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Chapter one: The Dilemma.

Daggorith stared at his sister.

"You don't seem to understand," she said to the queen, Draxie, the all powerful one, the one who helped them in their time of need, the one who shared her food with the two, the one who showed them her great ways, the one who was now telling them that their friends were going to be banished for being a bad influence.

Daggorith looked away and sighed. Draxie looked up, a little frustrated.

"Do you have something to say, Daggorith?" she snapped unhappily. "No ma'hm its nothing" Daggorith said assuring her

"it doesn't seem like just nothing" Draxie stated slightly annoyed. "You can't banish them!" Jazmine said heart broken. Draxie stared down at her shocked that she was standing up to her. "I don't mean to be rude, but there my friends!"

"Jazmine," the queen started. "You're friends are horrible influences. They talked you into hunting on the bad side of town, I told you not to go there!" Draxie snapped. Jazmine ducked her head at her mistake. "There you met Henry, and I told you both to never talk to him again, and you all go right up to him and threaten his life. I let that one slide, but then everything with Vixie and Shay . . ." Draxie trailed off.

"That's why," Draxie started strong again. "That's why Vivien, Rachel, Vixie, and Shay will be banished to Europe and no longer be allowed to come over to see you and you won't be allowed to see them." Daggorith froze. London was in England, England was in Europe and if he wasn't allowed to go over to London any more he wouldn't be allowed to see the werewolf pack.

"Your majesty," he said finally speaking up. "P-please, there must be some voice of reason." he said helplessly.

"NO! THAT IS MY FINNAL ANSWER! Vivien, Rachel, Vixie, and Shay will be banished to Europe!" Draxie yelled angered by there defiance, "They will be escorted by two guards tomorrow night to a ship set for Europe." Both of them heart broken they lowered their heads.

"Yes ma'hm." they said solemnly. They turned and started to walk out. Draxie paused, surprised and upset by their actions, but said nothing.

"But-" Draxie started. Daggorith and Jazmine turned to her attention. "You will be allowed to visit with them until then." Jazmine nearly ran up to Darxie and hugged her but she kept still a wide grin on her face. "But you will have to tell them of there fate" Jazmine's happiness was gone just as fast as it arrived.

"Ok" Jazmine said disappointed.

She sighed as she and Daggorith approached Vixie and Shay's house, where all of them had been staying. Jazmine opened the door and looked inside.

The four girls were crowded around the TV watching a soap opera. "No! Gabriella!" Rachel cried. "Can't you see he's cheating on you!?" All four girls gasped as something exciting happened on the show.

"See, Vixie," Vivien laughed. "I told you Leo was behind it all. Fork over my money." she said holding out a hand. Vixie grumbled as she reached into her pocket and gave Vivien a few dollars.

Jazmine turned to her brother and sighed. The four girls turned to see the two sibling's sad faces. A shush grew over them.

"What happened?" Shay asked. "Well, Draxie said -" Jazmine paused and looked at the concerned faces of her friends. "Draxie said," she paused "that you're being deported to Europe..." Jazmine said with almost tears in her eyes.

"You mean like a vacation!" Vivien and Vixie chimed together. "Well not-" Jazmine began.

"Yea like a vacation." Daggorith said interrupting her. Jazmine stared at her brother speechless.

"But Daggorith-" Jazmine began again.

"But we cant go with you, your leaving tomorrow night so we should make the most of your time left here." Daggorith implied interrupting Jazmine again. All of the girls were really excited and couldn't wait till tomorrow night.

Shay and Rachel suddenly looked at Jazmine's sad tear-filled face. Vivien and Vixie had gone into there room and started to pack. Shay walked up to Jazmine and grabbed her hands.

"We aren't really going on a vacation, are we?" she asked. Jazmine wiped a tear drop away and shook her head 'no.'

"We're being banished, aren't we?" Rachel asked. Daggorith nodded and let out a struggled sigh to keep himself from tearing up like his sister.

"But we are going to talk to the queen again, and we are going to make her reconsider." Daggorith said opening the door.

"We are?" Jazmine asked.

"Yeah, sis." he smiled. "We are." He walked outside and closed the door behind him. Jazmine smiled and then turned back to her friends.

"You can't tell Vivien and Vixie, okay? Just let them go on being happy for now." Jazmine whispered. Rachel and Shay glanced at each other, worried. Jazmine gave her friend's a hug and followed her brother. Shay and Rachel watched them go with heavy hearts.

