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Naruto leaned his head into Sasuke's shoulder during the short elevator ride down. He didn't feel like talking about why he needed to go out and was grateful for once that Sasuke was not one to start conversation. They walked down the street hand in hand. It was more like Sasuke dragged Naruto down the street, all the time waving his other arm in the air for a taxi. When a yellow car finally pulled over Sasuke practically pushed the depressed boy into the vehicle.

"Little Italy." Sasuke stated to the man in the front seat and the car started to move before they finished buckling in. Without any further notice Naruto's chin was grabbed telling him to look over to his partner. His body leaned in further and a soft kiss was placed onto his lips, followed by another, followed by a tongue and his mouth getting raped. It wasn't anything unexpected or undesired. Sasuke's lips were perfect.

Naruto grabbed onto the sides of Sasuke's jacket, pulling him in closer. Shoot. He didn't give a damn. Life was short and he wanted Sasuke. His body was getting hot and his pants tight. He pushed his tongue past Sasuke taking control of their frenching. He didn't get the lead very often but he liked the taste of Sasuke's mouth. They massaged tongues until Sasuke pushed back. His boyfriend's tongue was long and felt exotic being pushed down his throat. For a moment he let his mind wonder if Sasuke's cock would feel similar and for the first time his stomach turned over with excitement at the thought. He wanted it. The idea of Sasuke's dick was getting him hotter and hotter. Naruto, with great intent, pushed his hand down Sasuke's chest, continued down over the bump of his pants and kneaded the front of Sasuke's pants. He could feel Sasuke's erection there.

Sasuke's hand stopped him though. "If you keep doing that I'll fuck you right here in the car."

"I thought we were going someplace we could be alone?"

"Alone?" Sasuke looked deep into Naruto's glazy eyes. Perfect.

"Change of plans driver. Take us to the Huntington, Nob hill."

Naruto dived back into touching Sasuke through his pants.

"Patience." Sasuke groaned grabbing the tan hand. Seriously, Sasuke didn't even want their first time to be in the back of a cab, though it might make an interesting story to tell Sai.

Naruto smiled and retracted his hand. He lost himself back into the kisses, but he yearned for more and it did not scared him. He was a lost sheep for certain.

It didn't feel more than a few minutes before the cab stopped and the driver was calling out a price, " 35.50" How far had they gone? Why was the price so much or was Naruto just not used to cab prices since it was his first ride in one? Sasuke pulled out a credit card and swiped it quickly. They shuffled out of the vehicle and started walking into a luxurious lobby.

The ceiling was high and full of exquisite Victorian crown molding. Long white columns framed different areas of the space. Sasuke pushed Naruto towards a nice sitting place adorned with red velvet coaches and seats.

An older woman sat on one of the chairs, her nose buried in a magazine until she heard Naruto sit. Cold gray eyes flickered up and stared at him for a while until she huffed out and looked back down to her article. Though Naruto was in a nice suit he still felt out of place. The expression of that woman clearly stated she felt he was beneath her. He casually leaned back in his seat and tried to look natural. Where had Sasuke brought them?

"I need a room."

"Of course Mr. Uchiha. The penthouse is available if you like."


"Will you be placing it on the family account?"


"Yes sir."

He received the card key. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I need some lube, condoms, and aspirin."

The man tried his best not to make a shocked face. "This isn't that kind of hotel Mr. Uchiha."

"I doubt you tell my father that."

"No sir, I do not."

"Lube, condoms, and aspirin."

"Understood, sir."

The man passed across the counter a folded over card board which contained the room key. I have you in room 1136."

Sasuke grabbed the card key and walked over to Naruto. The blond was leaned back, obviously trying to look relaxed, but Sasuke could tell his muscles were a bit tense. An old woman peered up at him from behind some gossip column. She nodded cordially at Sasuke who gave her no recognition.

"Let's go." He hummed to Naruto.

As they walked into the room Naruto was shocked. This was not a room, it was a house. Instead of a bed, the entry led into a very nice sitting room. Two giant couches and some chairs circled around a 60" 3D LCD TV. Behind that was a dining table in front of windows from the floor to the ceiling going across the entire outside. Off to the side was a small kitchen area which looked to be fully stocked, especially of liquor.

"Woah! Sasuke this is really nice. It bigger than either of our apartment's." Sasuke came up behind him and snaked his arm around the missionary's waist. "Can you afford this room? I mean I don't really get a lot of living money right now so I can't pay you back but I'll help out when I get home."

