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The first thing Sora noticed about Matt was his hands.

They were musician hands; strong but gentle, heavy but fast.

They were masculine hands; aggressive and curious, but soft and understanding.

They were unique hands; emotional yet strict, resting yet never relaxing.

They were gorgeous hands; young yet mature, large yet not overwhelming.

The best part was, it was these gorgeous, unique, masculine musician hands now wrapped around Sora's own hands, fitting around them perfectly, lovingly.

But still, hands weren't enough.

The second thing Sora noticed about Matt were his eyes.

The perfectly rounded eyes with a slight pinch at each corner, like God decided to be a designer at the last moment.

The fluttering eyelashes a bit longer than usual, but not feminine looking in the least.

The deep, complicated cerulean blue of his eyes which changed according to his mood -- but even when he was happy and his eyes were a light, sparkling blue there was still an undertone of something that Sora could not describe but with the word dark, something that intrigued Sora beyond such words.

Sora could stare into his eyes for hours if she wanted to -- and at the moment, they were staring right back.

But still, eyes weren't enough.

The third thing Sora noticed about Matt were his lips.

They weren't pouty lips, his lips. They weren't the kind of lips you just want to kiss all better all the time.

They weren't puppy lips, his lips. They weren't the plumpish quivering lips that were undeniably cute and adorable and just puppy.

They weren't even luscious smooth sex-god lips, his lips. They weren't particularly shiny or lickey or really that seductive at all.

But they were perfect lips, his lips. And there just isn't a name for perfect that's, well, perfect. Nothing could describe in one name the passion in his lips, the passion and caring and secrets and laughter in the upturning of the very corners and the many, many types of kisses in those lips. Nothing could describe the promises in those lips that were nearing Sora's own ordinary, imperfect, promise-breaking lips.

Alone, hands were not enough.

Alone, eyes were not enough.

Alone, lips were not enough.

But together? Together was enough. Together was Matt, and Matt was enough.

Matt was more than enough.

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