Vixie and Vivien came back into the room and saw them standing at the door. "Hey aren't you gonna pack?" Vivien asked struggling with her suitcase that had shirts and pants sticking out of one corner. Shay nudged Rachel and turned around.

"Hey why are you crying!?" Vixie asked surprised.

"Its nothing were just happy." Rachel said with a forced smile. Vivien and Vixie stood there confused. Vixie's bag became too much for her and she fell over taking Vivien with her. Shay and Rachel couldn't help but laugh and helped them up so they could re-pack.

"Daggorith, I don't know what we are going to say to Draxie that would make her changer her mind." Jazmine sighed, shaking her head.

"We just have to think and stick together, and do to this we are going to have to break some rules." Her older brother told her. Jazmine stopped. "Break the rules? Again, Daggorith. We can't keep breaking rules, that's what got us into this mess. That's what got us into all the other messes we've been in!" she snapped at him.

As soon as she finished, Henry and Vicky strolled out of the blackness. "You two are in a mess again? Is that so?" Henry cooed.

"Anything we can do to help?" Vicky asked. Jazmine and Daggorith looked at each other. Daggorith looked over Henry and Vicky questionably. "Hmmm." Daggarith wandered. "How come you guys always show up at the wrong place and the wrong time!!" Jazmine shouted ticked off. "Well it's not my fault Henry always likes to make dramatic entrances." Vicky said sounding bored. "hey hey hey! the whole part of being a vampire is to be discreet, and if you do expose yourself, you do it in style!." Henry said trying to regain his pride. "as a matter of fact you can help us." Daggorith said with a mischievous smile. "No uh-uh no!" Jazmine screeched shocked at her brother. "I'm not gonna make it worse for my friends!"

"He can talk to the queen for us." Daggorith said slyly.

"No he can make it worse!-...wait what?!" Jazmine asked confused. "He can talk to the queen and make her believe it was his fault." Daggorith said.

"What was my fault? What's going on?" Henry snapped stepping up to Daggorith as a challenge.

"Jazmine's friends are being banished to Europe." Daggorith growled. "It is your fault you know." Jazmine hissed. "You started it all. The least you could do was help us out."

Henry lowered his head and sighed. "Okay, what do I have to do?"

"Stand up strait and close your eyes." Daggorith ordered. Henry did as he was told. Daggorith whispered something to his sister and She got a big smile on her face.

Jazmine handed him a small solid box and with a flash like white lightning, it changed into a shovel.

Daggorith smacked Henry over the head and he passed out.

Draxie sighed upon her throne. "Clyde!" she called out. A small bobcat entered the doors and walked up to her throne.

"Yes, your majesty?" he asked.

"Clyde, do you think I did the right thing with Jazmine and Daggorith?" she asked him.

"Your majesty, I think you did what you thought was best at the time." the small bobcat said bowing his head.

"I just saw the look on Jazmine's face and I thought I . . . I . . ." Draxie stumbled for words.

"Your majesty, if it hurts you that bad then take it back." Clyde suggested.

Draxie sighed again. "I don't think I can." she growled.

"Your majesty, if you are worried about your pride --" Clyde was interrupted by a snow leopard walking through the doors.

"Your majesty, Sir Daggorith and Madam Jazmine are here. They have brought Henry the vampire and a human with them."

Draxie sat up straight in her throne. "What?"

Jazmine and Daggorith walked in through the door with Daggorith dragging a passed out Henry and Jazmine escorting Vicky forward. as soon as Vicky saw Draxie she immediately panicked.

"Jazmine! Daggorith!" Draxie shouted astonished that they would bring Henry here. "Why have you brought that, that thing here!"

"your majesty." Daggorith started. "We thought that if you won't listen to us, you might listen to Henry." Daggorith finished holding Henry up and shaking him. Henry slowly started to wake up.

"Hm? Huh? Where am I?" he looked up and saw Draxie's surprised face and froze. "Draxie? Uh," Henry's eyes were wide and he could barely move. He was completely scared for the first time since he had been turned.

"Henry, you agreed to this." Daggorith hissed.

"Vicky, Vicky,? Vicky,! calm down!" Jazmine hissed trying to calm Vicky's nerves.

"Agreed to what!" Draxie demanded.

"Vicky calm down, its ok, your ok! your going to be fine, nothings going to happen!!" Jazmine cooed with little luck at calming Vicky.

