Arceus looked at the script as he was walking across the cosmos of space, nodding. "Hmm... just a random fanfic starring good ol' lovable and neglected Donkey Kong."

"Please, as if that furry ape is actually neglected," Gruntilda scoffed as she was playing baseball with Dry Bowser, the warty witch slamming balls of base high into the starry reaches of space while the skeletal reptile chucked the balls at her.

"Hey, we'll get our time, let's just let this dumb story that we have no actual part in," Dry Bowser spoke up, with R.O.B. approaching the three as the Robotic Operation Buddy shook his head.

"I sense a great amount of danger for DK," ROB stated while moving his metal arms around his robot body, proceeding to have several different colored bright flashes on his metallic eyes, as the others shrugged, the stage kind of being set for the story that was to unfold...

One normal day in the middle of nowhere that was actually on a random part of Donkey Kong Island, everyone's favorite brown-colored, red tie-wearing gorilla Donkey Kong was chucking wooden barrels for no reason at all. He was completely carefree... until he came.

"Hi, what's your name, little boy?" Donkey Kong asked, turning to face the stranger, who was a human boy with a baseball black.

The boy's eyes were as pitch black as his hair - he didn't seem to be very jolly.

"Hello?" Donkey Kong asked, knocking on the boy's head, with was covered by his red cap, which was backwards.

The boy's sentiment was nothing, he said nothing.

Donkey Kong was getting disturbed by this. He moved a bit away from the young, emotionless boy, and then, holding all of his wooden barrels, started to walk fast towards the western direction, getting as far as possible from the boy.

I don't know about that boy, but he sure creeps me out... Donkey Kong thought to himself as he screamed and stopped in is tracks, to see that the boy was right in front of him. Donkey Kong gulped and rubbed the back of his head nervously as he chuckled and greeted, "Oh, it's you again, huh boy? So what's shaking?"

The boy simply took out his wooden, brown-colored baseball bat and held it firmly in his hands, glaring right up at Donkey Kong's face.

Donkey Kong was frightened disturbingly by now. Not wanting to deal with this anymore, he charged up a Giant Punch and punched the boy out cold, watching him fall flat on the ground. Gulping, Donkey Kong turned to the left and started running on all of his limbs, gasping as he dare not to glance back. Upon reaching his tree house, Donkey Kong let out a sigh of relief after closing the wooden door shut and falling on the bottom bed of the bunk. Looking up, he started to close his eyes slowly and was relaxing...

...Until the boy busted down the wooden door, causing poor Donkey Kong to have a heart attack as the frightening boy approached him. Donkey Kong huddled in the northwestern corner of his bed, trembling with fear. The boy smirked, and he placed away his baseball bat, holding out his right arm. Donkey Kong was beyond confusion by now. Donkey Kong then noticed that the boy was smiling. Shaking his head in disbelief, Donkey Kong chucked the boy out, and he hid under his covers.

The boy scoffed in disgust as he stood up and dusted himself. Pouting, he folded his arms and shouted up, "I only wanted to be with you, Donkey Kong, geeze! I'm Ness, for crying out loud! Why does everyone treat me like some kind of freak show!?" Fuming with bitterness, Ness turned around and headed off towards the eastern direction, disgusted by Donkey Kong's strange attitude as he hated this kind of reaction.

Ah, it be confusing, no?