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Yoru: This idea popped into my head a few minutes ago. Quite randomly.

Kuronue: It wasn't that random.

Yoru: You're right. The fact is that I was lamenting the lack of Axel x Zexion fics around here.

Kuronue: And like with "Perfection", Xemnas is the bad guy.

Yoru: If you like this one, read that one.

Kuronue: Warnings – this fic contains yaoi, rape, yaoi, language, yaoi, and OOC-ness.

Yoru: Yep. On to the first chapter.

"Say what?"

"You heard me. Stop misbehaving or I'll punish you."

Axel smirked, "Punish me. How so?"

Xemnas frowned. He was finally tired of Axel's insubordinate attitude, and he was ready to show him exactly how invincible he wasn't.

"The 'how' is not important, Eight. The behavior has to stop."

"What behavior?"

"The refusal to do as you're told. I am your Superior, Axel. You seem to forget that on a daily basis and I've come to the end of my rope. You'll start obeying or face the consequences."

Axel fought down the smirk quirking his lips, but Xemnas saw it. His eyes narrowed.

"No matter what I say, you're never going to obey me, are you?"

"Depends on my mood."

They glared at each other for a long moment. Finally Xemnas turned his back to Axel.

"You're dismissed, Eight."

"Thank you so much." Axel exited the room, leaving the door open.

He never imagined how much he would regret his words.

Axel eased open the door marked VI, knowing its occupant was fast asleep. He slid into the room and silently crossed to the bed. He gazed down on his fantasy, memorizing every small detail, like he did every night.

Silver-tinted indigo hair spread over the pillow silkily, tempting Axel to run his fingers through it if only to feel its softness. Blue silk sheets were pulled up to the beautiful boy's bare chest, allowing pale shoulders to peek over and a slender arm to pillow the boy's head. Long, dark lashes fell across pale, defined cheekbones, and full lips were slightly parted. Axel's no-heart hurt as he watched his beauty sleep.

"Zexion…" he whispered, letting the name roll off his tongue.

Axel was always the mischief-maker, the brat, the facetious, the obnoxious. He was always getting in trouble, always good for a sharp retort, and forever sarcastic.

If the others ever saw him in moments such as this…

Zexion had captured him from the first look. He was a complete foil to Axel – stunningly beautiful and calm to Axel's wild good looks and hyperactivity. He was slow to anger while Axel was quick to burn; he was quiet while Axel was loud.

He was ice to Axel's fire, and Axel loved him for it.

Almost unbidden, his hand reached out and barely touched a stray piece of hair next to Zexion's lips. The boy shifted slightly in his sleep, murmuring something quietly. Axel pulled away quickly and slipped out the door, closing it silently behind him. Leaning against it, he let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

"Zexion, what'd you do to me?"

Xemnas leaned against the wall, watching Axel come out of Zexion's room. The Superior smirked – he knew for a fact that Zexion was always asleep now. Which meant Axel had gone into his room to watch him sleep.

Xemnas' lip curled. How sweet…and sickening.

"That's your weakness, then. You'll learn to obey, Axel, and now I know how to make you."