"How am I supposed to calm down when Henry's freaked out!! He's never freaked out!!" Vicky shouted at Jazmine even more freaked out than before.

"Jazmine! Daggorith! explain now!" Draxie demanded again. Draxie's shouting only freaked out Vicky more. Vicky put her hands over her head and sank to her knees.

"Vicky!" Jazmine growled, very frustrated. Daggorith shook Henry, trying to snap him out of the trance of fear he was in. Jazmine growled again and she slapped Vicky over the head. The slap snapped Henry out of his trance and he roared at Jazmine.

Jazmine stumbled back, surprised, then growled back at him.

Draxie snarled and her eyes turned red. She grew into an enormous red and black lion and roared at the four of them. Her ear-cracking roar shook the whole building and the four became deathly quiet.

"The four of you will be quiet and tell me what's going on, or I will eat you!" she snarled angrily.

Jazmine stepped forward. "Me and Daggorith just thought that if you wouldn't believe us maybe you would believe Henry, if he told you my friends wouldn't have to go away." Jazmine looked down at her feet then back up at her queen. Draxie looked down upon her with pity.

"Jazmine, I told you that --" Draxie started but Jazmine interrupted her by dropping to her knees.

"Please, just listen to him. I'll do anything for my friends not to go away, so can you just listen to him? Please, mom?" Jazmine begged as a tear ran down her face. Draxie nearly gasped with surprise. Jazmine hadn't called her 'mom' in nearly fifty years.

Draxie turned into her vampire form and sat down on her throne. She had already changed her mind about Jazmine's friends, but she wanted to hear what Henry was going to say. "Okay." she said looking at Jazmine tenderly. "Let's hear him."

"She's your mom!!" Vicky squealed, still freaking out. "Uh yea got a problem with it?" Jazmine snarled.

"Um well you see ma'hm," Henry began.

"Yes, Henry?" Draxie leaned forward in her throne.

"Well, I, uhh . . ." Henry paused and looked at Daggorith. Daggorith made a quick head motion to the queen.

"It was all my fault." Henry finally said quickly. "Everything, it all started with me killing their dad, if I wouldn't have done that then none of this would have happened. I'm sorry." Henry looked up at Draxie. Draxie was surprised by his guilt and honesty.

Vicky looked wide eyed at Henry. "You killed there dad!"

Silence. "Yea..." Henry admitted reluctantly as he bowed his head in shame.

"Yes he did" Draxie mused thinking everything over.

"Jazmine," Draxie started as Jazmine looked up. "You really love your friends don't you?" she asked

"Yes ma'hm I do!" Jazmine said excitedly.

"Then I hope you'll like seeing more of them." Draxie said with a smile.

"Really!?" Jazmine squeaked her excitement bubbling up.

"Yea really" Draxie repeated with a laugh.

Jazmine couldn't hold it in, she ran forward to Draxie's throne and hugged her. Without skipping a beat Draxie hugged her back. They pressed their foreheads together and loud purring noises came from both of them. Daggorith smiled and rocked back on his heels. He suddenly shook his head and laughed out loud.

"Aw, how sentimental," Blake scowled as he watched the queen and the other's talk and hug from outside the ware house.

"How come Jazmine is Draxie's favorite fledgling?" he asked Clyde, who was sitting right beside him. "I'm older than both of those brats in there!" Blake held out his Orange strapped diamogram. "See, Clyde!? I'm those brats elder and they are more protected by everyone in the kingdom than I am!" he continued to growl.

Blake continued his rant and Clyde only listened, not saying a word. Blake continued to rant and annoy Clyde.

"You know what Blake?!" Clyde barked finally up to his limit. "What?" Blake said not caring.

"Your annoying and need to shut up!" Clyde shouted as he turned and left the room. Blake's jaw was agape. He started to get more and more angry as he saw Clyde walk away from him. He roared and charged forward. He stopped in front of Clyde and growled.

Clyde stuck up his nose. "Oh, please, Blake, don't make me laugh. Do you want me to kick your butt again?" Clyde snarled as he lowered his head. Blake roared again.

Draxie, Jazmine, and Daggorith heard Blake's last roar. They rushed out just in time to see Blake pounce on Clyde.

"What are you doing!" Draxie roared at Clyde and Blake. They immediately stopped and looked up at her then stood at attention.

"What happed here!" Draxie demanded.

"Its his fault!" Blake said accusingly and pointing at Clyde. Draxie looked at Clyde.

