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This cannot be happening to me, thought Luminara, running from the clones who were not giving up the chase. These clones are supposed to be obedient to us Jedi as we are their generals, not running like crazy with their blasters drawn so as to see who can shoot us down first! I wonder how my padawan's doing…

Ani, her relatively new Padawan who was running beside her, grinned in encouragement. Luminara smiled inwardly. Having another Padawan had greatly improved her group-working skills, and lengthened her patience. Master Yoda had always known that this relationship was the Force's will, though for how long he knew it, she had no idea. They were running from their formerly obedient clones. However, for some unknown reason, they turned on their generals. Around her, Luminara felt the deaths of her friends Aayla, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Plo Koon, and many others being shot and killed, simply because they were Jedi.

This is so not cool, she thought dodging a bullet that neatly grazed her arm. There are too many bolts to dodge, too many clones to outrun, too trees blocking our path, too many of everything. My poor Padawan is exhausted, and so am I. I definitely don't want to kill them; I'd rather we hide, and soon. We must try to shake them off, however, before we can even consider that option. She felt Ani begin to fall behind. Hurry up, she silently urged. She could see the clones closing in on them, and knew that they would eventually, no matter how hard they might run.

"Hurry, Ani," she called urgently, keeping an eye out for any trigger-happy clones.

"I'm –" she panted, "coming –" another breath, "Master."

"Ani, I – "

At that moment, Ani slowed down and stopped, completely out of breath. Luminara knew that her padawan would start up again once she was done drawing on the Force for more energy, which would take no more than a millisecond, even for her. However, it was just enough time for one of the clones to aim his blaster right at her and shoot her in the back.


I'm sorry Master, she heard through the now-weakening bond. I wasn't strong enough to stop them. I'm sorry-as usual, it's my fault. Go, now, before they kill you too.

Not without you, Padawan, she sent back.

Master, I'm too weak. I'd only be a hindrance. GO! NOW!

No, Little One. You are mine, and I will not give you up before these merciless clones. She whirled around; her lightsaber activated and in her right hand. She deflected the bolts back at the clones, many falling but more coming. As they retreated, she advanced. How dare you hurt my youngling, she thought ferociously, using the Force to snap a clone's head off. She healed all of you when you were badly hurt. She talked; laughed, and spent hours with you guys, only to be cut down by all of you once you got that 'message'. She gave out her love to all of you, only to be brutally hurt. None of you will escape my wrath! She felled the clones one by one. They shot, she deflected; they ran, she followed. Soon, the forest was deathly quiet, except for the hum of her green lightsaber and the shallow breathing of her fallen padawan.

"NOOOO!!!" she screamed, rushing to Ani's side. "Padawan, you cannot leave me. I won't allow it! You must survive this…this catastrophe with me. Most of my friends have died because of this…order; you cannot go too!"

"Master…there is one way to bring me back," Ani's voice was faint. "Use…the Force…the healing power it gives. Do it…I'll come back." Luminara did so, not hesitating in the slightest. If she'll come back to be part of me again, I'll do it.

I'll do anything to save you, my young one.


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