Chapter One:

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Chapter One:

Disastrous Introduction

Danny grabbed the books he needed for Mr. Lancers English class next period and slammed his locker shut. "Hey Danny!" He heard someone shout to him from across the hall and, wondering who it was, he turned around.

Seeing the familiar face, he smiled. "Oh, hi Sam. Did you do the homework assignment thingy for English?"

Sam laughed. "Yeah, I did. Unlike you Danny, I do my homework. Well, most of the time anyways. What about you? Did you do the 'homework assignment thingy'?" she teased.

"Eh…" Danny rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Not exactly… Y'see there was this thing with this thing… with these ghosts and a thermos…"

"So that's a 'no' then?" Danny nodded and Sam sighed exasperatedly. "Which one was it this time and what do you plan on telling our favorite shiny-q-ball-headed-insane-yet-esteemed teacher, Mr. Lancer?"

"Harsh Sam… but oh, so very called for." Danny laughed. "It was the Dragon Ghost and I'm telling him that I just didn't do it. It won't change my grade if he just thinks I'm lazy. All that matters to him is that it wasn't done."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, there's no point in making up excuses that he's just going to ignore." Sam shifted the books in her arms to get a better grip on them. "So Tuck and I were going to go to the mall after school to catch a movie. Do you wanna come?"

"Sure, what movie? Did you guys have a certain one in mind?"

"Nope!" Danny jumped at the sound of the voice – Sam hadn't said that, and Danny hadn't seen Tucker sneaking up on them. "We were just going to make you pick. That way, if the movie stunk, we'd have someone to blame for making us watch it."

Sam and Danny laughed, "Thanks Tucker. Why don't we just see what they have when we get there? It'd be easier." Sam and Tucker nodded in agreement.

"Sure," they chorused and continued on their way to English.


Tucker, Sam, and Danny all sat at a table in the mall after each grabbing something from the food court. They talked a bit as they sat eating and looked around their surroundings. Danny was the first person to notice something weird there.

A girl about their age was walking by, not too far from their table. She was average height and her appearance was normal in a general sense.

She had dark, piercing eyes, a somewhat pale face, and black hair with an odd purple tinge that folded around her head like a pair of raven's wings pointed downward. She had a red gem on her forehead, but there were certain cultures that still did that kind of stuff.

All in all, not too weird. The part that wasn't normal had more to do with what she was wearing.

She was wearing what looked like a long sleeved black swimsuit, a yellow and red belt made of connecting circles, and a dark blue cape. She looked quite out of place and she didn't seem to be enjoying it.

She walked up to a rather perky girl with red hair and green eyes and a purple skirt and belly-shirt. She also had long pieces of metal around the lower half of her arms and covering the tops of her hands.

"Come on," said the first girl, "you've been here long enough. We're going back to the tower, now."

"But," started the other girl sadly, "friend Raven, we have not yet gone to the sale of shoes! Is that not why we came to this mall instead of the one near our home?"

The girl named Raven sighed. "I don't know, but let's just go. I hate it here, it's a mall, I'm shopping and there's some guy with black hair watching me. I want to leave now."

Danny blinked, surprised that she'd noticed him. Oh well, he was never exactly Mr. inconspicuous anyways. It was almost a wonder that his parents hadn't found out who he was yet. The only reasons they hadn't found out were because Jack wasn't all that bright and they trusted him so much.

"Alright, friend Raven, and when we get home, I shall prepare the Feast of Friendship from my home! I am so glad that you have finally agreed to come with me to the Mall of Shopping!"

"Sure… whatever. Lets just go before something happens over in Jump City, ok?"

"Yes, Raven, I am coming!"

Danny blinked again. Jump City was a bit of a long way from Amity Park if they were only coming for a shoe sale. He watched as they walked out the door when suddenly, a puff of mist rose from his mouth and obscured his view. "Not now…" he whispered disappointedly – he'd been looking forward to seeing a movie with his friends.

He ran out of the mall without saying anything to his friends – he knew that they'd seen the mist – and disappeared into an alley to transform into Danny Phantom.


A dark figure had been watching from above, waiting for Danny to transform. The figure grabbed a yellow circular communicator and spoke into it. "Yes, there is an emergency in Amity and we were hoping that you Titans could help us."

