes, turning them into glittering stars of the night. It wasn't until his knees hit the side of the bed that he realized he'd moved.

She gazed up at him, fascinated by the captured look in his eyes. They held wariness, interest, and more importantly, arousal. It had taken her some time to recognize that particular feeling in Heero's new eyes, but once she knew it, it gave her satisfaction to bring it forward. She reached up and took hold of his shirt, using it to pull him forward onto the bed. She slipped her hands beneath his clothes to the strong planes of his stomach and chest. She smiled slightly, enjoying the way his muscles jumped beneath her touch.

He was so strong. She wanted that strength wrapped around her, in her, part of her. She kissed him, pouring her need out. He responded; a slight tension in his shoulders that told her he felt her desperation. He may not understand it, but at least he knew how she felt. Relena sighed into his mouth and gave herself over to what she wanted. She'd learned long ago that no matter how well you planned, most things didn't happen that way. Her world away from home was changing again, and she wanted the rest of her to go with it. It was time for her to stop fighting the waves of change and let them crash over her, carrying her where she was meant to go.

Her kiss held something different; some longing, some need that Heero could not comprehend. The way she touched him was maddening, and yet familiar enough to be comfortable. He placed his hands on her shoulders, dragging her closer to him. A moment before they met, she yanked his shirt up, baring his chest. Their torsos collided, flesh against flesh but for the thin material of her bra. She broke their kiss and trailed her lips down his throat and then to his chest, freeing him to remove the shirt completely. He did so, tossing it to the floor beside her robe. He watched her lips move over him, and the intimacy of the moment hit. This night was different from the others—some decision had been made between their subconsciouses... it would be there, that night.

She leaned backward, forcing him to hold himself over her. She hooked her fingers into his belt loops, anchoring herself as her lips slid lower on his chest. She kissed her way over his abs, dipping her tongue into the slight depressions the muscles made. She moved lower still, finally hitting his pants, and the line of crisp hair that disappeared beneath them. She realized that he had touched all of her, more than once, but she had not yet seen all of him. It seemed like a double standard... one she was prepared to fix.

She began to slowly undo the buttons that hid him from her, but he stilled her hand. She tilted her head back, gazing up the length of him to stare at his face, upside down. A question lay in her eyes.

"Relena, this is... different. At least, I think it is. Do you feel it as well?"

"Yes, Heero, tonight is different."

His eyes squeezed shut. "Is this what you want? I need to know. If it isn't, this is your chance to say no."

"This is what I want. May I do as I wish now?"

He nodded, his eyes still squeezed tight as if he was trying to hang on to his control. She hadn't known he could lose it. Relena undid his pants and slowly pushed them away. He hadn't worn underwear. How... convenient of him. He was revealed to her at last; the final mystery of Heero Yuy was gone. She took in the sight with interest, reaching up to gently touch that straining part of his anatomy. Heero's breath came out in a whoosh, and as she closed her hand around him, it rushed back with a strangled gasp. Something inside her melted at the sounds, and she wanted more. She explored his body intimately, memorizing this moment. Then, unable to resist the urge, she touched her lips to his tip.

Heero was on his back with Relena above him in moments. He crushed his mouth against hers, forcing it open so he could lick and nip at her. His hands roamed freely, coursing over her breasts, stomach, sides, and thighs. He undid her bra and drew it off, then tossed it to the side. His body burned against hers, and she matched his fire with her own. Her fingers dove into his hair, holding him to her as his fingers found her nipples. She cried out, the sound reverberating through them both.

It brought him back to his senses. This was Relena, and he'd sworn that there would be no rushing. His instincts were screaming at him to take her, to fulfill that most basic of needs. But his force of will said no. She deserved more. He slowed his hands and deftly changed their position. He lay her on her back and leaned over her, supporting himself with his left arm while the right continued to stroke her skin. She was confused at first, but with a long look, he made her understand. He wanted this experience to be right... he needed it to be.

His hand caressed her, smoothing over her side and hip before venturing between her thighs. She widened her legs automatically, and Heero groaned with the greeting. Her skin was moist, inviting him to touch. He accepted, flicking nimble fingers over her sensitive bundle of nerves. She moaned, lifting her hips to meet his hand. He moved faster, and her legs began to tremble. Her face was thrown to one side, her hands gripping the sheets like a lifeline. She was making tiny mewling sounds, as if her voice was unable to do anything else. He knew differently, and tested it.

He removed his finger from her clit and plunged it inside her. The suddenness of the movement brought her back arching from the bed, and her eyes opened wide as she gasped. Her ams came around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Inside her, his fingers flexed and massaged. It caused tiny tremors to shoot through her, and she moaned deeply. Her teeth caught his lip and she drew it into her mouth, sucking on it gently.

Heero's mind went blank. For a moment he thought nothing, felt nothing but the jolt of electricity extending from his lips to the rest of his body. The energy released, and he once again fell upon Relena with intense excitement. His fingers delved deeper and his tongue teased at her mouth. His body pressed against hers, and the feel of her nipples brushing his bare chest was exquisite. Heero slowly slid his hand from between her legs and placed his knee there instead. He started to kneel in front of her, his near-painful erection barely touching her.

Relena sat up on her arms. "Wait, Heero, just for a moment." At his stern expression, she smiled and lifted a hand to caress his cheek. "I just can't believe this is real. Please, let me do this."

He wasn't sure what she meant, until her hand traveled low on his body. She took gentle hold of his shaft and guided it to her entrance. Heero's breath caught in his throat, along with indecision. Should he be letting her take the lead? She had even less experience than he did; granted, he had very little. He suddenly cursed himself for not considering this sooner. Insecurity flashed through him, but as his head touched the soft folds of her skin, he was only able to focus on her. Relena's eyes were cast downward, watching closely as she led his penis toward the core of her. Heero was captured by the image himself, rocked by the importance of it. This would be the first time for both of them.

