One day, Alyssa was walking down Brant street when she was tapped on the shoulder.

She turned around and screamed as she saw the Undertaker, his face somewhat melting off, forming a puddle on the ground.
Alyssa blinked a few more times only to realize someone was standing behind Undertaker. Before she could see his face, Undertaker leaned forward and whispered "Matt...Hardy" and then lied down to die. "He did this to you??!?" Alyssa almost screeched Alyssa reached out, grabbing the Hardy and began to kiss him. "Thank goodness you've killed him! He's been stalking me for months!" They shared another passionate kiss, before Christian came up to them. Naked. "Can I join?" he asked smoothly. He cocked one eyebrow to one side and then Matt grabbed Christian and the two of them had an even more passionate kiss then Alyssa expected. Matt took a breath and looked at Alyssa. "I was hoping that would happen. I wanted to make Christian jealous. Sorry Alyssa. I'm gay"
Alyssa surprised the two men by saying that she was fine with them making out, as long as she could watch. The boys agree and the three of them went off together only to be stopped by a screaming Vickie, who was in her favourite wheelchair.
"What have you done?!?!?" She began crying over Undertaker's rotting body. "I loved him," she whispered. Christian started laughing and then saw Matt giving him a look. "Oh," he said, "You're serious? bad." he started walking away, pulling matt along with him. Alyssa knelt down beside Vickie. "I am so sorry for your loss," she said and then grabbed Vickie's chin and turned her face toward hers. Vickie then began kissing Alyssa.
Alyssa pulled back spitting. "I must have been hypnotized for a couple seconds, or gone insane!" Vickie began crying again, loud whailingness, and Alyssa couldn't take it anymore. So she grabbed Vickie's wheelchair handles and pushed her into the street, where three semis in a row hit her. Alyssa wiped her hands in accomplishment before running after Christian and Matt yelling at them to wait up. THE END!
That's what Alyssa thought until Vickie's spirit rose from her wheelchair and then suffocated Alyssa in another kiss- killing her. Now Vickie is satisfied. They will be together forever. NOW THE END. FINALLY.