The Day The World Ended

By TheoneandonlyKaorin

One day, Tomo decided to be a real biotch. How? She stole Maaya and told Sakaki to run naked outside school or "Maaya would get it". Why would Tomo do such a thing? It all started when Yukari sensei wanted Tomo to ask each person in the class what they would like to see for 100,000 yen. Even though it was a hypothetical question, Tomo took this job seriously. A little too seriously, some might say. Well, she went around asking everyone and got the expected answers. Everyone wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, Africa, the moon, Uranus, Tomo to shut up (no need to guess who's answer that was), etc. But things picked up excitement very soon. When Tomo got to Kaorin's desk, Kaorin wasted no time in exuberantly shouting "Sakaki!!" Tomo, being Tomo, knew that Kaorin had to mean naked. So Tomo kidnapped Sakaki's beloved Iriomote cat and blackmailed poor Sakaki, because Kaorin was really offering that 100,000 yen. Where she got it from, the world may never know. Sakaki was so scared that Tomo really meant to hurt Maaya, she reluctantly did as she was told. Tomo was having a great time making Sakaki do all kinds of off the wall things. She danced the Macarena, the chicken dance, and she even sung the song from Titanic. Kaorin, among the thousands who had flocked to see this once in a lifetime spectacle, was there video taping the whole thing. But then she noticed Kimura, and pulled out an AK47 and blasted the perverted literature teacher to smithereens!! Then Kaorin realized that Sakaki was to be hers and nobody else's, and everyone loves Sakaki. So she killed everyone else. I mean everybody. Me, you and Michael Jackson too. Even Tomo, who in the end didn't get that 100,000 yen. But Kaorin got everything she wanted….Just in time for Christmas.

The End.