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Love at the Blue Heaven


It was a cold winter night and snow begun to fall. A young man with golden spiky hair and mako blue eyes found himself cold and in need of a place to stay. As he rode through the town he spotted a small establishment called Blue Heaven with a room for rent sign in the window. He thought to himself well I'll be staying in this town for a while and I could use a drink why not; kill two birds with one stone. Cloud parked his bike on the side of Blue Heaven and walked inside the bar…

To his surprise it was very warm and comforting inside, wooden floors under his feet, laughter in the crowd, he sat at the table in front of a stage. Soon after a young red haired waitress walked up beside him

"Hi… welcome to Blue heaven my name is Teico and I will be your waitress for the night." She gave Cloud a sincere smile. "What would you like to order?"

"What you got?" he asked,

"Umm… let's see" the waitress looked up to the ceiling trying to remember the drinks. "We have Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, and Crown Royal."

Cloud cut her off "Let me get a Wild T on the rocks."

"O.k." the waitress ran off to make Cloud his drink.

When she finally gave him his drink the lights began to dim and a few people begun to clapping

"What's going on?"

"Oh the lady of the house is going to perform."

The waitress went behind the bar as the navy blue curtains began to open up. Cloud figured that he would just enjoy the show and then find the guy who owned the bar. When he looked at the stage he saw a longhaired brunette in a short blue dress that had a slight shimmer with her back turned to the audience.

"At lease she had nice legs" Cloud whispered to himself.

As the music to I'm going down by Mary j. Blige started she turned around and started to sing. "Time on my hands since you been away boy."

"Hmm she doesn't sound to bad he thought to himself.

The beautiful brownish red-eyed girl gave all the attention to Cloud pointing and making gestures to him. Cloud didn't mind too much because he knew it was all just a performance and he was the only one close to the stage. Cloud smiled a little to reassure her that she was doing a good job not that she needed it. Something in him sprang up but he chose to ignore it. As the song went off the beautiful singer took her bow, the audience cheered and clapped for her, she gracefully left the stage and went behind the curtain. The young waitress that had served him earlier was walking around the bar with a tip cup, everyone gave a little bit of gil, but their wasn't that many people there. The waitress came up to Cloud

"Got a tip?"

"Yeah but I wanna give it to her myself."

She gave Cloud a look "As long as you're not a pervert."

Cloud smiled a little "No it's not like that."

"Oh by the way her name is Tifa, take a seat in a stool next to the bar and I'll tell her you want to talk to her."

"Alright" Cloud got up went to the bar and had a seat.

"Tifa" the young girl called "there is someone who would like to speak with you."

"Alright I'll be out in a minute Teico." Tifa walked to the bar to see the young man that she had so vigorously flirted with during her performance. "Can I help you sir?"

"Call me Cloud and let me get a Wild T on the rocks." Tifa was much quicker with the drink than Teico was. She slid the drink to him and in a cocky voice said

"Anything else you need cloud?"

"Yeah, he handed her the tip.

"Are you sure about this, this is 2,000gil?"

"Yeah I'm sure; your performance was very good." Tifa blushed a little. "But there is still something I need from you Tifa"

"And what is that?" Tifa's tone took a switch

"I need to talk to the guy that owns the place."

"Well that guy… that you're looking for is me." Cloud was shocked not realizing that there was a chance that Tifa could have been the owner.

"Well what cha need?" Tifa asked inquisitively. Leaning her elbow on the counter top.

"Um…I saw you had a room for rent and I."

Tifa cut him off. "Well the room is 600gil a month you don't pay for anything else food water light and everything else was free."

"O.k. it sounds like a deal to me and here is the first month's rent." Tifa took it in her hand.

"Let me ask you something else Tifa."

"Alright shoot."

"Why haven't anyone rented this place yet?"

"Because not too many people would like to live on top of a bar, so when you going to move in?" Tifa quickly changed the subject. The truth was she didn't really trust anyone but something made her trust him.

"Right now." Cloud got up and walked out the bars exit. Tifa looked very confused at his answer.

When Cloud got outside beside his bike he rubbed his temples. "What am I getting myself into she's probably one of those moody chicks, but I really need a place to stay.

Back inside

"Tifa he's kind of cute." Teico said as she poked Tifa's arm.

"Yeah I guess so but he's nothing but a young man helping me pay the rent." Cloud walked back into the bar with a bag of his clothes.

"Teico finish cleaning up the bar and your free to go just make sure you lock up when you leave."


"Cloud come with me and I'll show you around the apartment."Cloud followed behind her, every now and then glancing at her legs.

"Here's my room Cloud come and see me if you have any questions o.k." Cloud just nodded his head they walked a couple of feet further.

"Here is your room she unlocked the door then gave Cloud the key and they both went inside. The room had a full-size bed and a wardrobe in it. "Your bathroom is over here." She opened there was a glass shower parceling toilet and a giant mirror. "Well that's pretty much it I'll leave you to get yourself together."


She nodded her head as if to say goodnight and left his room. The next couple of months went smoothly Cloud and Tifa became good friends. One night Cloud heard a crying sound from Tifa's room. This would be the first time he had ever been in Tifa's room, but he mustard enough courage to get up and see what was wrong.

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