"Hn." The raven haired man pushed his little blond forward.

"I'm good for it. Believe it!"

"It's on my family account don't worry."

Naruto made a big O with his mouth which Sasuke never saw. He continued walking the blonde forward to the bedroom as best he could.

"Slow down, Sasuke, don't you want to look around?"

Sasuke chuckled from behind him. "No, I want to stick my dick in your ass. Let's go to the bedroom."

Naruto protested "But the chairs are orange. I totally want to sit in them."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at how easily Naruto got distracted from the goal, which was to have sex. So he decided to kindly remind him by nibbling on his neck.

"Aaaaa" Naruto pushed his butt straight back into Sasuke's groin causing "it" to start perking up. A hand found its way easily in to dark locks while a tan neck was more easily exposed from Naruto leaning his head beckoning Sasuke to continue. "I guess the chair can wait."

Naruto willingly started to walk toward the opening where the bed would be while Sasuke started unbuttoning his shirt. After a few more steps the bed was finally in view.


Naruto ran over to the bed and jumped onto it while twisting around making a perfect landing into the center. He pulled his suit jacket off and the already unbuttoned shirt, leaving one last article of clothing. Sasuke had only felt it a few times when Naruto had caved into letting him touch his bare chest. 'Those must be part of the magic underwear.' Sasuke mused to himself as he saw the three strange stiches.

A soft tap came from the entry door. Sasuke motioned for Naruto to stay.

Sasuke walked over slowly enjoying the anticipation of what was about to happen. However, he wasn't going to let too much time pass. Time would allow Naruto to think, to change his mind.

The man at the door passed Sasuke the condoms, lube, and aspirin he had requested. He casually placed a twenty in the man's hand and returned to the room thinking for a moment about Naruto's uncharacteristic actions.

He knew that an opportunity like this may never arise again, and he was not going to waste it. He needed Naruto to loss his virginity, to him of course, but loose it non-the-less, so that he wouldn't hold on to it any more. Once lost, it was so much easier to give into lust, and Sasuke was planning on having Naruto give in alot after this.

In no way was Sasuke an ignorant bastard; he was a fully aware bastard. A regular bastard would see the hot blond and just go for it, not thinking about why the missionary was offering himself. However, Sasuke was not that guy. He only came off as that guy. He knew that Naruto was suffering, that something had triggered this behavior. If Sasuke were a decent guy, he would stop Naruto, he would insist on finding out what was wrong, talk it through and let the blond have a good cry if he needed it, even though men don't cry. However, Sasuke was fully aware that he was a sex driven sex addict and was not about to say "no" to having sex with his sex wet dream. So yes, Sasuke was going to be a bastard, but a fully conscious one knowing full well that this was not the responsible choice but the pleasurably one, and that made him the worst kind of bastard of them all.

Naruto didn't know the sin of lust until the moment Sasuke returned. No girl made his innards tingle like this, made him desire to break God's laws. Sasuke's eyes were amazingly deep, dark, and full of an unspoken promise of pleasure. He never gave Sasuke that promise back. Not until earlier that evening. He usually controlled himself, willed his lust away, but in no way did he want that now. He breathed in the lust, the want, the yearning, that was Sasuke. It excited him, right down to his growing erection. Naruto bit his lips, he was ready to accept Sasuke's promise.

Sasuke always had an air about him, some kind of electricity that coursed through his vain and sent lightning into Naruto's nerves when they kissed. But the Sasuke Naruto looked at now was different: sexier, hotter, the Devil incarnate.

Sasuke approached him slowly before joining him on the bed the dark haired man leered over him. Sasuke's eyes were steady, completely focused on Naruto. In the literal and metaphorical sense Naruto was below Sasuke, an apprentice bowing to his master the Devil. Naruto had already lost his wings and turned in his halo the night he kissed Sasuke, but tonight he would earn a pair of horns.

Sasuke's steady hands lifted up to the black shirt which housed his own body. In a smooth motion of the hands Sasuke had removed the garment. Goosebumps spread over Naruto's body as he got to see Sasuke's chest for the first time through unsuppressed eyes. He licked his lips. The pale skin took on the golden hue from the lamps in the room. However, before Nartuo could fully appreciate the broads shoulder and thin waist, Sasuke leaned over pushing off his pants. The Uchiha stood back up in all his glory, and Naruto's eyes burned the image into his memory never wanting to forget something so perfect.

