"Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the garment?"

Leopard. Panthera Pardus. Member of the Felindae family, and smallest of Earth's four big cats belonging to the genus Panthera. Known for it's adaptability and opportunistic hunting ability, but most admired for it's thick coat and attractive rosettes. Seven did not understand what leopards had to do with the human pubis, and how applying leopard print to her crotch made her any more attractive.


Human. Homo Sapien. Bipedal primates. Known for their highly advanced brains, capable of abstract reasoning, language, and introspection, as well as their infallible ability to be so easily swindled and confounded by the sight of other homo sapiens of the nude variety.

"Huh? O-oh. No...no, I don't think so."

Seven had spent many laborious hours studying this particular bipedal primate, and was privy to the fact that Kathryn was not prone to stupid expressions of any sort, until faced with any sort of nudity, whereupon she would immediately lose everything resembling rational thought and focus so intently on the specimen that all facial muscular control would be lost and give way to an utterly dumb expression. Of course, there were those rare instances in which Seven did not have to be naked for this to happen, however, the ex-Borg took into account the nature of her biosuit and was willing to dismiss these instances.


Her good Klingon compadre had made sure she had become intimately acquainted with the concept of a wedgie, and although she was just now discovering the quirks of her own sexuality, she found it difficult to believe that the deliberate wedging of fabric between the buttocks was attractive to anyone. It was another reason this new garment was so confounding.

"Is it not intended to eliminate friction and absorb sweat, rather than cause discomfort?"

"Uh, yeah...but...this is...you know."

The state of arousal. It was perhaps the only thing that confounded Seven more than thongs. Once, not long after their initial coupling, she had overheard Kathryn urinating, and was so overwhelmed that she could not control the urge to touch her clitoris. She also found that her womb flip-flopped and her loins became engulfed in flame every time she found herself in a situation in which sex would be horrifically inappropriate, so much so that she could think and function only with the greatest effort, and upon returning to somewhere more appropriate, she was immediately overcome with the urge to pleasure herself.

"No, I do not know."

Kathryn's eyes met Seven's in the mirror, her hands sliding over Seven's hips to rest provocatively on her thighs.

"Sexy," she said, "So sexy that if I don't ravage you right this instant, I might just implode."

"Ah. But how do you expect to ravage me if the part most vital to copulation is trapped in a tacky leopard print prison?"

Kathryn made a noise, low in her throat, indicative of amusement.

"We'll just have to rip it off, won't we?"