Okay, this is my take on Edward after he left Bella, never returning to her. In my version...

Edward isn't as interested in the things he used to be, he's also not as analytical as he

used to be. Remember to review, good or bad, doesn't matter.


It was late; I heard the clock strike at the hour again. I had lain in that spot and counted the chimes for eight hours now, silently willing myself to get up. I never did, I continued to lie there, smelling the cleaner that Esme had used two days prior. My world had stopped turning, and although my heart had stopped beating a hundred years ago, it felt as though it had happened all over again. This time, bringing with it unending pain and hurt that I thought would suffocate me.

I had done it, I had done the one thing that was sure to destroy me; I had let her go. And I had done it willingly. Not only willing, but cruelly. I told her I didn't love her anymore, and she had believed me. That hurt worse than anything, reliving the look on her face and the pain in her voice as she whispered the words that had been my blasphemy.

"You…don't…want me?"

I am a monster, and the pain I'm feeling is my own personal Hell. I felt my phone vibrating in my pant pocket, I was sure that I should answer but couldn't find the strength. How ironic, a vampire not having the strength to do something as simple as answering a phone. I snickered at the ridiculousness.

I continued to stare at the ceiling, boring holes into the floor above me. Places where we had sat, kissed and where she had smiled at me. Closing my eyes, I saw her face, her chocolate eyes so full of love and her beautiful lips curving into the smile that I had grown so used to. Just as my heart was swelling with love, I felt it implode inside my chest. I gasped at the pain, clutching where my heart would have been beating…and finally succumbing to the suffocation…I broke down. Dry sobs wracked my body, ripping me apart, leaving me broken and alone on the living room floor…