"Undress." Lower carnal tones emitted from Sasuke and Naruto was compelled to obey. Naruto willed his hands to hold the bottom of his garments' top, the holy cloths given to him after going thru the temple, where he had made promises to God. Promises he wanted to keep. His fingers stalled at the thought. He had made a promise, and he never took a promise lightly. But it wasn't a promise was it? It was a deal. If he followed God's rules, God would give him certain gifts in heaven. Everyone's heaven was different. Kakashi was right, and his opportunities to have heaven not hell were coming to a close. God judged on God's view of good and bad, but Naruto needed to find his path do it his way. If he could only be with Sasuke in this life, it was only an instant in the lengths of eternity. In this moment Naruto realized one thing: that Sasuke was man, not a devil or angel, the same as Nartuo. They were the same, and had the same desire and need for each other. His fingers raised taking off God's armor. His hands worked quickly on his pants. Not thinking he pulled off his pants and garments' bottoms together then looked up to Sasuke.

Naruto never felt so exposed. He was never naked in front of anyone. Not even during gym. He had a slick procedure down to make sure minimal bare skin was shown at any moment. Naruto felt the need to cover himself, but that would defeat the point. Sasuske's eyes wandering over him fully was the point. Naruto waited for Sasuke's eyes to finish examining him. It made him nervous on so many levels. Would Sasuke find him up to expectation? When Sasuke's eyes finally came back to his own there was a small glint of approval. At least Naruto was sure Sasuke wasn't disappointed in anyway. That was a huge relief. Naruto forced his gaze down. Sasuke was thicker than he was maybe about the same length, maybe a little longer. It was hard to tell. He wasn't used to sizing up guys, but there was one other major difference.

"You have no hair."

"Asian blood."

"You have no hair, down there." Naruto pointed to Sasuke's groin and blushed.

"It's LASARed. I don't like how it feels."

"Uggghhh." Naruto looked at him nervously. He had no idea anyone ever shaved down there, let alone would get it LASARed

"It's ok that yours isn't clean."

The man before him placed one knee then the other on top the bed. "It won't bother me." His perfect form leaned forward kissing the tender skin on Naruto's abdomen. At this first touch in their intimate state Nartuo cried out and started to breathe deeply, forgetting anything except how Sasuke made him fly. Those soft lips traced up his chest teasing one nipple then the other until they were both taunt, hard, and crying out for more.

"Open your eyes." The husky voice was from directly above him. Naruto didn't even realize when his eyes had closed only that Sasuke's mouth set his body into a state he never knew possible. Half lidded dark eyes held onto blue ones as the distance between their lips shrank and shrank. When their mouths met furious kisses ensued, hands wandered everywhere discovering every dip and crevasse of the other's body they could find. Sasuke pulled away for a moment to catch his breath and then latched onto Naruto's lower neck, a place that sent Naruto's body curling into the hard one above his.

Then Sasuke's hand found his most sensitive skin. Naruto cried out, "Sasuke," only having been touched there once before by another person than himself and not while he was in such an aroused state. Sasuke circled his thumb across the tip of Naruto's dick. The fingers slide easily from side to side. Sasuke took advantage of the pearls of precum forming at the head and then started to give naruto's length full delibrate pumps. It was awesome, Naruto never felt so alive, so aware.

Naruto tried calming his breathing, holding off from cumming. He had heard if a guy focused on something other than his pleasure he would last longer. He wandered his hand down Sasuke's firm abs, lower and lower across perfectly smooth skin. He finally found Sasuke dick and gently touched the tip. A soft gasp above him had his eyes examining Sasuke's. The corner of his mouth ever so slightly turned up. The hand on his own dick stopped pumping. Sasuke must have been surprised by his boldness. "Touch me more." The deepest voice he's ever heard demanded. And hell if he wasn't eager to obey. He pushed his hand flat against the flesh and then curled his fingers around. He gave a bit of an experimental tug, making sure to keep his hand firm on the skin as not to tug it. He continued the action a few times watching Sasuke face which didn't change much.

"Is it ok? Am I doing it right?"

"Hold tighter." Naruto did as told. Sasuke's face still didn't reveal much except for a pleased intensity in his gaze. Sasuke slowly leaned back in and ran his own hand against Naruto's rod followed by placing lips back onto Naruto's. They stayed rocking into each other's hands for a while. Naruto so hot and bothered didn't register why Sasuke had pulled away until he heard the sound of an opening bottle.