"Is this true? Are you to blame?" she asked her roar lowering to a slight growl. Clyde looked at Blake then to Draxie. he looked down at his feet and sighed.

"Yes ma'hm it is." Clyde said painfully. "I provoked him."

Draxie knew something was wrong here. Clyde was one of her best guards. He never taunted others and was always, as Draxie put it, a good boy.

Draxie sighed. "Okay, Clyde," She said. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you." she said.

Clyde lowered his head. "Yes, your majesty." he said. Jazmine seemed a little upset that Clyde was getting in trouble, she fancied him out of all the other guards, and she hated Blake.

Draxie smiled as she looked at Jazmine then back at Clyde.

"Clyde, your punishment is to be the guard of Jazmine and Daggorith and all of their friends." The queen cooed tenderly. Clyde looked up, pleasantly surprised.

Blake became angry again. "Punishment?! That sounds like a privilege!" he shouted.

"Are you questioning my judgment, Blake!?" Draxie roared, her eyes turning red.

Blake cowered. "No ma'am, I'm sorry!"

"I will fulfill my duties your majesty!" Clyde said trying to hide his smile. Blake scowled at Clyde with disgust.

Jazmine was trying really hard not to break out of her serious shell, that she knew she had to leave with her brother and Clyde quickly. "Clyde, the job you've been given is a tough one. You have to be tough to protect me and my friends." Jazmine said with a failing serious face.

"You have to be brave just to be around her and her friends." Daggorith joked as he strolled past them and disappeared out the doors. Clyde was in his bobcat form so he quickly turned back into his vampire form.

He looked around 16 or 17. He had straight shaggy blonde hair and an athletic figure. Very handsome.

"So let's get too it then!" Jazmine said grabbing Clyde's hand and following her brother out the door. Draxie watched them go and then turned to Blake, who was still sulking. She growled at him.

"I have a very special punishment for you, Blake!" she snarled.

"What do you mean your majesty!?" Blake squeaked in astonishment. "Oh I know it was you that started the fight!" Draxie growled her eyes flaring red. Blake backed up from his queen and cowered down in the corner.

"You're majesty! Please! Don't!" he begged.

"So, Clyde, it's been awhile since I got to chat with you." Jazmine said as she and him walked down the deserted street. Daggorith was close by, watching over them, Henry and Vicky were trailing behind, but they were just close enough to hear the young vampires talk.

"What have you been up to, Buddy?" Jazmine asked looking up at Clyde.

Clyde looked down at her. "Just been doing my job, just like everyone else who works at the ware house."

"Are you glad to finally be getting out of that smelly old dumpster?" Jazmine cooed looking forward again.

"I guess, a change of scenery is nice. You guys live in a nice, dark part of town here." Clyde said looking around. "How's your reaper problem been?" he asked looking down at her again.

"It's been down low ever since the . . ." she paused and then looked up at him. "Well, you know." she finished. He chuckled and then glanced behind themselves.

Henry was getting on his nerves. Clyde usually wasn't around other vampires like Henry, and Clyde thought of humans of food and food only. He lowered his voice and bent down to whisper something only Jazmine could hear. "I'll race you to the house."

"I bet ill beat you there!!" Jazmine said starting to run. Clyde laughed as he took off after her. Daggorith laughed too as he watched them running. "Awwww! That's so cute!" Vicky cooed with a smile on her face looking at Henry. "How come we never do anything like that?"

"Because your not a vampire, and I'm not immature." Henry said bored. "Why do we have to go to their house anyway?" he said turning to Daggorith.

"Because her majesty said so." Daggorith replied.

Henry grumbled and glared at Daggorith. Daggorith only smiled smartly at him, before he started to run too.

As Jazmine and Clyde reached the house, Rachel and Shay saw them and walked outside. They were hopeful, because they heard the joy in Jazmine's laughter, that maybe they wouldn't have to go away after all. Jazmine came to a screeching halt in the drive way and spewed gravel off to the side.

Clyde came up beside her but he had trouble stopping. He skidded and bumped into her. She nudged him back so they wouldn't fall and their chests bumped together. Both embarrassed and blushing, stepped away.

"Ok, ok enough with the romance!" Shay said smiling. Jazmine and Clyde blushed even harder.

"What did Draxie say?" Rachel asked not wanting to sound too hopeful.

"she said that…" Jazmine paused. "That you can stay!" she squeaked happily. Shay, Rachel and Jazmine all ran and hugged each other. After a few seconds Jazmine pushed herself out of the huddle as Daggorith came up.