"What sort of problem?" someone – obviously the leader of the group – asked from another communicator.

The figure smirked. "Inviso-Bill is attack the people of Amity Park."

Robin's eyes narrowed. He'd heard of the ghost they called Inviso-Bill. "We're on it."

"Cyborg! Beast Boy! We got a call from Vlad Masters. There's trouble in Amity, let's go!"


He flew upwards, passing the figure on the rooftop and turned the corner to see the Box Ghost holding a box. The box's green glowing showed that it had come from the ghost zone.

"Oh, you again! I did not miss the movies to deal with you!" Danny charged up an ectoplasmic field as the Box Ghost began to recite his usual introduction.

"I am the Box Ghost, master of all things cubical and cardboard! Prepare to be defeated, Danny Phantom, because this time, you will not be able to capture me in your cylindrical trap!"

The Box Ghost opened the box and pulled out a gun that looked like it was designed to fire ectoplasmic shots. The ghost pulled the trigger and a huge glowing green sphere sped towards Danny and threw him back at the wall, causing the ectoplasmic shot in his had to fade away.

"Ohhhh…." Danny rubbed his aching head. "W-what? How'd you…?" The Box Ghost smiled a sinister smirk as he aimed the gun at Danny again.

"I have resources and funds now! Vlad Plasmius has finally recognized the power that my cardboard containers of storage can hold! He wants me to bring him you!" Unnoticed by the Box Ghost, Danny had started to form another ectoplasmic sphere behind his back.

"I shall do as he wishes and bring you to him, and power shall be mine! I will be both the king of your world and master of all that is cubical and cardboard!" Danny brought his hand from behind his back and fired it at the Box Ghost, who was sent flying to the opposite wall.

Danny got up and wiped a drop of blood from his lip. "No, you won't," he hissed out.

Two dark figures landed on a building above the fighting pair, quickly followed by one more large bird shaped figure carrying a large human figure landing on the building on the opposite side of the alley and one last person jumping from the building next door, using a pole to propel themselves next to them at their perch.

"You don't belong here. I do. Go tell Plasmius that I'm not interested – the last thing I want to do is end up like him – and neither is my mom." He charged up another ectoplasmic blast threateningly.

"Unless, of course, I have to use the thermos." He grabbed the Fenton Thermos and waved it at the cowering ghost. He pulled off the cap and turned the thermos on, sucking the ghost inside.

"Foolish halfa, your cylindrical trap can not hold me! I shall escape and take my revenge! Beware! Beewwwaarrreeee…!" Danny capped the thermos with an audible sigh and turned to go back to the mall when he felt the thermos grow hot.

"Wha-?" The thermos exploded and Danny barely dropped it in time to avoid getting his hand cut up by the flying pieces of metal. "Th-that's a new one… ok, now I'm afraid."

"I will defeat you next time, Danny Phantom! Beware!" The Box Ghost flew off and left Danny scratching his head. Danny held up his arms, about to change back in to Danny Fenton when the five figures dropped down around his from above, three of them landed on the ground and two hovered above him, cutting off any chance of him escaping by flying.

He was trapped.

"Ok…" he said in a quiet voice, "today is not my day. So much for seeing that movie…" Danny crouched a bit into a defensive position and waited for them to make the first move – in a way he was doing this in the hope that they wouldn't attack him – but they did.

"Titans," called the masked one to his team, "attack!"

The group leapt into action, each with a different attack. The apparent leader ran at him with a metal pole, the large bird turned into a green panther and charged at him as well. The large one, who looked like he was half-robot, transformed his arm into some sort of ray gun.

Danny recognized two of them – he'd seen them in the mall. Starfire charged up something that looked similar to ectoplasmic blasts. Raven flew at him with her hands surrounded by a kind of 'black-matter', for lack of a better description.

He immediately put up a shield that covered him all around, like an ectoplasmic tent. The leader hit it with his staff as the half-robot's shot from his ray gun bounced off his shield. The ectoplasmic energy was transferred through it to him. Starfire stopped and looked to the leader with a horrified expression on her face.

"Robin!" she cried and the panther near by stopped and turned around to face his friend. He turned into a human, which Danny assumed was his true form.

"Robin! Are you ok?" asked the shape-shifter. Robin didn't reply – he'd been knocked out cold.