With glistening fingers Sasuke reached around underneath Naruto squeezing his ass. Naruto moaned into their kisses harder. But Naruto stopped the second a gooey finger was prodding at his hole. Naruto suddenly panicked, that… that… was…!

"SASUKE!" Naruto felt a complete panic wash over him. He dropped Sasuke's dick forgetting everything else but the finger wiggling it way up inside him,. "Hey.. ummm, don't you believe it would be better.. if I like... ummm..."

"I'm not nearly drunk enough for you to do me."

"But, since I'm not really .. well I wasn't into guys, I'm not into guys.. and your all into them.. don't you think I should be the one to... uhhh.."

"Top? You wouldn't know what you're doing." Sasuke's deep chuckle made Naruto uncomfortable, but it also turned him on further.

"Stick it in and out?" Naruto tried to stale but Sasuke's finger wriggled in him. He clamped his buttock onto the fingers, trying to stop Sasuke, but Sasuke was already in. Naruto's wide eyes glared into Sasuke's.

"What's the matter scardy pants," Sasuke smirked a tongue frisked over Naruto's ear sending searing pleasure to his groin, "Afraid you're going to like it?" Sasuke continued to abuse Naruto's ears. Licking and sucking on the lobes. "Trust me. Relax. When have I ever done anything that doesn't make you feel amazing? In the morning you'll be begging for more."

Naruto relaxed a hair, and then Sasuke started to stroke inside of him. A slight adjustment and Naruto's breath hitch. "Holycow!" Sasuke pushed in a second finger making the motion uncomfortable for a moment again. He leaned his head down into the crook of Sasuke's neck making it hard for Sasuke to continue to distract him from the discomfort in his ass. Naruto tried his own brand of distraction. He sucked on the skin he found on Sasuke's neck, especially hard if it hurt. Mostly, though, it was starting to be stimulating, like there was a button inside him that pushed small jolts of pleasure to every corner of his being. "AAHHH.. Sasssss.." He started massaging the finger inside him and was glad when Sasuke added a third one. Gosh, why didn't he masturbate? Why didn't he shove his own fingers in there? He didn't feel guilty, wrong, or anything else he was taught he should feel at this moment. He felt freakin amazing. He pumped himself on those fingers, if this high could last forever he would make it. But the waves were jolting through him, pushing up a cliff he never imagined was possible. He felt ready to explode, but he couldn't. He looked down and saw a hand firmly holding the base of his cock. Sasuke fingers slowed, the clenching in his stomach started to dissipate, he never felt so betrayed. Naruto growled when Sasuke removed the fingers from his ass.

"See it's pretty good huh?" Sasuke display his cock and for the first time in his life Naruto truly craved another man's dick. If fingers made him already feel more intense pleasure then what would that do? A wave traveled through him at the thought making him desperate to get it in him. "Want something better?" He was excited to have it in him. He licked his lips unknowing and nodded his head "yes".

Sasuke grabbed the condom package from the night stand along with the bottle of lube. For a moment Naruto's rational side started working. 'Condom.' "Do I need to worry about getting a disease?"

"No. I was tested after my last fuck." Naruto's eye's narrowed at the crude word.

"So why...?"

"If you don't trust me you have the choice."

"I trust you."

"Are you sure?"

"I trust you."

"You shouldn't."

"I want my first time to be just you."

"And I want you safe, and healthy." Sasuke places a gentle kiss onto Naruto's forehead before gazing into his eye once more and playing with his short locks of hair.

Naruto thought for a moment. He never imagined the possibility of catching a disease. His wife would have been a virgin like himself. Maybe they would use condoms for birth control, but she probably would have been on the pill. It would have had a safe union where this was not a conversation, but would he ever have felt this alive?

"Condom. Put it on."

Sasuke ripped the package open with his teeth. The small plastic roll fell easily into his hand. He pinched the top and rolled it down. Sasuke then took the bottle and liberally lubricated his sex organ. Watching Sasuke lube up his dick was better than any girl's tits any day. His own dick twitched at the mini show.

"Spread your legs."

Did Naruto ever spread his legs and pushed his ass out trying to give Sasuke the best vantage at his ass. He had no idea how to position himself for easiest entry. He was so frecken ready for this. He bit his lip and prayed, despite it being a sin, that he wouldn't cum the moment Sasuke entered him. Sasuke hooked both his legs up under the knees and put Naruto's hole right to the tip of his dick. "guide me in." Naruto's breath hitch as he reached down and felt Sasuke slick cock. He touched his entrance to find where it was and then brought the two together and pushed Sasuke's tip in. It burned like mad, but quickly dulled.

