Chapter 4: The Mysterious Fledglings

"Ok I'm sorry but you have to tell her to get rid of him!!" Vivien squeaked to Shay as they reached the room and closed the door.

"I know...but I couldn't do it he apparently makes her happy." Shay mumbled pitifully with her head down.

"Yea but she just saw him do that!!" Vivien piped taken aback.

"I know I know!'s just..." Shay whimpered

Jazmine laid on her bed and turned her back to them. She was laying down, thinking about what she should do. The girls were discussing everything, kicking Kip out, giving him to Draxie, talking Elizabeth into letting him go, dropping him in the sunlight, everything, but Shay turned it all down.

Jazmine held her head up and the girls froze. Jazmine reached over to the table and picked up the phone. She unsheathed one of her claws and dialed a number then put the phone up to her ear.

"Who are you calling?" Shay asked with a small voice. Jazmine narrowed her eyes.

"I'm calling the dumpster." she said.

Shay gasped. "Why!?"

Kip was sitting in a chair from the kitchen in the corner of the room with an icepack on his head and Elizabeth stroking her fingers through his hair. Clyde and Daggorith were standing in front of the corner opposite the room talking about how they were gonna kill him. Henry and Vicky where sitting on the couch watching TV. After a moment or two. Henry got up and walked to Kip and Elizabeth.

"You know that was very degrading and despicable." Henry said starting at them both.

"So what if you care." Kip said glaring at him.

"I wasn't talking to you." Henry said turning his stare to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looked Henry over and then scoffed.

"I don't know who you think you are but you can't talk to me that way, pal." She took a sip of water that was in front of them.

"It seems you don't have any respect for Jazmine, even after all the things she's been through to keep this country safe and out of harms way." Henry snapped. Elizabeth flipped her hair over her shoulder.

"No one cares what Jazmine does anyway; all her good deeds go unrewarded so why do them?" Elizabeth asked. "All she ever does it sit in the throne room and talk to our big nasty queen and it sickens me. Jazmine waits on Draxie hand and foot and it's pathetic."

she took another sip of water and Kip smiled at her. Obviously his plan was sinking into Elizabeth's brain very nicely.

Daggorith roared at Elizabeth. He stormed over to the table. "Watch your mouth young lady." He growled. "Let's not forget that is Jazmine's fledgling that made you what you are and lets make sure to remember that you asked her willingly." Daggorith snapped at her.

"My biggest mistake ever!" Elizabeth growled. Daggorith's eyes turned red and he opened his mouth to say something but someone started banging on the door.

He turned just in time to see Jazmine fly to the door in her vampire form. She opened it wide and Elizabeth leaned forward to see who it was. She gasped.

"Brother!" Crate stormed forward to Elizabeth, eyes red.

"Elizabeth! How dare you betray Shay and Jazmine like this! Shay has been like a mother to you and I. She's given us everything we asked for and you turn around and pick up a piece of trash like him!" Crate snarled.

Elizabeth looked at her brother with wide eyes. "Well are you even going to say something?" Crate said his eyes glowing red. Elizabeth was still looking at her brother.

"Wow." kip mused looking at Crate like he was bored.

"Who are you to say anything!!" Crate yelled growling at him. "How dare you do that to Jazmine!?"

Sasuke ,in his panther form with Naruto sitting on his back in his fox form, walked into the kitchen. Naruto looked as if he had been frozen alive. He wasn't moving, speaking, blinking, breathing, anything to signify he was alive. He was just looking. Sasuke growled at Kip.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Kip laughed. "You've brought back-up this time, Jazmine." He stood never taking his eyes off of her. "I wouldn't have thought you would go this Far." he took a sip of water and then crunched the glass in his hand. "Are you looking for a fight?" His eyes turned black.

"You askin'?" Sasuke said growling.

Naruto finally snapped into sanity and looked at Kip and growled. "Oh what are you gonna do! Bite my finger!" Kip scoffed hot-headedly.