Another shot from the ray gun bounced off Danny's shield and brought his attention back to the fight. He saw the rebounded shot go straight back to his friend. "Cyborg! Watch out!"

Cyborg barely dodged his own shot in time to avoid getting hit. The shape-shifter morphed back into a panther and started to charge at the shield again, before he was held back by Raven's black matter that circled his body.

"Huh?" He looked up towards Raven to see her chanting.

She opened her eyes and stopped chanting, which caused the shadow around him to disappear. "Don't touch the shield," she warned him, "look what happened to Robin, and that wasn't even with direct contact."

He looked away, not wanting to meet his friend's eyes. Starfire flew up to her friends a little bit. "Beast Boy, I am forced to agree with Raven, you must sit this one out or find a way to fight Inviso-Bill without any direct contact."

As he struggled to hold up his shield, his eyes widened in realization – they weren't after 'Danny Phantom,' they were after 'Inviso-Bill.' That made a big difference – he was fighting the good guys.

"Inviso-Bill… darn it," he whispered. He raised his voice so that the Titans could hear him. "Stop! That's not my name!" A blast was sent at his shield by Starfire, weakening it just as much as any ectoplasmic blast would have. He continued to yell to them over the noises of the one sided battle. "My name's not Inviso-Bill! I'm not evil!"

Raven paused for about half a second before continuing to charge up and enormous mass of energy to throw at Danny's shield. "There's a new one…" she muttered, half to her self, but loud enough so that her friends could hear her.

"Yeah," agreed Beast Boy, morphing back into a human for a moment so he could use his voice, "usually the bad guys are proud that they're evil…"

Raven broke the moment of hesitation by hurling her own attack and flying out of they way, in case it bounced back. The attack didn't bounce back; instead, it stuck to the shield and seemed to drain it – and Danny – of power.

Danny gritted his teeth and dropped the shield and flew upward before the now unblocked attack and pulled the Fenton Thermos from its semi-usual space slung over his shoulder. He narrowed his eyes at Beast Boy and aimed the thermos at him as he removed the cap.

The familiar blue ray shot out and Beast Boy was they only Titan that didn't have a chance to jump out of the way before it reached him, but Danny payed no attention to that, only Beast Boy was a ghost, so only Beast Boy could be affected by the thermos.

Well, that was what he thought anyways. Danny had figured that even though his ghost sense hadn't gone off every time the green boy got near, he was still green. He'd figured that he must have been a ghost. Before the blue ray reached Beast Boy, Danny heard the one called Cyborg yell something along the lines of 'He stole my technology!'

The shape shifter had braced himself for impact and closed his eyes before he felt the sensation of being surrounded by what felt like spiraling wind rather that a heavy blow from a shot. He heard Cyborg laugh rudely at the attacker and shout "That's what you get for stealing my designs! Now… this is what energy beams are supposed to feel like!" and he fired at Danny who didn't have time to put up a shield of any kind.

Danny was slammed into a wall with a sickening thud ringing in his ears. He felt the familiar warmth at his waist and could see the blue light, tinted red from being filtered through his closed eyes. He groaned and concentrated on stopping the transformation and staying conscious. If there ever was a bad time to almost turn human, that had been it.

Beast Boy smirked and Raven raised an eyebrow. "Looks like he's only a ghost when he's awake, and he's human when he's asleep." Beast Boy nodded in agreement, preparing for another attack.

"Sound like some one else we know?" Raven inclined her head slightly, resembling some type of a nod and closed her eyes before muttering 'Azarath Metrione Zinthos' and sending a sphere of energy at Danny who'd just gotten up only to be knocked down again.

Cyborg sent another energy beam at him at the same time that Starfire threw her own energy bolt and they both hit their target hard. Danny groaned and tried to get up. Failing that, he put up an ectoplasmic shield that Raven drained just like the other one that had come before it. After being forced to drop his shield, the black matter was able to move forward and attack him directly.

It lifted him in the air a few inches above the ground as it drained his power from him and as he tried to hold on to the slippery fabric of consciousness, he whispered, "I thought… you were supposed… to be the heroes…"

Raven all but ignored what he's said and replied with a simple but serious "We are."

She watched along with Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire as and orb of blue energy formed at his wait, then expanded to become two rings around his body, one moved upward and one moved downwards. His black and white jump suit became jeans and a red and white t-shirt and his half-lidded eyes became blue while his hair turned black. When he was totally unconscious, Raven let him sink to the ground and turned away.