"But.." Jazmine started. Shay and Rachel looked worried. "We may have to restrain Vivien." Jazmine finished as Henry and Vicky came up. Vivien and Vixie pranced outside. Vixie stopped by Shay but Vivien jumped on Jazmine's back. "So are we still going on our vacation?" she asked squeaked.

"Eh, no, the vacation was canceled." Jazmine said.

"Aw!" Vivien slid off Jazmine's back. "Oh well." she shrugged and pranced over to Vixie.

"Hey, Jazmine, what's with the dumpster guard?" Rachel asked, addressing Clyde. "Did the wittle puppy fowow you home?" she teased. Clyde rolled his eyes. "Actually, it's my punishment to be here." he growled.

"Oh, your punishment, what did you do?" Shay said looking at him with interest.

"I . . ." Clyde looked down and then cleared his throat. "I started a fight with Blake . . " his voice trailed off.

Vivien, Vixie, Rachel, and Shay gasped. "Blake?" Rachel asked. "But he's older than you! Tell me you didn't?"

Jazmine looked at Clyde. "No, he didn't. Blake started the fight. Clyde just took the blame." she said nodding.

"Yea Blake's a jerk." Vivien agreed with no tone.

"That's what I said!" Clyde answered. Vivien looked over at Daggorith. "look its Daggorith!" Vivien Squeaked just noticing him, and running up to him and giving him a hug. "Long time no see?" She squeaked again.

"Actually it hasn't." Daggorith replied.

"oh ...well...ok then long time! have seen!" Vivien replied back having to think for a moment. Daggorith sighed and patted Vivien on the head.

"I don't really see why you like me so much, Vivien." he said prying himself away from her.

"Because you are so cool! Your my role model!!" Vivien piped happily.

"That's nice." Daggorith groaned as he went inside the house. "The sun will be coming up soon, and I'm gonna take a nap." he called back about to close the door.

Everything was silent for a moment. "So, uh," Rachel spoke up. "What are the details of your punishment, Clyde?" she quickly asked before he went inside.

"I have to guard you all." he said, seriously. The girls all glanced over each other's faces. "Okay, but you'll have to sleep in Daggorith and Henry's room." Rachel said.

Clyde stiffened. "I don't wanna do that." he said through gritted teeth. Rachel stared at him.

"Henry's here!! where!?" Vivien squeaked excitedly, breaking the silence. She looked back and forth and finally saw him and Vicky.

"Oh no here she goes again!" Shay groaned.

"Oh My God! Henry!" Vivien squeaked again running over to him. "Oh God! its you!" Henry groaned putting his face in his hands.

"Do you stalk me or something?" Henry growled looking down at the drooling Vivien.

"Yeah! I do!" Vivien giggled and Vixie couldn't help but laugh.

"Uhh…" Vicky said looking at Vivien and raising an eyebrow.


Rachel smiled and rolled her eyes at Vivien, then turned back to Clyde seriously. "Why won't you sleep in the same room as Henry?" she asked him.

Clyde had to think for a minute. "Because I don't like him." he said.

Rachel laughed. "Join the club, what did he do to you?" she asked. "Nothing, I just don't like him." Clyde shrugged and took a step away from the door.

"Oh, hating without a reason!" Shay laughed. "Even better, you are certainly welcome around me." she said.

Jazmine felt the thick hotness of jealously creep into her mind and she shot Shay a 'back off' look. "woa! don't bite ok!" Shay said as she saw Jazmine's glare. Clyde looked over to see what she was talking about but Jazmine cleared her face before he could see.


"Do you really stalk him?" Vicky asked.

"...Possibly..." Vivien addmitted smileing shyly.

"You really stalk him!" Vicky gasped.

"Hey, hey, hey! Like you have room to talk!!" Vivien snapped back finally looking away from Henry.


Shay walked over to Jazmine. "Do you still love me?" she asked with a slight smile on her face. Jazmine looked angry at first and then a smile crept onto her face.

"Of course I do!" The two girls hugged and giggled.

Rachel smiled and then looked down at her watch. "Whoa! Gettin' close to sun rise!" she said with surprise. "Henry! Get you're fat butt inside before your dust!" she yelled. Jazmine cleared her throat. "Anyone, and that means everyone, who wants to be in the house better be in there before sun rise or you'll be locked out." she ordered. Everyone rushed into the house, including Vicky, and Clyde was the last one in, closing the door as he entered the house.