Naruto jumped off of Sasuke's back and transformed into his new hunting form. He was huge. He could barely fit into the kitchen. Jazmine looked at him and smiled. Naruto started glowing blue at first then it slowly turned to red. He opened his mouth and a ball of, what looked like, wind start forming. Jazmine pulled her head back.

"He can still do the Rasengan?" she asked herself. "Sweet!"

Naruto reared his head back as the ball of chakra got bigger and then he threw it forward. Not know what it was, Kip didn't find a ball of wind as a threat and he stood his ground. The Rasengan hit Kip hard. Naruto had combined his ninja strength with his new vampire strength and the Rasengan was as strong as ever. Kip went spiraling through one of the windows and landed in the backyard with a large thump.

There was a terrible silence at first. The dust and glass settled and the girls quickly headed into the kitchen to see what happened. Naruto quickly changed into his vampire form and smiled. He rubbed the back of his head. "I don't know my own strength." he laughed. Sasuke laughed too. Jazmine embraced Naruto in a hug.

"Aw, you're a rascal Naruto." She sang. Everything bad had been forgotten, including Kip, who was in the back yard, changing into his normal French vampire form.

"What did you do!!" Elizabeth screamed at Naruto her fire red eyes welling with tears.

"He taught that lousy creep a lesson is what he did" Vivien piped walking up to Naruto and patting him on the head. "Good job! I give you...hmmm...ill go with a 10!" Vivien continued again as if it where a game.

As Vivien patted Naruto's head he transformed into his fox form and Jazmine hugged him close to her.

"Do you have any idea what you just did!? You idiot!" Elizabeth screamed going to the window that Kip had flown through and looked out at the monster Kip was turning into.

"Oh, so he's turning into his true form, so what?" Jazmine scoffed sitting down at the table with Naruto still in her arms. "He needs to show his ugly ass more, maybe you'll stop liking him." she grunted.

Vivien pushed Elizabeth away from the window. "Let me see!" she chirped and then gasped with surprise.

Kip's, now black, eyes were only a few inches from hers. His skin had turned an ugly grey color and his teeth had grown out of his lips and had yellowed. His bottom jaw jutted out about four inches more than it should have. His once solid black hair that had been all there was now in clumps, turning a dark grey and slowly falling out. Kip raised his arm to the window. His fingers were long, bony and grey. His arms were longer than any humans would ever be and he now had a tail. A large, thrashing grey tail.

He growled at Vivien. Vivien was speechless. "Man," she croaked finally. "You are the ugliest thing I have ever seen." she said. Jazmine bust out laughing.

"Tell me about it!" Jazmine giggled between laughs.

Vivien changed into her hunting form and looked at Kip. After a moment she lifted her giant paw and then rested it on his head. Kip growled at her.

"What the heck are you doing!?" Elizabeth squeaked.

"I don't really know i just felt like doing it." Vivien said in reply and wonder/boredom."

"Yea that's V!" Jazmine giggled again.

Kip's growling started to bug Vivien and she pushed him back as hard as she could and he fell backwards hitting the side of the shed. A shovel fell forward and the blade hit him in the head.

"What happened?" Jazmine asked as she saw Vivien's shocked face. "He got hit in the head" she paused still shocked. "by a shovel...…" She looked at Jazmine and they both burst out laughing.

"Ah! No way!" Jazmine got up to check for herself, bringing Naruto with her. Naruto grimaced at the ugly creature and Sasuke stood up on his hind legs to see.

"Ew.…" Sasuke scoffed. "It's ugly . . ."

Vivien giggled.

"What?" Sasuke asked her still on his hind legs and staring at Kip grimacing.

"it's just the way you said it! it was funny!" Vivien giggled.

"Ok?" Sasuke said stretching out the word and changing to his vampire form. "Uhhh that's nice...…"

Naruto struggled in Jazmine's arms. His three tails whipped around and he started to growl.