Cyborg put ghost-proof cuffs around his wrists, courtesy of Vlad Masters and put him in the T-Car between Raven and Beast Boy, so that even if he woke up, he wouldn't be able to escape. With a heavy sigh he placed his friend Robin next to him in the front of the car and set off on the long drive to the Titan Tower.


At the Titan Tower, Jump City, an hour and a half later

Starfire had been overjoyed when Robin woke up shortly after their arrival back home, and attempted to have a feast in celebration, but even her own heart wasn't totally in it at the moment. The fact that one of the most powerful ghosts was in their tower was found to be rather unsettling, and it didn't matter how unconscious he was or how well he was locked up, the fact was that he was still there.

They hadn't learned much from what their mysterious helper had told them. He'd supplied them with weapons and ghost fighting technology, but he told them very little about what they were going to fight. They knew he was part human and part ghost, but they had no idea about how the change would work or when or even why.

Therefore, when Vlad called to check up on them, they had a few questions to ask him. "Well… haven't you all been busy…" Robin looked up at the screen from his game of chess with Raven to see the enlarged face of someone who he assumed would be Vlad Masters.

Robin tensely nodded once, "I suppose you could say that. We've captured Inviso-Bill and we're holding him in a ghost-and-human-proof cell that Cyborg designed based on your ghost fighting technology."

Vlad frowned for a second before covering it up. "Oh, Robin, so formal. I believe I had asked you to send him to me for containment. Did I not?"

"You did. But we've been meaning to ask you why you had asked us for our assistance in capturing him. Seeing as you live so far from the town he attacks, I don't see how he is your problem. I hate to sound disrespectful, but as far as we know, we have no reason to trust you so far."

Vlad frowned again but this time wasn't able to cover it up and Robin caught it. "I have friends of mine in Amity Park and I hated to see them at risk, you must understand. Also, my home would be the most secure place in the world to keep him with all the ghost fighting technology I have acquired over the years."

Robin mentally sighed. Vlad Masters didn't seem to want to give up any of his secrets at all anytime soon. "Not anymore, the Titan's Tower is now more secure of a hold that anywhere else – your mansion included. Cyborg took the liberty of including additions to your technology." Robin pressed the button to end the conversation and was shocked to hear a familiar scream from somewhere near where their new prisoner was being held.

"Starfire!" He ran down toward the sound and the other Titans followed the sound to its source and found Danny just waking up.

"Robin! The cell has not yet been tested and he's waking up! What is the cell is not strong enough to hold him since we never got a chance to test it?" Robin was just relived that she hadn't been hurt, but she had still raised a good and discomforting point.

Robin had hated to just put Inviso-Bill in there without testing it first – it was just against his nature to put thins as important as that to chance. But they hadn't had anything or any one to test it on, so they had had to settle for seeing if the ectoplasmic shots from Vlad's guns would do any damage and they hadn't.

He put a comforting hand on her shoulder and said, "I'm sure it will work." Feeling certain that Danny would transform as soon as he woke up, he turned to watch with curiosity, having not seen it before since he'd been unconscious.

Surprisingly to all the Titans, he didn't transform, he just held his head in his hands and gritted his teeth against the powerful headache he'd gotten from all the blows he'd received earlier. To everyone else, it looked for all the world like he was having a hangover.

"Not so loud…" he grumbled "my head hurts…" He felt a painful shudder run up and down his spine and nearly fell over from all the pain from what little moving he'd done. "And you call yourselves heroes…" he spat disdainfully, glaring at them. "Aren't you supposed to go after the bad guys instead of teaming up with them?"

"Dude," said Beast Boy, "We're not recruiting you or anything, okay? You're just in like… ghost jail."

Danny laughed shortly. "Not me… Vlad. He's the only enemy I have who could pull off something like this. The Titans would get suspicious if a ghost recruited you to capture a ghost, the Fentons are too independent, and Valerie is too stubborn. That just leaves Vlad Plasmius… doesn't it?"

Raven rose an eyebrow. "We don't know a Vlad Plasmius."

"What about a Vlad Masters, then? Do you know him?"

Starfire hesitated before nodding in reply. "He's the same guy," Danny explained.