Jen yawned and stretched, rolled over and burrowed herself in the blankets. The pillow smelled strangely of musk and well, Ronon. She smiled to herself and buried her head further into it's softness, not wanting to shake out of the lovely dream she was having about being held by a certain Satedan.

Despite her attempts to remain blissfully unaware, actual thoughts started worming their way around inside her waking head. Memories of walking. Of laughing until she cried. Of running into Ronon while she sat out on the pier. Of being so tired she'd fallen asleep…

On him?

She'd actually fallen asleep physically on the man?

Her eyes snapped open and she looked quickly around the room.

Oh lord.

Flinging off the covers she sat up with a frantic intake of air and looked quickly around.

This was Ronon's room.

This was Ronon's bed.

She'd – oh crap.

Jumping to her feet she scrambled into her shoes, which were lying next to her on the floor. She hopped first into one shoe, then the other, and quickly glanced at her watch.

What she saw made her freeze in place in the middle of his room.

That couldn't be right. Could it?

She shook the watch and held it up to her ear, even though it was digital.

She looked at it again.

Tapped the face.


It was two? Two o'clock in the afternoon?

Wait. That would mean she'd slept until… she'd slept through… she'd actually slept?

Holy crap.

Jen smiled.

The started to laugh.

Then cheered.

And danced madly around the room, arms flung wide, spinning in a circle.

With a whoop of joy she hopped up on top of the bed and started jumping up and down, arms waving madly as she did a spastic version of the twist, laughing and chanting yes-yes-yes! She'd actually slept! No nightmare – no freaking out – no screaming and crying. It was two o'clock in the afternoon and she'd slept for hours and hours and the sun was up and she was going to be…

Ack! Late for work!

With a shriek of delight she leapt off the bed and ran for the… oh damn the door's open… but it didn't matter. It didn't matter he'd seen her jumping on the bed. It didn't matter that her hair was a mess and her clothes were wrinkled and she'd spent the night sleeping in his room. All that mattered – right here, right now - was that she'd slept the best night's sleep she had in days… weeks… ever… and it was his fault. His doing. His kindness that had made it all happen.

Ronon stood in the hallway, completely stunned that he'd opened the door to his quarters expecting her to be gone, but instead found her jumping up and down on his bed, laughing.

He'd been worried about her.

Hadn't wanted to leave her, but didn't want to embarrass her either, so once the sun had brightened the sky, he'd snuck out and left her alone.

He wanted to give her time to leave if she needed to. If she wanted to. He'd spent the morning sparring with Sheppard and catching up with Teyla.

He didn't want to come back too soon.

Incase she was gone.

Incase she was still sleeping.

In his bed.

She suddenly shrieked about being late for work and launched herself off the bed. He'd expected her to be flustered and embarrassed but she didn't even blink to see him standing there… and she didn't stop running. Ronon braced himself and caught her as she leapt off the ground and landed hard against his chest. She flung her arms around his neck, wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you." She whispered into his ear. Then she leaned back and quickly kissed him, breaking away with a giggle as she wiggled to get down. "I'm late for work."

He released her. Reluctantly.

She laughed and ran down the hallway, nearly crashing into a lab tech as she careened around a corner.

Ronon didn't take his eyes off her until she disappeared from sight.

A throat cleared behind him and he tensed. Turning, he glared at the highly amused faces of John and Teyla, who'd been standing there the whole time, and who had witnessed well, everything.

Jennifer in his quarters. On his bed. In his arms.

John pursed his lips and raised an eyebrow. "So… ah… anything you feel like sharing?"

"John!" Teyla chastised, but Ronon knew she was just as interested in the answer.

"Nope." Ronon stepped into his quarters and shut the door, leaving them both standing in the hallway. "No sharing." He said to the empty room.

"She's mine."