"I'm bored" Lily complained.

"Whatever Lil your always bored out side of the bed" Logan replied.

Duncan rolled his eyes while Meg blushed a deeper red from the comment then she already was from the way Carrie was sucking on Logan's neck.

"Lily, Logan,Carrie, Duncan, and Meg How ya'll doing? Dude Logan, major waves tonight!"

Everyone cracked a grin at their friend Dick."OMG like guess what!!" Madison said as she sat down at the table "What's the latest gossip Maddie?" Lily asked always curious for the newest story she is the queen of the 09'ers but she has her people do her work for her.

"The new girl went against the PCH'ers and cut down that kid that snitched on them" Madison gushed. Everyone just stared at her no one quite believing that someone other then a couple of 09'ers would actually go against the PCH'ers.

"OMG there she is!" Madison said pointing her out.

Everyone at the table looked to were Madison was pointing and there was a petite blond wearing faded jeans with tears in the knee area, and wearing a tight shirt that had "This isn't a school this is hell with fluorescent lighting" and short hair.

"BLONDIE, BLONDIE, BLONDIE what am I going to do with you?" Weevil the leader of the PCH'ers asked the girl, they were all looking at from where they were they could see and hear everything and they were curious to see what would happen.

"Hello Weevil, Have you had a nice day so far?" the girl that they still haven't gotten a name yet.

"So, you know who I am do ya then you know that you don't wanna mess with me or my boys and that little stunt this morning wasn't something you should of done." Weevil threatened then looked behind her "and you we'll finish your lesson later..." he said before he got interrupted

"leave him alone" the girl ordered.

"listen I don't care what you say to me in fact the only time I really care what a women has to say is when she riding my big old hog." at that Logan snorted.

"So its big huh?" she asked.

"legendary" he responded with a smirk

"well lets see it" the girl said simply and everyone looked at her surprised she would say that. At the surprised looks she got she finished what she was saying

"I mean if its as big as you say I'll be your girlfriend WE can go to prom together!!" she said in mock excitement.

"Dude don't let Blondie talk to you like that " Weevils right hand man Felix said.

"Wow Felix you haven't changed a bit but hey look Weevil looks like your buddy here wants to see it too."

"ah hell, I'll show you mine" thats when Mr.Clemmons steps in

"OK break it up everyone" he ordered and walked away after the PCH'ers started walking away and almost everyone went back to eating but the all had a new topic 'who is the new girl'. Everyone was curious especially the 09'ers who wanted to know what her name was when Weevil who was already half way out of the courtyard turned around and asked

"Yo Blondie whats your name?" Everyone looked at her for her answer and they got it.

"You already know me Weevs so does EVERYONE else here well except the Freshmen but still."

"So whats your name if everyone know who you are"

"My name geez and here I thought it took brains and brawns to run a gang its Veronica Mars"

"WHaT?!" Logan, Lily, and Duncan all screamed.

Veronica turned around and saw them and smirked.

"hey guys miss me much?"she said.

"NO way you can't be veronica!" Lily said.

"Yeah your lying were all still trying to get over it why the hell would you come here and say that shit are you trying to hurt us even more!" yelled Duncan. While Logan just stood there thats when he took action.

"You (pointing to veronica) come with us Duncan Lily come on"

Lily nodded and followed Logan and Duncan while still watching her.

"She has the same eye color and hair color and shes a bit taller but Veronica wasn't and wouldn't be a bad ass" Lily thought

They finally came to the computer lab were only a computer nerd was

"Get out" Logan ordered the nerd while the nerd just looked about to wet his pants

"Geez Logan can you be more of an ass hey we need to use this lab ca ya just leave for a little bit we need to have a private chat." Veronica smiled kindly. Another thing only Veronica would do is call Logan on his shit

The nerd nodded his head and went away.

"OK were going to ask you questions that only the true Veronica Mars would know got it?" Logan said

"Yup!" Veronica exclaimed popping the p sound.

"Duncan you go first" Lily said thinking of her own question.

"OK where, when, and how were you kidnapped"

"yours and Lily's house, October 3 right after the car wash, we were all playing truth or dare when a bunch of guys broke into the place, and held guns up to us all and the guys Logan and Duncan stepped in front of Lily and I but when they were about to shoot you I volunteered to go instead of them shooting you guys" everyone noticed that she got it right.

"OK Logan your turn"

"What did I say I thought of you when I first met you?"

"You thought that I was hot in my soccer uniform and you told me this homecoming"

"Correct Lily your turn"

:What was the last conversation we had without the boys?"

With that Veronica blushed everyone grinned maybe they did have Veronica back

"You dragged me into your kitchen and told me to make a move I said I wasn't going to make a move on Duncan he is over me you said not on Duncan on Logan (at that Logan grinned) I said no way was I going to flirt with your ex boyfriend you said you give me permission now go but I said no because no way in hell would he like innocent, virgin Veronica you said I didn't know the half of it I said whatever and grabbed my soda and walked away."

"OMG you are Veronica Mars" Lily screeched as she attached her self to Veronica.

Duncan and Logan walked up and hugged her close to them.

"We missed you so much" Lily exclaimed.