Hey. This is a poem about how Sakura feels after Sasuke leaves.


Pealting the glass,

It doesn't seem to pass,

I sit confused,

Try as I might,

I can't find any light,

It falls faster now,

I have to ask my self how,

The world keeps spinning,

I still have to train,

Yet, I'm still sain,

No, I have no life,

I reach for my knife,

Bring it to my wrist,

No, I can not,

I drip sweat, whisper hot,

I can not swipe,

So much for my hype,

Mabey there is some light,

I put my wrist downward,

A sob could be heard,


Just mabey,

I'll give life one last shot...

Okay, I know. It was bad. I just thought of it on my bus after school. So ya.