"Breath. Take your time. Tell me when to push forward and how fast. Relax the muscles and push like your trying to get it out."


Sasuke groan, "Like your shitting."

"Ewe... "

"Just the motion, it will go in easier, trust me."

Naruto tried, "ok move forward," and fair enough it went in easier but not without pain, "Slower." Sasuke stopped.

They both waited few moments. "Ok more." Sasuke continued in.

"Aaa.. it hurts so bad." Naruto cried out.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No. I want this. I want to be with you, completely. Just go slow."

"Breath, Relax." Naruto took some deep breaths as Sasuke instructed. With an exhale he unclentched his anus and pushed "out" with it again while Sasuke pushed forward.

"I'm in. Fucking Shit Naruto you are so Fucking tight. My God. Shit" Sasuke Breathed in harshly.

"Now what?" Naruto asked unsure of himself.

"Now you tell me when it stops stinging and then I 'go in and out'."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Please just kiss me."

Sasuke held where he was then leaned down and captured the trebling lips. He took Naruto's cock into his hand and rubbed it methodically.

"Shhhhh... relax... I'm going to make you feel really good."

Sasuke slowly pushed in. He had to use all his control, but he knew it would take time to get used to the intrusion. The slower he went the better it was for Naruto; at the moment.

Naruto was cracking from the inside.

%%% ~ Sasuke/Naruto

Naruto was insanely tight, Sasuke wasn't used to it as guys at the bars had been fucking a long time. It was different with Naruto in other pleasant ways as well. The buildup was amazing, he never expected Naruto would touch him so willingly. It was so much more erotic, knowing the struggle his little blond had gone through. God the way he let him finger fuck him. Other guys didn't need preparation, but Naruto so innocent would have cum from it so fast.

He was glad Naruto decided to be safe. Fucking bareback was hot has hell, but so was his tight ass. He never wanted Naruto to leave, but if he did he had to be safe. So many guys out there had shit. Too many life partners were cheating and bring diseases home. Being safe was hot.

He could feel Naruto flexing his ass. The slight pressure changes were nice. He rocked his hips without shifting his dick

Naruto looked down at their connected bodies. He watch Sasuke's muscle harden and soften as he pushed in and out. It felt so good with him inside. Every stoke in he saw stars,and he had no reference to know that it was because Sasuke had perfect aim at his prostate. Naruto didknow why people got obsessed with this act. He closed his eye and saw with his hands, Sasuke's muscle teasing and relaxing at the rhythm of pleasure. His own hips moved forward with each of Sasuke's thrust. Then all the thing he was noticing went away as his body began to burn from pleasure.

Sasuke had to control himself not to fuck Naruto as hard as he could. The boy's face contorted in such a wonderful way. He loved how he couldn't keep his eyes open, but loved it more when he was watching himself get fuck. The hot hands on his chest reminded him to keep his strokes gentle, but he still aimed at Naruto's prostate relentlessly making sure his body would crave his dicks return with each stroke. But the chamber was too damn hot and tight Sasuke didn't know if he could stay at this pace, it was killing him, but he didn't want to hurt Naruto, not this time at least. He would abuse this ass raw another day, but he knew the pace was building. It had been a while for Sasuke and his had sucked. He held on not wanting to blow his load early.

Naruto fluttered his eyes open again so he could see that beautiful organ slip into him again. Sasuke was getting too grabbed Naruto's bobbing cock and stroke it in time with his thrust. The way Naruto was screaming it would only be moments before he would cum, and Sasuke would follow right after.

"Sasuke I'm... I'mmm..AaaaaAaaa" Naruto's cum splattered over his stomach.

The muscles clenched around him, and Sasuke let himself have few hard strokes into Naruto. He rode out his own orgasm forgetting to hold back any more. Neither could tell who was making what noise until Sauske stilled his hips completely.

"Amazing." Sasuke muttered. He pulled out. After leaning down for a long sensual kiss Sasuke ran off to the bathroom. He brought with him A warm, wet towel. Once the blonde was cleaned up he slipped into the bed. The lights were shut off and Sasuke fell quick to sleep.

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Garments: Mormon holy underwear. After going through a temple cerimony Mormonas wear special cloths. Really all they are practically is a white shirt and shorts. Mormons feel they are sacred and are meant to protect the body and remind them of promises they made to god.