First Mass Effect Fic! This story takes place sometime after the side mission in the armstrong nebula. Also, this is my character's orientation: Male Shep/ Vangaurd / Colonist / Sole Survivor. I don't make distinctions between Paragon and Renegade becasue I like to be both. Please read and review so I know what you think!

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Shepard scrambled for cover as hostile fire flew past him. His helmet had been knocked off by a grenade, and now his forehead was cut and leaking blood. His gaze turned to his partner, his comrade whom he had fought alongside with for so long to get here, only to fail.

"Get out of there!" Shepard shouted.

Both were pinned down, and explosions shook the ground under them. If they didn't move, they were as good as dead.

"Now, dammit! Move!"


Shepard tried to lay down covering fire, but a round slammed into him, bringing down what little kinetic barriers he had left. He saw his fellow soldier leave cover and make a run for the LZ. He sprinted out to run the last leg of the race.

Thirty meters...twenty...fifteen...almost there...


"...Commander Shepard!"

Shepard awoke from his drem in a cold sweat. Twice he had experienced this dream before, and twice he had awakened to a voice that called him back to the world of the living. Now he rose from the dead a third time. It was so real that at first, he couldn't tell if he was still dreaming or not.

"What is it, Joker?"

"Got some fan mail for you in the Comm room. This time it's the good Captian and the Admiral himself. Think they want your autograph?"

Joker. Always poking fun. Always turning battlefields of death into stages full of comedians. Shepard always liked that about his pilot.

"Be right there."

The Commander rose from his bed and began walking to the Comm room. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shake this feeling of foreboding, flashback, or whatever it was. Something was not right. Something was out of place just like it had been on Akuze, Eden Prime, everywhere where disaster had entered life, shook his hand, and then stabbed him in the back as soon as he turned.

But why now? They had exposed Saren, defeated Sovreign, saved the galaxy. If there was any time to relax, it was now. Maby it was just in his nature. Biotics are a little fidgetty.

He almost walked into the door. Shaking off his dillusion and regaining his composure, Shepard entered the room. He was not suprised to see an assortment of half the races of the galaxy seated in a circle. Garrus, Wrex, Liara, Kaiden, and Tali waited as Shepard took his seat. He couldn't help recalling the old Earth stories of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

A holographic image of Captian Anderson appeared, along with Admiral Hackett. This was the first time Shepard had seen the two together.

Admiral Hackett spoke first. "Well, now that we're all here, let's get down to business shall we? I assume you all know why I've called this meeting?"

Why else. Another mission. The Admiral had sent the crew of the Normandy on many missions of various objectives in the past, but there hadn't been much action lately. Truthfully, Shepard was glad for an excuse to leave the ship.

Although, he hoped that it would be something a little more important than tracking down pimates for a piece of junk data module. Stupid monkies.

The Commander was quick to inquire. "What's the situation?"

"You remember the assignment that I gave you in the Armstrong Nebula?" Shepard nodded. "Well, we need you to do it again."

They couldn't have been any more confusing if they tried. "Wait, again? I thought we already eliminated all the Geth outposts and the main base."

This time, Captain Anderson was the one to speak. "So did we. Apparently, the Geth had a backup plan."

A voice came from across the room. "They always do..." Tali knew the Geth better than any member of the Normandy.

The Captian went on. "After you finished mopping up, we sent several units to secure the area and establish communications with Fifth Fleet. Two days ago, nothing. Yesterday, recon saw what appeared to be Geth dropships located at the previous main base. Now, we need you to go in, secure the area, and wait for reinforcements."

"Finally, I get something to kill." The Krogans weren't know for their charming personalities.

Admiral Hackett followed up. "When you clear out all resistance, radio us. Once our boys get there, you're done. Fifth Fleet out."

Something was definately out of place, and Tali was the first to voice her concern. "Shepard, this isn't right. The Geth would never use the same strategy where it had once failed. This could be a trap."

The only quarian on board was usually right when it came to these situations, and Shepard knew it. "Just stay on your gaurd. If it is a trap, then we'll find a way out."

"Why fall into the trap when we can foil it before it's sprung?"

Shepard saw the wisdom in this, but he knew that there was nothing they could do about it. Of course it was a trap, who was he kidding?

"Well, look at it this way; it's an easy detail compared to Sovreign." Garrus was always optimistic about things.

Shepard had a feeling that they wouldn't have much to be optimistic about for very long.

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