Haruhi grabbed her school bag and headed towards the door sparing one little glance at the mirror as she walked past

Haruhi grabbed her school bag and headed towards the door sparing one little glance at the mirror as she walked past. She sighed when she saw her features, why did she have to look like this?

Her farther just sat staring at his breakfast, he didn't even say goodbye when she left and it made Haruhi look down in guilt. This was all her fault. The argument they had had last night was still lodged inside her mind and had kept her awake all last night.

"Every time I look at you I'm just reminded of what I lost, I can't bare it anymore, ever time I see you my heart aches!" Haruhi shivered as she remembered the sorrow and anger in her dad's voice.

"When you were young it was fine, but now! Now you're older… you're the spitting image of her. The woman I loved… the woman I lost. Every time I see you it's like looking at her and I suddenly remember the pain and I cant take it anymore" Haruhi recalled the tears roll down the side of his face as he turned away from her in shame.

Ever since then he had not uttered a word to her, he just kept his eyes glued to the television screen. Normally in the morning he would be leaping around the house, hugging her and being generally annoying as he rambled on about something or other. But this morning he just sat there as if lost in his own memories while flicking thought channels with out really bothering to see what was on.

Haruhi stepped out side the house and onto the pavement giving a brief wave to her land lady who was busy hanging out her washing to dry. She began to walk towards the bus stop when a beeping noise behind her made that made her turn around in surprise.

A large black limo appeared right next to her and suddenly she felt two hands pull her into the posh car as it drove off. Her eyes were wide with surprise as she looked around to see the twins, evil grins playing across their faces as she was sat in the middle of the two.

"Awwww Haruhi I just love that surprised look on your face!"

said Hikaru smirking at the annoyed look that was suddenly blossoming onto her face.

"It was lucky we bumped into her wasn't it Hikaru" said Kaoro with an amused glint in his eye as his brother nodded enthusiastically.

Haruhi rolled her eyes, it was pritty obvious they had been waiting for her to come out so they could kidnap her.

"I am quite capable of getting to school" announced Haruhi with a note of annoyance in her voice. Hikaru and Kaoro simply ruffled her hair and grinned

"but that…"

"wouldn't be as fun!"

Haruhi glared at them but was secretly quite pleased, these two were bound to take her mind off what had happened.

The limo pulled up at the school entrance and they all clambered out and entered the school to head towards there first class.

"Noooooooooo, what did those evil men do to my precious Haruhi!" A loud voice came from behind them but before Haruhi had time to turn around she found herself stuck in a vice-like grip.

"Tamaki your suffocating me!" She squealed before turning to Mori and looking at him for help. Mori came quickly to her rescue and simply lifting her out of Tamaki's grasp and then lowering her gently to the ground, giving her a small smile.

She stared at Kyoya who had been examining the situation from a far and they both looked at each other and then rolled their eyes at Tamaki and the Twins who were squabbling over Haruhi as if she was a packet of sweets that hadn't been shared properly.

"My sweet daughter", said Tamaki placing his hand to his forehead in a dramatically way

"fear no more, for daddy is here to save you!" He was now on one knee looking up at Haruhi with a watery expression in his eyes that would have made most girls swoon.

Haruhi walked straight past him causing him to retreat to a corner as she started towards her class room. She wasn't in the mood for the host's tomfoolery today

"Haru-chan! Where are you going?" Hunny bounced up to her, smiling and looking as cute as ever.

"Incase none of you have noticed class starts in two minutes and I'd prefer not to be late" and with that she entered her class room, closely followed by the twins who stuck their tongue out at the host king as they walked by.

She went to sit in her usually seat right by the window and she stared out into space. Her dad hated her. Everyday she caused him more pain simply by being around.

On her outside she just looked bored but in her inside her heart was breaking.

It was probably one of the first times in her life she had no idea what to do.

Sighing she lifted the pen to her lips and started chewing it as she thought. She would give it time, see whether her father was just going thought some stage of grief and that it would pass. If it didn't then she would leave. She loved him and she did not want to put him thought the pain. The loss of her mother was a big blow to her but to her farther it was like the end of the world.

She rubbed her forehead in worry and then turned to look at the window again. Yes she thought, that was the best plan of action. Even if it didn't suit her.

The rest of the day seemed to go fast, she wasn't really paying attention as she stayed in a trace like state the whole day.

"Haruhi, if you don't answer me I am going to raise your debt by ¥500,000" muttered Kyoya in an irritated tone. At that Haruhi snapped out of her trace and looked worriedly at Kyoya.

Kyoya smirked at her response to his threat.

"If you wouldn't mind actually working instead of staring at the wall it would be quite useful"

Haruhi blushed and went over the nearest group of girls who started screaming as she approached.

Kyoya looked at Haruhi as she started to chat to her guests. There was defiantly something wrong with her but he couldn't put his finger on it. Unlike the rest of the group aside from Mori and himself she didn't wear her heart in her sleeves. She didn't voice her problems and so it was practically impossible to tell what was troubling her.

That annoyed him, he hated not knowing something. This seemed to encourage him to find out exactly what was troubling the young host. He looked at the other hosts, none of them seemed to had noticed that something was troubling her. He nodded, no he hadn't expected them to. However one Host didn't seem so clueless like the rest. Kyoya's eyes rested onto Mori who was also staring at Haruhi as if trying to figure something out. Kyoya was interested by this. He knew Mori was silent but he thought he was silent by nature. Maybe he was also silent because he was observing the others around him. Hummm that was an interesting opinion.


"Bye everyone!" called Haruhi as she left the school.

"But Haruhi! I want to give you a lift home!" whined Tamaki causing Haruhi to smirk as she refused

"No thank you Tamaki-sempai, I am quite capable of walking" and with that she started walking home still deep in thought.

When she reached her door she pulled her key out and slowly unlocked it. Entering the room she allowed the door to swing shut behind her, making a clicking sound as if slotted into place. She looked into the fridge and got ingredients out to make a vegetable soup. It was a Monday so her dad would not be home until late so she was only making food for one.

After she had eaten she glanced at the clock. 8:30pm. Yawning she decided to go to bed. Lying down she soon fell straight asleep. She did not hear her Dad enter the house. She did not hear the loud rustling sound and she did not hear him leave. She was in for a big shock in the morning.

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