Meet The Brawlers!

It was a Friday at the mansion, late in the afternoon. Everyone was either asleep or just loafing around the place.

Lucas and Ness were playing ping pong in the rec room, while Mario, Luigi, and Falcon were just in the living room watching an earlier match

"And... That's game!" Lucas said

"But that's the 13th time today!" Ness said, he wasn't very good at ping pong.

Meanwhile in the living room...

"Wow Mario, you really suck!" Captain Falcon said over the television.

"So I didn't have the greatest match of all time! So what?" Mario became furious.

"I'm sayin you suck!"

Captain Falcon poked Mario's stomach.

"Auughh! I've got to get some rest," Mario got up and headed to bed.

"Cya in the morning sucky!" Captain Falcon yelled to Mario.

Captain Falcon heard Mario cursing from a distance but paid no mind.

"You know you really shouldn't bug him like that," Luigi was sympathizing for Mario.

"Whatcha gonna do aboot it... Shorty!"

Luigi made a crack about Falcon being drunk and walked off to find his own room.

The next morning everyone was at the mess hall in their usual places: The kids at the small table, other people... at other tables...

Ike was looking for a table where Marth was, he figured that since they're from the same land he might let him sit there. Ike eventually found the table where Marth was sitting and sat there. MetaKnight, Marth, and Falcon were sitting there. When Ike sat down he introduced himself though everyone left the table. Then Lucario came and sat down with Ike.

"Hey," Lucario said.

"What do you want?" Ike replied to Lucario.

"What's the matter?"

"None of your business."

"I know how you feel."

"No you don't."

"Ever since I joined here everyone has hated me 'cause I replaced Mewtwo, poor, poor Mewtwo. He never was the same after he got kicked out of the roster." Lucario

"I don't know why everyone hates me, maybe im just a misfit," Ike started ti pout.

"Eh, don't worry, you have a friend."

Ike sniffed "I do?"

"Yup! He's standing right here."

"Wow, thanks!"

Ike and Lucario got into a conversation that I'm to lazy to record.

Meanwhile at the Star fox table...

"'d you get here Wolf?" Fox was surprised to see his longtime rival here.

"I got an invite in the mail, one thing led to another and I ended up here," Wolf replied, equally surprised to Fox, and Falco.

"Ahuh, ahuh, and how's Krystal been?" Fox skipped to an entirely different subject.

"She begged me to take her with me."

"And you didn't let her?!" Falco interrupted.

"Of course not! The invite said me only ALONE!" Wolf replied to the obnoxious bird.

"Let's not turn this into an argument guys..." Fox slowly said, "But seriously WHY NOT!"

On that note we move to the... Let's just say these guys had nowhere to sit.

"Hey Pit can you pass the salt?" Wario inquired.

"Your gonna put salt on your eggs?" Pit replied as he passed the salt to Wario.

"No, of course not!" Wario then poured the salt down his throat.

This is the table Lucario took Ike to.

"Hey guys! I got a new guy," Lucario said to the table.

"Sweet, what's your name, dude?" Pit said to the quiet Ike.

"Err... Ike" He replied.

"Ike? That's a crappy name." Wario said above the conversation.

Ike frowned.

"Coming from a fat lard like you? That doesn't mean much," Lucario retorted.

Ike smirked again.

"Besides, I just saw you eat like an entire containers worth of salt."

"That was uncalled for," Wario started getting poignant.

While Ike was getting acquainted with the gang, Mario and Luigi were having their own problems to worry about...

"Dude I have a wicked hangover from last night," Luigi soon said.

"Yeah tell me about it. If I hadn't gone to sleep at the time I did, I would have probably ended up worse than you. And that's saying something," Mario replied.

Luigi found them an empty table, and they sat.

"You have got to find something healthy to drink" Mario put emphasis on the got.

"Yeah, you're right," Luigi picked up a carton of orange juice and chugged it down

"Not like that!"


So we skip to the afternoon. The brawlers are dining in the mess hall. Link was trying not to think of the loss to Pit that morning. Pit was trying to get a date with Samus

"So... uhh... How's life?" Pit asked above chatter of the mess hall.

"Not bad, you?" Samus replied.

"Pretty good..."

Although Pit was close to asking her out until...

Crash! The door flew open to reveal a small figure. He had a sword almost like... Link! The figure walked out of the shadows to reveal...

"Toon... Link?" Link was startled, and confused.

"Yup!" The small green child said.

Toon Link walked around. Everyone was staring at him, although he didn't seem to notice. Toon Link went and sat beside Link at his table currently occupied by Link, Zelda, Luigi, and Mario. When Toon Link sat down Luigi & Mario immediately walked to the table Marth was sitting at. Toon Link eventually realized who he was sitting beside.