"Relena, this will probably hurt you."

She glanced up at him, smiling sweetly in response to the concern in his voice. "Heero, I did go to health class, and my mother and I had a very informative, yet embarrassing discussion about it. I know. I know what we're about to do, and I know every possible consequence, and I'm prepared for all of them. I want you inside me, Heero; I want you to be a part of me. I am ready... are you?"

Yes! screamed his body, and his heart. It was only his mind that held back. He gazed down between their bodies, and he made an executive decision. His mind could go to hell. "I'm ready."

She smiled, and coaxed him forward a little more. With just the tiniest pressure from Heero's hips, he began to enter her. He closed his eyes, and Relena lay back. With every centimeter he moved, more of her closed around him; soft, tight, and very warm. He figured that slow was best; maybe it would hurt her less. Part of him hated that he had to harm her, but another part knew that once he did, things would get much, much better.

He felt resistance, but didn't stop. He kept his slow, consistent pressure, but watched Relena's face. Her eyes had closed, and as he pressed into her, she began to squint. A choked sound rumbled in her throat, and he nearly pulled out, but then suddenly the resistance gave way, and he slid inside completely. Her eyes shot open, and she gasped.

"Oh," she said breathlessly.

"Are you alright?" Heero asked, the panic barely hidden in his voice.

She paused, as if considering the question. She shifted her hips slightly, and the movement made Heero's heart skip. She settled down then, and looked at him. "Yes, yes I am," she said.

He took her at her word. He retreated, sliding his stiff manhood almost all the way out of her, and then came forward again. As he did, she sighed, her shoulders relaxing into the bed. Her pain was gone, he realized, and it emboldened him.

As Heero's speed heightened slightly, Relena's body shuddered. She couldn't believe the feelings within her. This had been her dream, but the reality was insanely better. With each stroke, Heero became a little more bold, and her pleasure grew. The feel of him filling her, the friction their bodies made; it stole her mind and her heart. Heero leaned down over her, bracing his elbows on either side of her head. He kissed her.

Their bodies fit together perfectly, and each thrust took him to the end of her. He found that when his head hit that point where he could go no further, a tiny shiver ran over her skin. He changed his pace, ensuring that her pleasure would grow. He felt her lift her legs, instinctively giving him a better angle, and he groaned. Her hips began to rise, meeting his downward movement. Still, he held himself back. He wouldn't—couldn't hurt her again.

Then she broke her lips away from his, and moved to nibble his earlobe. Her mouth fluttered against his ear as her breathy voice said, "More."

Heero's world contracted until all he knew was her. He moved faster, pressing harder into her softness. Where once there was warmth, fire sprung, and it consumed them both. The air around them seemed to fill with their combined breath and the scent of their lovemaking. Heero crushed his mouth to hers, and her arms circled his shoulders. Now, with every thrust, her voice came forward; gasps, moans, and other beautiful noises that Heero had never heard before. The flames blazed through them, driving him harder, bringing her faster.

Something was quickly changing within her. Tension coiled in her body, and she felt that precipice coming closer. She raked her nails over his back, holding him to her as her release grew near. Her mind was a haze as she moaned and murmured against Heero's mouth. "Heero, I love you."

The words shocked him, breaking through his fantasy as he moved within her. He was so surprised, that he could only respond with the truth. "I... love you, too."

Relena cried out, her body contracting with the force of her orgasm. Her back rose off of the bed, and she tightened like a hand around Heero's cock. The pressure drove him over the edge, and he shouted her name as his seed poured into her. For long moments, neither of them moved as the tremors slowly drifted away. Finally, Heero pulled away, shifting to lay beside her. She curled into him, resting her head on his shoulder. They lay together, silently, reveling in the moment. Then, Relena laughed.

"These were silk. We'll have to get new sheets."

Heero laughed with her.

Some time later, the top sheet had been stripped away and Relena lay sleeping in Heero's arms. He watched her in the moonlight. She looked so peaceful, and to be honest, he sort of felt peaceful, too. He shook his head, barely believing that he actually loved anyone. Duo would sure get a kick out of that.

Across the room, the computer screen came on, shedding harsh light over the nighttime scene. Confused, Heero slipped away and walked, naked, to see what was going on. A familiar face was on the screen, and he quickly sat down to hide his nudity. He coughed, hoping the other man wouldn't know what happened.

"Dr. J," Heero greeted, forcing his face into a blank look. "What do you need?"

J's metal claw opened and closed as if at random. "It was harder than I thought it would be to find you. The Darlian mansion was the last place I looked."

Heero nodded. "Times have definitely changed."

"Mm, and they're changing again. I have a mission for you, Heero. This economical issue with the Colonies is quickly becoming a pre-war feud. The directors of the companies hold great animosity toward the Colonies, but Relena Darlian will soon be the recipient of their anger. Some already hold her responsible for the current situation. It is good you have been in contact with her, Heero, because I need you to guard her. Get close to her, and make sure she comes to no harm."

"Mission accepted."

"Good. Remember, Heero, this is not a battle with guns and weaponry. You need to get into her everyday life. I need you close."

"Understood," Heero said, and quickly disconnected. He turned the computer off and returned to the bed. Gazing down at Relena, his concern for the situation in the Colonies faded, and he smiled. He lay back beside her, and in her sleep she curled closely to him. His smile grew. Heero sighed, laying back and staring up at the ceiling. "Mission... complete."

Okay, so what did you think? I have to say, finishing this was harder than I thought it would be... I was kind of caught. I'm not sure that I'm totally satisfied with this story... let me know what you think; if there's anything I should change. Hope you enjoyed it!