"Oh my gosh! Link! I know all about you!" Toon Link said to the descendant of him.

"Oh yea?" Link replied

"Yes, you see you're a descendant of me!"

"Wait... how does that work? I mean... I'm older than you," Link said

"Well, since Nintendo screwed up the time line for Zelda so bad I don't know exactly what we are."

"What? Sorry I wasn't listening."


But before Toon Link could go on another figure walked through the door. This person immediately walked out of the darkness, the person was clearly 15, or older, he looked very serious, he had his hands in his pockets (Do you know yet?), (I'll give you another hint) He was wearing a baseball cap, a red baseball cap, he had a red vest on. Link immediately got up to go tell the guy whose boss.


He was suddenly very friendly.

"Listen buddy, you may think that you're all that but I'm the best smasher!" Link was very aggressive.

"Oh really? Well then maybe you could come up with an excuse to why you lost to Pit!"

Pit looked up at the sound of his name, then he went back to eating his noodles.

"I could easily beat you, buddy!" Link yelled, everyone was looking at them now.

"Then prove it! Tomorrow, The stadium, 4PM!"

Mario came in and broke them up.

"Hey,hey,hey break it up! Listen Red, you're new so I'm gonna cut you some slack... but you..." Mario pointed at Link,

"Have no excuse."

Link sighed and walked up to his room, mean while Red started talking to Mario.

"So where am I gonna be sleeping?" red asked.

"I'll get Master Hand and Crazy Hand to start cleaning up the Ice Climbers rooms" Mario answered.

"Sweet! Who will I be bunked with?"

"Toon Link,"

"Cool, cool. Alright, Cya in the morning!"

That afternoon Red went around meeting the smashers, he made friends with some, but... some just didn't like what he did to Link.

"Dude... that wasn't cool, what you said to Link" Metaknight said.

"Yeah... but... he had it coming... he's a jerk." Red retorted.

He made friends with DK and Diddy after he mistook them for Pokémon.

That night Red was lying in bed thinking about what he was gonna do about this whole Link thing

Man... I know he had it coming but... I ran my mouth a little to. Red thought to himself.

Of course Mario, Luigi, & Falcon went on their annual drinking binge (They do it all weekend).

"Dude... I... am... so... wasted..." Mario said.

Luigi had passed out already (It's a wonder these guys don't get alcohol poisoning) Mario was just sitting there... wasted, and Captain Falcon was trying to beat himself in Melee (Figures).

"Hyah! Falcon Punch! Dammit! I lost again!" the captain said.

The next morning both Link and Red were ready. They both walked into the mess hall, they didn't glance at each other. Red was nervous, Link was sure.

Red sat down with DK and Diddy.

"Hey! How's it going?" Donkey Kong said to his new friend.


He's so focused Donkey Kong thought

"You're so focused," Diddy said, interrupting Donkey's thoughts.

"Yeah..." Red grabbed a bagel.

Meanwhile Link was sitting with Toon Link, and Zelda.

"Nervous?" The small swordsman said.

"Meh..." Link said, impatient.

Link was just as focused as Red.

Meanwhile, Mario was climbing on top of an empty table

"Attention, everyone!" Mario yelled into the abyss we call the mess hall.

Everybody looked up at Mario.

"Ok, everybody! There will be a surprise visit by two err... very unlikely people. I wont tell you when but I will tell you that it will be tomorrow!"

Later that day...

"You guys ready?" Red said to Squirtle

Phew... Time to get ready Link thought


Red walked into the stadium.


Link did the same.


Yes! Red thought.


Suddenly the stadium morphed into a replica of the Pokémon Stadium.

Link was on the right, while a Squirtle was on the left, and Red was in the background.

"Waterfall!" Red commanded.

Squirtle obeyed and Link jumped out of the way of the massive water flow and struck the Pokémon with his sword. Squirtle quickly retreated to the left of the stadium, and then ran as fast as it could toward Link who put up his shield as Squirtle ducked into the cover of its shell. The hard shell hit the surface that is Links shield. Red saw Links shield crack and got an idea. He had Squirtle pick up the fire flower that was planted in the ground, and squeezed it causing fire to spew out. Link once again put up his shield but this time it started to glow red and over about 2 minutes the shield started to melt.

eh, this isn't good Link thought.

"Now! Water gun!"

The turtle obeyed and sprayed water at Links shield, when it was done there was a large hole in the shield.


The Squirtle curled into it's shell and fired it's self toward the hole in Links shield. It was stuck.

"Heh, heh prepare..."

Link drew his sword back and waited, it felt like an eternity to Red, who was sweating very much. Suddenly, Link thrust his sword at Squirtle causing it to fly into the sky. Link had won.

"Yes! In your face, Red, in your face!" Link yelled.

Red hung his head in shame and walked back to his room.